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Tibia - you'll never forget your first dragon

Set foot into the widely unexplored land of the jungle in Tiquanda

Stand up for your opinion and if necessary declare war on your enemies

Become a member of a guild and hold important meetings in your own guildhall

Rent a house and decorate it with collected items and nice furniture

Ask Lynda in the church of Thais to marry you and your sweetheart

Talk to NPCs to hear interesting stories or to trade items

Be always prepared to fight in one of the numerous monster raids

Take your honey to a romantic trip to the waterfalls

Interrogate NPCs to start one of Tibia's numerous quests

Do not get dazzled by shiny treasure chests which are protected by fierce pirates

Visit the beautiful countryside of the Tibian continent

Test your fighting abilities in combat with other players

Look for beautiful spots all over Tibia

Admire the inventive architecture of the elves in Ab'Dendriel

Look out for bridges and secret trails to discover almost forgotten areas

Fight frosty creatures on the Ice Islands

Become part of the mysterious and magical world of the djinns

Be wary of the tricky spells of the ice witches or you might end up as a snowman

Meet the pharaohs that reign the pyramid city Ankrahmun

Search for shells and sea stars when visiting the beautiful Laguna Islands

Don't forget your diving helmet when you are exploring Tibia's underwater world

Protect yourself from the deadly sound of the banshees

Bring your garlic necklace if you dare to visit the vampire castle

Solve the secrets in the mystic ruins of the dark cathedral

Beware of strong monsters that might already lurk behind the next corner

Refresh yourself with a nice swim in the Tibian ocean

Discover the secrets of the mysterious inhabitants of ancient cities

Wear your best equipment when you dare to meet the most dangerous creatures

Team up in a party to beat very dangerous monsters like demons

Visit the underground world of the Gnomes

Are you brave enough to enter the challenge dungeons

Prepare yourselves to face aquatic beasts down below the sea

Earn unique achievements

Enjoy the bright and open atmosphere of the harbour town Venore

Use the market to trade with other players

Fight the deadly and nasty creatures of the Hive Born

Enjoy a beautiful but dangerous city of an ancient race

Visit colourful areas and fight creepy-crawlies

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