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5.2 Stand-Alone Client

To enter the options menu, click the "Options" button among the control buttons.
Note: You can enter the options menu by clicking on the "Options" button on the title screen or on the game interface.

5.2.1 General Game Options
This is a list of general game settings.
  • Mouse Preset:
    Here you can select one of three preset mouse controls or customise your mouse buttons:
    • Classic Controls
      Place a tick in this box to use an alternative set of controls. If the classic controls are enabled, right-clicking on a target will automatically cause your character to use or - if the target is a character or a creature - to attack it. Also, players who are using the classic controls can look at things or characters on the game window by placing the mouse pointer on them and by simultaneously clicking on the left and right mouse button. It is still possible to use context menus when the classic controls are enabled. To do so hold down the Ctrl key and click on a target with any mouse button.
      Please note that while the classic controls may be a bit faster than the regular controls you will also be more likely to make mistakes because of the increased risk of making a misplaced click.
    • Regular Controls
      This is the default control when you start the client. Clicking on your left mouse button will let your character walk, while a click on the right mouse button opens the context menu.
    • Left Smartclick
      If you select this control, a click on the left mouse button will let your character walk, use an item, look at an item, or say "Hi" to an NPC, depending on the field you are clicking. A click on the right mouse button opens the context menu.
  • Press CTRL to Drag Complete Stacks
    If this option is enabled, you will also drag the complete stack if you press CTRL while moving several of the same item.
  • Highlight Mouse Target
    If this option is enabled,you can always see which tile, object or creature your mouse pointer is currently aiming at. Note, however, that an object is only highlighted when you can interact with it, e.g. open it.
  • Show Animated Mouse-Cursor
    If this option is enabled, your mouse cursor will turn into:
    • legs: if you mouse over a field you can walk on
    • a hand: if you mouse over a field with an item you can use
    • an eye: if you mouse over a field with an item you can view
    • a box: if you mouse over a field with a container
    • a sword: if you mouse over a field with a creature you can attack
    • a mouth: if you mouse over an NPC
  • Auto Chase Off
    If this option is enabled, your character will automatically interrupt his chase of an opponent whenever you move manually, i.e. if you press a cursor key or click somewhere on the game window. Deselecting this option will cause the movement mode "Chase Opponent" to remain active, i.e. characters will resume the chase as soon as you stop moving them manually.
  • Show Names of Creatures
    In the game window, all characters and creatures are marked with their names and health bars. However, you can remove both the name and the health bar by deselecting this option in the game options menu. Alternatively, you can press the key combination Ctrl+N for the same effect or to display only the health bar. This might be useful when you enter a crowded place.
  • Show Marks on Creatures
    Deselect this option if you do not want to see marks such as skull marks or party shields above creatures.
  • Show PvP Frames on Creatures
    Frames of different colours are indicators for various PvP situations. Deselect this option if you do not want to see these PvP frames around characters and creatures.
  • Show Icons on NPCs
    NPCs are marked by small speech bubbles which identify them as quest, trade or simply as quite talkative inhabitants. You can remove these bubbles by deselecting this option.
  • Show Textual Effects
    Whenever creatures or characters lose hit points or gain experience small numbers appear over their heads in the game window. If you prefer not to see this effect, you can turn it off by disabling this option.
  • Show Private Messages in Game Window
    By default, private messages will be displayed in blue font in the game window and in the console. If this option is disabled, you will see no private messages in the game window. However, they will be displayed in the console normally.
  • Show Cooldown Bar
    Whenever you cast a spell, this spell and the spell groups it belongs to have a certain cooldown which is displayed in the cooldown bar. If you prefer not to see the cooldown bar, simply uncheck this option here.
  • Ask Before Buying Products
    If you have checked this box, a confirmation dialog will open up whenever you try to buy something via the Store. If you uncheck this box, a click on "Buy Now" will get you the selected product without any delay.
  • Stay Logged In for Session
    Check this box to stay logged in until you log out or until server save. Otherwise, you will be asked to enter your account data and, if available, your authenticator token whenever you log out of the game, e.g. to change your character.
  • Premium Panel
    Check this box to display the Premium Panel telling you more about Premium Features. Note that this option is only available while you are logged into the game.
  • Help
    If you click on this button, you will be redirected to this manual section about General Game Options.
5.2.2 Graphics Options
Like its title indicates, this menu offers a variety of options that will allow you to change the graphics settings of the client.
  • Full Screen Mode
    You can play Tibia both in a full screen mode and in a windowed mode. In full screen mode, Tibia will take up the whole screen, while it is possible to modify the client's size if the windowed mode is activated. You can toggle between the 2 modes by using this option. Alternatively, pressing the shortcut Ctrl+F will have the same effect.
  • Graphics Engine
    Select the graphics engine of your choice from this drop-down menu. In general the client will select the best graphics engine for you when you log in for the first time. Here you can choose which graphics engine you would like to play with Tibia if you should experience problems with the pre-selected one. Note that a restart of the client is necessary for this change to take effect.
  • Light:
    • Show Light Effects
      Not all graphics cards are capable of drawing light effects fast enough for Tibia to run smoothly. If your system is working with such a graphics card, it may be a good idea to deactivate the light effects in order to improve overall game performance. However, this will cause the light effects to be replaced by a rather ungainly mesh of black dots, so Tibia will not look as nice as it could. Note that this option will be disabled if your graphics card is not able to draw light effects at all.
    • Ambient Light
      Here you can determine the brightness of your ambience. If you prefer to play in a mysterious and dark surrounding, you should set the ambient light slider as low as possible. Players that rather like to see everything in a bright light, should position the bar at 100%. Note that this option is only available if you have enabled Light Effects.
    • Level Separator
      By using this slider, you can determine how dark or bright lower levels will be displayed for your character. Note that you cannot use this function if Show Light Effects is not checked.
  • Game Window:
    • Don't Stretch/Shrink Game Window
      The stretching and shrinking of graphics to adapt the size of the game window is another process which can take up a lot of performance. If you check this option, the game window can only be displayed in its original size, which will make your graphics card's job easier and improve performance.
      When you start Tibia for the first time, the client will work out automatically whether or not your graphics card supports stretching and set this option accordingly.
    • Antialiasing
      If you enable antialising, the Tibia graphics will appear in a smoother look. However, if you are a fan of retro-games, you should disable antialising and enjoy a pixelated old-school look.
  • Frame Rate:
    • Frame Rate Limit
      By using this slider, you can modify the preset frame rate limit from 10 to 200 fps (frames per second). If you find your computer's performance is bad when running Tibia, you should try reducing the frame rate. Note that this function is not available if you have checked "No Frame Rate Limit".
    • No Frame Rate Limit
      If you check this option, the client will try to produce as many frames as possible. If you find your computer's performance is bad when running Tibia, you should rather try to set a frame rate limit.
    • V-Sync
      It might help to uncheck this option if your frame rate is low. However, disabling V-Sync can lead to screen tearing.
    • Current Frame Rate
      If you are logged into the game, you can see your current frame rate here. Press Alt+F8 to show or hide your current frame rate in the game window.
  • Help
    If you click on this button, you will be redirected to this manual section about Graphics Options.
5.2.3 Console Options
This set of options will allow you to customise the settings of the console.
  • Show Info Messages in Console
    Whenever you examine characters or items you receive a green message that will be displayed both in the game window and in the console. By deselecting this option it is possible to deactivate info messages in the console. Note, however, that messages in the game window cannot be deactivated.
  • Show Event Messages in Console
    Game events such as skill or level advances are displayed in white writing. If this option is disabled, event messages will not be displayed in the console. However, they will be displayed in the game window normally.
  • Show Status Messages in Console
    Status messages include changes in your character's condition such as hit point loss or poisoning as well as a number of messages that relate to different topics. Although they are displayed at the bottom of the game window they are similar to event messages in that they are displayed in white writing. You can deactivate status messages in the console by removing the tick from this option. However, you cannot deactivate status messages in the game window by using this option.
  • Show Status Messages of Others in Console
    To use this option, you must have "Show Status Messages in Console" enabled. If this option is checked, you will, among others, see how many hit points monsters and characters around you lose in a fight or gain through healing.
  • Show Timestamps in Console
    If this option is checked, the time will be added to any message that is displayed in the game window. Note that the time displayed is the time that your own computer is set to.
  • Show Levels in Console
    If you check this option, you can see the level of a character in the console. Whenever somebody is talking, the level will be displayed in brackets behind the character's name in the console.
  • Show Link Warning
    If this option is checked, you will get a warning whenver you try to copy a link from the console. This warning will remind you to be careful about any posted links as they might have been designed to hack your Tibia account.
  • Help
    If you click on this button, you will be redirected to this manual section about Console Options.

5.2.4 Hotkeys
Using this dialog you can assign messages or actions to individual keys. This is very handy if you need to repeat a statement many times, for instance a spell, or if you wish to perform an action rapidly in times of need.
  • Select Set
    At the top of the dialog you can choose which set of hotkeys you would like to use. Click on "Add" to create a new set, "Copy" to copy an already exisiting set, "Rename" to change the name of a set or "Remove" to delete a set which you do not longer need.
  • Auto-Switch Hotkey Preset
    If you have named your hotkey presets the same like your characters and have checked this option, the preset with the same name as the corresponding character will be activated upon login automatically.
  • Hotkey Preset for chat mode:
    There are two chat modes for each hotkey preset: Chat On and Chat Off. You can find a small button that tells you which chat mode is currently active on the right side of the entry line of the chat console. Press this button to switch between the two chat modes. Of course, you can also set a hotkey to toggle between Chat On an Off.
    • Chat On
      In this mode, you will be able to write text in the entry line of the chat console. This means that any actions you have assigned to letter keys, for example, will not work in this mode.
    • Chat On*
      This is the temporary Chat On mode. In the default hotkey preset, the Return key switches between Chat Off and this mode. If the chat mode is off and you press this hotkey, it temporarily activates the chat mode so that you can write one message in the console. As soon as you press Return to send the message, your chat mode will be set to Chat Off again so that you can continue walking with WASD, for example.
    • Chat Off
      In this mode, you will not be able to write any text in the entry line of the console, but you can use your predefined hotkeys to walk or cast spells, for example. You can assign functions to all keys of your keyboard, e.g. walk with WASD.
  • Restore Defaults
    All hotkeys of the currently selected set and mode will be reset to the default setting.
  • Assign Hotkeys
  • Below you can assign hotkeys to predefined actions or a hotkey text or a hotkey object of your choice. You can assign up to 2 hotkeys to every action. Note, however, that you cannot assign a hotkey in the column "Second Key" if there is no hotkey bound to an action in the column "First Key". To assign a hotkey, click in the field "First Key" or "Next Key" next to the action of your choice. A small window will pop up. Now, press the key or the key combination to which you want to assign the action and click on "Ok". Click on "Okay" or "Apply" at the end of the page to save the changes.
  • Edit hotkey text:
    Enter the message you would like to assign to a key here and confirm by pressing "Apply". Please note that your entered text will not be saved here until you have chosen a hotkey for your message.
    • Send automatically
      Messages you have assigned to a hotkey must by default be confirmed by hitting "Enter" before they are actually sent. However, if you check this box, messages will be sent immediately, i.e. there is no further need to press "Enter" first. We recommend you make absolutely sure your message is just like you want it to be before ticking this box.
  • Edit hotkey object:
    Note that the following options are only available if you are logged into the game.
    • Select Object
      Once you have selected a key to assign an action to, you can select an item using you would like to use via this option. Simply click on the button. Your cursor will turn into crosshairs. Now click on the item you would like to use. As soon as you have selected an item, it will be displayed in the little box to the left.
    • Clear Object
      Use this option to clear the selection box.
    • Use on yourself
      Using this option, you can make sure the selected item will be used on your character. Very handy for items such as healing potions or runes.
    • Use on target
      Using this option, the selected item will be used on your target. This way you can quickly use a healing potion on your wounded friend, or make sure your attack rune hits your foe.
    • With crosshairs
      Using this option, crosshairs will appear when you select this item. This allows you to select on the spot where you want to use this item.
    • Equip
      If you have selected an object which fits in one of your character's body slots (except for the container slot), you can choose "equip" to instantly put this item on your character or take it off.
5.2.5 Help
If you have a question or a problem, select the Help tab. The first three buttons (client help, tutor help, rule violations) will help you to get ingame support, while the next two buttons will refer you to the help sections of our website. Finally, you can find detailed information regarding client version, licences and copyright at "Info".
For detailed information on how to get help, please also see the section on support.

5.2.6 Shortcuts
In this subsection you will find a comprehensive list of all shortcuts that are available in the Tibia stand-alone client. Note that it has been added here for the sake of comprehensiveness. The shortcut list cannot be accessed via the "Options" menu.

Text Editing
Ctrl+CCopy the selected text into the clipboard. (*)
Ctrl+XCut the selected text and put it into the clipboard.
Ctrl+VPaste text from the clipboard to the current cursor position.
Ctrl+AMark the whole text in the current entry field.

Tab / Shift+TabSwitch between channels.
Ctrl+DSwitch to the local chat channel.
Ctrl+OOpen a new channel.
Ctrl+EClose the current channel.
Ctrl+MShow server messages in the current channel.
Ctrl+IOpen the ignore list.

Help Functions
Ctrl+HGet online help for the client.
Ctrl+TOpen the help channel to get help by experienced players.

Alt+Home/EndZoom the minimap in or out.
Alt+CursorKeysScroll on the minimap.
Alt+PageUp/DownSwitch the minimap to a higher or lower floor.

Control Buttons
EscStop any character action.
Ctrl+Q / Ctrl+LLog out from the game.
Ctrl+GLog out and switch to another character of your account.
Ctrl+POpen the VIP list.
Ctrl+BOpen the battle list.
Ctrl+SOpen the skills window.
Ctrl+RMount or dismount a selected mount.

Game Window
Ctrl+WDelete old messages from the game window.
Ctrl+NHide the names and the status bars of the creatures on the game window.
Ctrl+FSwitch to full screen mode or back to windowed mode.
Alt+F8Hide or show your current frame rate in the game window.

Ctrl+KAssign texts or actions to hotkeys.

Click+ShiftChanges slider step by 10.
Click+CtrlChanges slider step by 100.
Click+Ctrl+ShiftChanges slider step by 1000.

(*) Note that there is an automatic filter in the client that will issue a security warning whenever you are about to copy a text containing a link. Simply click on "Yes" to proceed if you are sure the link is safe.

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