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This is a short introduction to Tibia. It will provide you with general instructions on how to set up the game and to start playing. If you have a specific question, or if you would like to get detailed instructions, please see the manual for reference.

1 How to Start

To play Tibia you need to create an account first. Simply click on Create Account and follow the instructions. Make sure to select a safe password and account name which cannot be guessed easily. Select your character's name, gender and the game world you want to play on.
Please make sure that you choose a name for your character that does not violate the Tibia Rules. Of course, you have to follow this code of conduct while playing and using our website at any time. Otherwise, you may be excluded from our game service.

As a next step please download the client software and install it on your computer.

Now you are ready to start playing. Go to your windows desktop and double-click on the Tibia icon to start the game client. On the title screen simply click on "Enter Game". Once you have entered your account data a menu will be displayed. Double-click on the name of the character you have created. The client will now connect to the game server and your character can start his career as an adventurer. Please note that if too many players are online on the selected game world, you will have to wait a while before you can log in. The client will show your current position in the login queue and automatically try to log in your character after the displayed waiting period.

Please make sure to confirm your account so you can use all features of a regular Tibia free account. To do so click on the link in the email you have received after creating your account. For security reasons, you should also register your account.

2 Screen Layout

Once you are logged into the game, you will see the adventure screen:

Game Window
The game window is where most of the action is taking place. It shows a part of the world of Tibia, with your own character in the middle.
Much like a radar screen, the automap will show you an overview of your surroundings. In the beginning a large part of this map will be dark since you need to explore the area first. The map buttons to the right will allow you to scroll around on the automap.
Status Bars
The status bars show your current hit points (red) and magic points (blue). Note that in the beginning you will have no magic points (mana) at all.
Right below these bars you can see your inventory. It is divided into several slots for different body parts. Please note that you can put items only in the slot they are designed for, i.e. you can place a shield in your character's hand, but not on his head. The top right slot is reserved for containers such as bags and backpacks.
Combat Controls
The combat controls consist of six buttons. They determine your character's behaviour in battle.
Several further buttons are arranged next to or below the inventory screen. Some of them ("Options" and "Help") will open up menus, while others (such as "VIP" and "Battle") will open up sub-windows. Clicking on "Stop" will cause your character to stop any action he is currently taking, while the button "Logout" will end the game.
At the bottom of the screen you will find the console through which you can talk to other players. Communication is organised in different chat channels which can be activated by clicking on the little button with the file card in the top right corner of the console.
Cooldown Bar
In the cooldown bar you can see how much time you still have to wait until a spell or a spell of a certain spell group is available again. You can hide the cooldown bar in the Options menu under General.
Premium Features
Here you can inform yourself about Tibia's premium features. By clicking on "Get Premium" you will be forwarded to the corresponding section of your account management page if you are already logged in on the website. In case you are not logged in yet, you will be asked to enter your account data now. Premium players can disable this feature by clicking on the little crown in the inventory.

3 First Steps

Moving Your Character
You will start your adventure on a small island. A tutorial hint is displayed explaining how to move your character. Simply left-click on the spot in the game window you want your character to go to or use the arrow keys. Walk around for a little while and a second tutorial hint will appear explaining how to move your character by left-clicking on a mark on your automap. Some NPCs will mark important points on your automap if you ask them to. However, you can also add own marks to the automap, e.g. to remember the entrance to your favourite dungeon, to find a special NPC or to mark the way to your own house.
Now walk up the nearby ramp. Up there Santiago has his home and is already waiting for you.

Context Menu
On your way to Santiago, right after crossing the little bridge, you pass a sign. Right-click on it and a context menu will open up where you can read "Look" or "Use". Select "Look" to read what is written on this sign. You cannot use this sign, but you can try to use one of the numerous lamps on the way. Depending on the characteristics of an item, the context menu will vary, e.g. you can "Open" boxes, or "Rotate" a chair.
A context menu will also open up if you click on a character or on an NPC. Right-click on Santiago and a context menu will open up in which you can select several options such as look, use, follow and even attack.

Talking to Inhabitants
But then, surely you would not want to attack a peaceful guy like Santiago! He is a friendly man who enjoys helping newcomers to make their first steps in Tibia. You should talk to him by entering hi or hello and hitting the enter key. An NPC channel will open up in which Santiago will talk to you. NPCs in Tibia react to keywords. So simply answer his questions or use the dark blue marked words to continue the conversation.

Santiago will sent you on your very first quest. Quests are jobs or tasks that inhabitants of Tibia have for you. Of course, Santiago will send you on a very easy and basic quest. If your character gets stronger, also the quests will be more difficult and challenging.
You should really take the time to talk to the inhabitants of Tibia. You will learn a lot about the fascinating world you are playing in that way. Simply greet them and ask them about general things such as their job or their name. With a bit of luck, they will also have some job for you - simply ask them for a mission or a quest. If you complete their quest, they will reward you with useful items or with valuable information.

Your First Kill
Santiago has a cockroach plague in his cellar. He would really appreciate if you can help him to fight those nasty creatures. To fight a cockroach, right-click on it and select "Attack". A well-aimed blow with your club should be enough to send it to its ancestors.
Cockroaches are nasty, but harmless. Once you have passed the tutorial and are on your own in Rookgaard, you will find out that most creatures are aggressive and attack you on sight. Easy monsters to start with are rats. The sewers of Rookgaard are infested with rats. Be careful if you are going to fight them. The Tibian rat is a nasty little critter that can inflict painful wounds with its sharp teeth. Don't be afraid, though - a few hits with your club will end its life quickly.

Looting Monsters
Once you have killed a cockroach, you should right-click on its corpse and select "Open". With a bit of luck you will find a cockroach leg in it. To take items left-click on them and drag them onto the bag in your inventory. To check the contents of your bag right-click on it and select "Open".
Please note if more than one character helped killing a creature, only the one that made the most damage will be able to loot in the first 10 seconds after the kill. During this time it is also impossible to move the corpse. If a character has joined a party, every member of this party will be able to loot the dead creature. However, if the character, no matter if in a a party or not, that has dealt the most damage to a monster has only 14 or less hours of stamina left, the defeated monster will not contain any loot.

Climbing Ladders
Of course, nobody wants to stay in a cellar full of cockroaches forever. If you have collected enough cockroach legs, it is a good idea to head back to Santiago. Go back to the ladder you took when you entered the cellar. To climb up the ladder simply right-click on the lower-right end of the ladder and select "Use".

Experience Points and Skills
As reward for your help, Santiago will grant you your first 100 experience points. However, experience points are a very rare reward for a quest. Usually, experience points are obtained by fighting aggressive monsters. If you have gathered enough experience points, your character will advance in level, which will make him faster and stronger in a number of ways. In addition to his experience your character also has skills that determine how well your character can fight, fish etc. You will improve these skills simply by using them. To check out your current experience level and your skills click on the "Skills" button beneath your inventory or press the key combination Ctrl+S.

Choose Your Character Outfit
Later on your way, you will meet Carlos. He will teach you how to change your character's outfit. You can choose your favourite adventurer from several different figures. Also, you can customise your character even further by painting individual body parts with the colour of your choice.

Trading with NPCs
Carlos is always hungry and he will happily buy some ham or some meat from you. You can easily loot this from deer and rabbits. If you have the desired food, ask him for a trade. A new window will open up on the right side of the adventure screen. Press "Sell" and select what kind of food you want to sell to Carlos. Click on "Ok" to confirm the deal.
Now that you have learnt the most basic function, you are ready to explore the rest of the beginner's island Rookgaard by yourself. Cross the bridge and head north to get to the market place.

4 Mastering Rookgaard

General Hints
Once you have left Carlos and crossed the bridge in the North, you are on your own. Your first aim should be to make your character as strong as possible. The village of Rookgaard and its surroundings are exciting places filled with secrets and adventure, but you should be wary - there are worse monsters in Tibia than cockroaches! If you don't know which creatures are best to hunt for your level, talk to one of the bridge guards. They will happily mark interesting hunting spots on your automap. Try to collect as much experience as you can. Also, you should save money to get the best equipment there is. Note that characters must have reached at least level 2 before they can cross the bridge to the north of the village and explore the surroundings.
Also, make sure to always have some food with you. If you have been injured in a battle, eating will slowly refill your character's hit points and later his mana. If you are seriously injured or poisoned, talk to Cipfried in the temple. He will heal you - just ask him for it, even if he is already talking to someone else!

Don't be too frightened to go out and to explore! Soon, also killing a rat will be a trifle and, frankly, a bit boring, so you should move on to meet new challenges. Remember the worst thing that can happen to you is death - and death, thankfully, is not the final matter in Tibia as it is in real life. If your character gets killed, he will reappear in the local temple safe and sound. However, there is a penalty for dying - your character will lose experience and skills. As soon as your character leaves Rookgaard and has a vocation, there is a chance that you lose some items upon death as well.

The counter for your stamina indicates the time that is left until a character is too tired to gain experience while hunting. Characters can hunt for up to 42 hours before they no longer gain experience points. In the first two hour, so until you reach hour 40, premium players will gain 50% more experience points. However, during the final 14 hours defeated creatures will only yield half the experience. Moreover, if the character that has dealt the most damage to a monster has only 14 or less hours of stamina left, the defeated monster will not contain any loot.
Stamina regenerates while characters are logged out. For every 3 minutes you are logged off, your character will gain 1 minute added to its stamina up to hour 40. For the last two hours, your character needs to be logged off for 10 minutes to regain 1 minute of its stamina.

Getting Equipment
Once you have saved a bit of money you should invest in better equipment. Obi will be happy to sell you his quality wares in his shop. Make sure to visit him and to ask for a trade. You will find those rats will be much easier to kill with a good short sword and a trusty shield in your hands.

Sending Messages to Other Players
Of course, you do not have to buy from Obi or from other inhabitants of Rookgaard. You will find there are many other players around, and surely some of them will be happy to trade with you! To talk to other nearby players enter any text in the local chat channel and hit the enter key. You can also message players directly by right-clicking onto them and selecting "Message to" and the name of the character. This will open a channel where you can talk to this player in private.

Trading with Other Players
If another player agrees to trade with you, you can do so by using a special trade mode. Simply place your character next to the player you want to trade with. Right-click on the item you would like to trade and select "Trade with ...". The cursor will turn into crosshairs. Now all you need to do is to click on your trade partner. Your partner will now see the offer, and if he agrees to trade, he will offer another item in exchange. If you are satisfied with his offer, click on "Accept" to complete the deal. If you want to trade several items at once, put them into a container and offer it to your trade partner.

Logout Block
Please note that you should always use the logout button to quit Tibia. If you are not allowed to log out immediately, it is likely that you have recently been involved in fighting. The so-called logout block ensures that you cannot escape from a challenge in an unfair way. Remember if you simply shut down your client, your character may stay in the game even if your computer has been switched off. This can be very dangerous so always log out properly in a safe place.

Getting Help
If you have questions concerning the client controls, general game play, the use of accounts or the official website, there are many different ways to get help. For example, tutorial hints will supply you with useful tips as you go along. This means that either a new window will pop up explaining the handling of a certain function, or a certain part in the adventure screen will be marked. Also, you can activate the client help by hitting the key combination Ctrl+H. The client help will give you detailed information about the parts of the client and special items in the game window.
If you have specific questions, you should have a look at the FAQ and the manual on our website. If you do not find your answer here, you can use the help channel in the game. Simply press the key combination Ctrl+T and ask your question. Our tutors and other experienced players will be happy to help you.
Finally, if you find out that the Tibia Rules have been violated, you can make a report. All players have the possibility to report other characters that use unofficial software such as bots, illegal character names, and illegal statements directly to customer support. To do so, right-click on the character or the statement and select the corresponding reporting reason, or click on the corresponding button on the character page or the forum if you like to report an illegal name, post, signature or comment from the Tibia website.

Island of Destiny
Exciting though it is, you should keep in mind that Rookgaard is only your first step into the magic world of Tibia! As soon as your character has reached level 8, you are ready to face your destiny. Visit the oracle on the first floor of Rookgaard Academy. It will send you to the Island of Destiny. Ambassadors of the various vocations will have useful information for you that will help you to select the right path in your Tibian career. There are four exciting vocations to choose from: Be a valorous knight, a swift-footed paladin, a powerful druid or a mighty sorcerer! You should consider your character's vocation well because once you have made your choice it cannot be reversed.
Once you have joined a vocation, you will learn your first magic spell. You will also have access to the attached cellar in which you get new equipment provided you have not passed level 8 yet. You will also have the possibility to test your new equipment in a special dungeon only created for your vocation. Beware - the deeper you enter the dungeon, the stronger will be your opponents. Still, your new equipment should enable you to master this challenge without too many difficulties.
Whenever you are ready to leave the Island of Destiny, Captain Kurt will happily sail you to the destination of your choice. However, the city needs a publicly accessible port, so it is impossible to travel to Kazordoon or Svargrond. If you have not made up your mind in which city you want to start off, Captain Kurt is also able to provide you with some basic information about every Tibian city.
Note: It is possible to stay on Rookgaard and level up your character there, but we strongly recommend you don't do that. Your character will not be able to leave for the main continent with a level higher than 9. If you want to move to the main continent with a character who is level 10 or higher, you need to let your character die and lose experience points until you are level 8 or 9 again.

5 The Main Continent

New Features on the Main Continent
Once you have arrived in the port of your new hometown, you should talk to the city guide waiting there for all newly arrived adventurers. He has interesting information about the town, and he also can mark places of interest on your character's automap. If your character is below level 10, he will even escort you to the depot.
General game play on the main continent of Tibia is similar to Rookgaard. You can explore secret places, do quests, and, of course, you can level up your character. However, there are also many new exciting features to discover, such as the city depots where you can store your items, the Royal Tibian Mail which will allow you to send parcels and letters around the continent, and, of course, powerful magic! At last your characters will be able to spend their mana on magical spells that will help them in many ways.
And there is more! You can give your characters a family and even a home of their own. Join up with your friends in a guild - as a premium player you can even found one of your own. Also, if you have a premium account, you can rent one of the lovely houses that are available in the various cities on Tibia.

Player Killing
Be wary when exploring your new surrounding because unless you are playing on an optional PvP game world other players can attack and even kill your character now! It is a good idea to stay out of trouble, so you should be friendly and avoid insults or provocations. If you see a player who is marked with a little skull mark underneath his name, you should be careful because that player has recently been involved in violence. If you should run into trouble, remember protection zones such as temples or depots will give you shelter until the storm has cleared.
Of course you should not only be respectful towards other players to avoid trouble. It is also a question of fairness. Therefore you are expected to follow the Tibia Rules.

Making the Best of Your Vocation
Try to make the best of your character. Keep in mind that every vocation has individual strengths and weaknesses. If you choose to be a sorcerer or a druid, your first step should be a visit to the local magic shop in your new home city. The Magic High Council has issued an order that every initiate should obtain a wand or a rod! So if you are a sorcerer or druid who has not obtained his first magical weapon on the Island of Destiny, you should find the right merchant and ask for a wand if you are a sorcerer or for a rod if you are druid. Also, all mages should start buying more spells as soon as possible. Keep in mind, however, that they are not always sold in magic shops. In some cities you will have to take a good look around to find your local spell dealer. Knights and paladins should also buy spells early on, for they can use some magic, too. However, adequate equipment and good skills are more important for these vocations, so perhaps it is a better idea to spend your money on arms and armour and look for some easy monsters on which you can improve your skills.
Whatever you do, you should always try to make the best of your character's vocation. There are enemies on the main continent the like of which you have never seen on Rookgaard, so you better make sure your character will be strong enough to face the challenge!

Exploring the Main Continent
It is a good idea to stay close to the safety of your home city for a while, but you should not do so forever. Remember there is a whole continent out there for you to explore and to conquer! From the troll-ridden marshes of Venore to the lurking horrors of the Ghostlands, from the awe-inspiring orc fortress at Ulderek's Rock to the fierce dragon lords in the dreadful dungeons of Fibula, Tibia is a thrilling world filled with mystery and adventure. Are you ready to take on the challenge of Tibia?

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