All game worlds as well as the website will be offline from 10:00 until approximately 13:00 CEST.
For further information on this downtime, please check the latest news on the official website as soon as it is back online. While you are waiting, enjoy a visit to our supported and promoted fansites!

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TibiaBr.comThis fansite offers lots of information in Portuguese. TibioPedia.plHere you can find lots of information in Polish.
TibiaHispano.comA Tibia fansite for all Spanish speaking players. MrThomsen.deMrThomsen offers many interesting statistics.
Tibia.Wikia.comIn this wiki you can find everything about Tibia in English. GuildStats.euThis fansite offers lots of statistics, not only concerning Tibian guilds. Brazilian Tibia fansite that offers information in Portuguese. TibiaVenezuela.comOn this Venezuelan fansite you can find information about Tibia in Spanish.
TibiaHof.comShare your Tibia pictures with the community. TibiaEvents.comHere you can find out about Tibia events, and browse and share videos and pictures.
FunTibia.comWant to have a good laugh, visit! LootPic.comCreate and share pictures of loot you collected with the community.
TibiaML.comHere you can find info about Tibia. radio site created from players for players, mainly in Portuguese.
Tibia-Stats.comBesides statistics, you can read research articles and news about Tibia here. is your place to visit if you are interested in Tibian mysteries. Information and articles here are in Portuguese. wiki about Tibia in Portuguese. TibiaCubix.comOn this fansite, you find a collection of awesome Tibia paper toys.
TibiaJourney.comThis fansite provides interesting information, news, hunting guides, and various tutorials. TibiaLibrary.orgTibiaLibrary is a place to read and study. You can find books and documents from the Tibian lands here.
TibiaLottery.comThis site is all about lotteries in Tibia. TibiaLatina.Wikia.comA wiki about Tibia in Spanish.
TibiaStat.comOn this fansite you can lots of statistics. Exhiti.comExhiti is another fansite for people interested in statistics.
TibiaRoyal.comTibiaRoyal offers nifty tools, guides, videos, screenshots, wallpapers and plenty of other things. TibiaWars.comInterested in TibiaWars? Check out frags and battle results on TibiaWars.
TibiaBrasileiros.comA fansite uniting Brasilian Tibia players from all game worlds. Also a small Tibia portal to different social networks. TibiaMagazine.comIt is like a real magazine, in Spanish. Flip through the pages and enjoy!

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