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7.3 Available Products

In this section, you will find a comprehensive explanation to all products which can be bought with Tibia Coins in the Store.

7.3.1 (Express) Character World Transfer
If you do no longer want to be a part of a certain game world with your character, you can move your character to another game world. There are, however, several restrictions and requirements that need to be fulfilled:
  • A character can only be transferred once within 6 months with a regular Character World Transfer. An Express Character World Transfer allows you to transfer a character which has already been transferred within the last 6 months.
  • In the Store, you can purchase a regular Character World Transfer and an Express Character World Transfer for Tibia Coins.
  • The character must not have a red or black skull. Furthermore, the account's conduct level must be yellow or better. Accounts whose conduct level is orange, red or black are blocked from transferring.
  • A character that should be transferred must give up its rented house, guild membership and marriage status on its current game world.
  • A character that should be transferred may not have any open offers in the Tibia Market. This includes sell offers as well as buy offers.
  • A character will keep its bank account, depot chest, inbox, skills, spells and quest flags when being transferred to another game world.
  • A character may only be transferred to worlds of the same type or to worlds with more limited PvP possibilities: from Optional PvP only to Optional PvP, from Open/Retro Open PvP to Open/Retro Open PvP or Optional PvP, and from Hardcore/Retro Hardcore PvP to all game worlds.
    However, characters from all game worlds, except for preview worlds, are allowed to move to game worlds with less strict character transfer conditions.
  • A character who has been transferred to a game world with less strict character transfer conditions, may only be transferred again to a game world of the same type or to worlds with more limited PvP possibilities than the game world on which the character has lived before the last transfer from a regular to a game world with less strict character transfer conditions: e.g. a character that has been transferred from an Open PvP world to a game world with less strict character transfer conditions, can only be transferred from a game world with less strict character transfer conditions to an Open, an Optional PvP, or another game world with less strict character transfer conditions.
  • Characters on a Hardcore PvP game world cannot be transferred to another Hardcore PvP game world if they have been to Calva or Calvera at some point in the past.
  • Characters can only move to a game world which has been initially protected by BattlEye if they also come from a game world which has been protected by BattlEye right from the start.
  • It is generally impossible to transfer characters from or onto a preview world.
  • The Character World Transfer is available for both premium and free account players. In order to move to a premium game world, however, the account the character is assigned to has to be premium at the time of the transfer.
  • Some game worlds might be marked as "blocked". Transfers to game worlds marked as "blocked" are not possible.
  • Characters must be on the main continent. Therefore, it is impossible to transfer a character that lives on Dawnport or Rookgaard.
Provided you fulfil all requirements, you can buy a Character World Transfer or an Express Character World Transfer in the Store. Once you have done so, log into your account on the Tibia website. In the section "Products Ready to Use", you can select the character you like to transfer and your target game world. The system checks if your character meets the basic requirements for the transfer. In case a requirement is not fulfilled, you cannot proceed until you have taken the appropriate steps to fulfil all conditions. If you meet all requirements, you can now select the game world you want to play on in the future. Note that only game worlds will be displayed which are available as target game worlds for your character.

Further, you also need to prepare your character ingame:
  • In former times, characters had to travel to the island of Travora to initiate a character world transfer. Unfortunately, the island has fallen victim to a seaquake. NPC Sharon and Captain Tiberius survived the catastrophe and were able to rescue themselves on a ship. Since the spot is still a magical place from where characters can travel to other worlds, they anchored the ship in the middle of the little island's remains to help Tibians with their world transfers. To get there, you can travel from any harbour in Tibia by asking the captain to sail to "Travora". The price for a ticket is 1,000 gold coins. It is valid for 24 hours. In this time, you can travel back and forth as often as you like. This transit can be made by premium and free account players alike. Note that you can only return to the city from which you have travelled.
  • You can ask NPC Sharon for detailed information on the transfer process. If you ask her for a "check", she will also tell you if you meet all requirements for the character world transfer.
  • Ask NPC Sharon to teleport you to the transfer platform. If you log out on this platform and purchased a Character World Transfer, the transfer will be initiated during the next server save. Note that it can take up to 24 hours until your character has arrived on the new game world after the server save.
  • After logging out, you can still log in until the next server save.
  • Between the server saves of the game world you are leaving from and your destination world, you will not be able to login with this character any more and no further changes can be made.
Note: You can cancel a Character World Transfer or change the target game world as long as the character transfer was not started by the server save.
Once the transfer was successfully completed, your character spawns in the temple of your home town. Your character's new life is now ready to start.

7.3.2 Character Name Change
If you like to change your character's name, you can purchase a Character Name Change in the Store. To do so, log on the character which should receive the new name. Open the Store and select the category "Extra Services". Here click on "Name Change" and then "Buy Now" to purchase a new character name for the character you are currently logged onto. When requested, enter your new character name. Note that also your new name must not violate the Tibia Rules or you risk a namelock or even a more serious punishment. Confirm the Character Name Change by clicking on "Okay". In case your newly selected name is not available, the purchase will be cancelled and no Tibia Coins will be charged. In this case, you can simply try once more with another new name.
Note: Once you have successfully purchased the Character Name Change, you need to start your client anew to finalise the change. Keep in mind that once your character is renamed, you cannot enter houses or open doors anymore which are still labelled with your old character name. House owners need to invite you with your new character name or give you new door rights.
Once a character is renamed, the old name can still be used for 6 months in the Lost Account Interface or to find a character in the Characters section.

7.3.3 Character Sex Change
Players can change their characters' sex for a fee in the Store. To do so, log on the character that should change the sex. Click on "Extra Services" and select "Sex Change" and then on "Buy Now". Confirm that you really would like to change the sex of the current character and your character's sex will be changed instantly.
Note: Your character will wear the default outfit once you have changed its sex. All outfits that you have purchased or earned by completing quests will of course still be available after you changed your character's sex.

7.3.4 Blessings
Blessings reduce your character's death penalty. For more details on blessings, please check the section about Death in the manual.

Blessing Charges
Characters can have up to 5 charges for each regular blessing and the PvP blessing. While the first charge for a blessing can also be bought from NPCs, additional charges are only available in the Store. In case of death, one charge will be consumed. Your character, however, will stay protected by the remaining charges until there is no charge left.

Regular Blessings
There are 7 regular blessings a character can own. Depending on how many blessings a character owns, the chance to lose any items upon death can be reduced up to 100%, a character's skill and experience loss can be reduced up to 56% (44.17% on Retro Hardcore PvP).
Note, however, that characters with a red or black skull will lose all equipment upon death even if they wear all regular blessings.
In the Store, all 7 blessings can be purchased individually. If you need all seven blessings, you can also buy them in a package. If there are no charges left, you can also purchase all seven blessings with 5 charges at once. Note, however, that you cannot make a purchase that would result in the maximum of 5 charges being exceeded.

PvP Blessing
The PvP blessing 'Twist of Fate' protects your regular blessings and the "Amulet of Loss" in a PvP fight. Also in a PvP fight, a character is protected by all owned regular blessings. Characters that die in a PvP fight but own the 'Twist of Fate' blessing will not lose any charges of their regular blessings or a possible "Amulet of Loss" - only a charge of the PvP blessing. Characters that have a PvP blessing and die in a PvP fight but do not have any regular blessings or an "Amulet of Loss" will not lose a charge of their PvP blessing.
Note, the PvP blessing does not work for red or black skulled characters, however, such characters will not lose a charge of their PvP blessing upon death.
If there are no charges left, you can also purchase all 5 charges of the PvP blessing in a package. Finally, note that the PvP blessing cannot be purchased in the Store for characters on Retro Open PvP or Retro Hardcore PvP game worlds.

Death Redemption
Death Redemption comes in handy when your character has not been protected by all available regular blessings at the time of death. Death Redemption will restore all skill and experience points you would not have lost if you had been protected by all available regular blessings.
Death Redemption can only be purchased within the next 24 hours after a death and only for the most recent death.

7.3.5 Potions & Kegs
If you are running out of potions on a hunt far away from the next magic shop, you can buy potions in the Store. You can either buy health potions to restore your hit points, mana potions to fill up your mana or spirit potions to refill both: hit points and mana. Moreover, you can purchase a keg which you can carry with you and from which you can fill up 500 health or 500 mana potions.
Note, characters with a protection zone block or a battle sign cannot purchase potions. Also, characters cannot buy potions or kegs that exceed their capacity. Finally, potions and kegs bought in the Store can only be used by the character that makes the purchase. For this reason, the purchased potions and kegs need to fit the character's vocation and level.

7.3.6 Runes
If you are running out of runes on a hunt far away from the next magic shop, you can buy a wide range of runes in the Store.
Note, characters with a protection zone block or a battle sign cannot purchase runes. Also, characters cannot buy runes that exceed their capacity. Finally, runes bought in the Store can only be used by the character that makes the purchase. For this reason, the purchased runes need to fit the character's level and magic level.

7.3.7 Mounts
While your character usually has to fight fierce creatures or solve tricky riddles to get a Mount in Tibia, you can here nearly effortlessly treat your characters to special travel companions. Choose your favourite or collect them all! There are several Mounts in various colours offered here which can simply be bought for Tibia Coins. These Mounts can also be used by characters on free accounts. Note, however, that you need to purchase the Mount for every character that should be able to use it individually.

7.3.8 Outfits
If you care about fashion, your idea of getting new clothing is not some arduous adventure where your dress is getting all torn and filthy. Your way to get a new Outfit is of course your favourite leisure time: Shopping! Here fashion victims can treat themselves to the latest and coolest Outfits. There are several Outfits available which can be purchased with Tibia Coins. You can choose whether you like to buy the Outfit with all Addons at a reduced package price or you can buy the Basic Outfit first and Addons at some later time. Note, however, that you can only buy Addons for Basic Outfits that you have already purchased.
All Outfits offered in the Store can also be used by characters on free accounts. Note, however, that you need to purchase the Outfit and/or Addon for every character that should be able to wear it individually.

7.3.9 House Equipment
Tired of the same old stuff in your house? Get some nice and long-lasting pieces of furniture, decoration or even a pet to add some nice touches to your character's home. Also, you can purchase your very own mailbox, your own reward shrine or your own imbuing shrine to save you the way to the next public one. A cask from which you can fill up 1000 health or 1000 mana potions saves you the trip to the magic shop and can be used by everybody invited to your house.
Note that house equipment purchased in the Store is not tradable. Further, you can only unwrap these furniture and decoration kits in a house of which the purchasing character is the owner. If you should ever lose your house or give it to another character, the item will be wrapped back and sent to your inbox.

7.3.10 Useful Things
In this category you can purchase all kinds of useful things that will enhance your gaming experience:
  • Temple Teleport: Use it to get instantly teleported to your home temple.
  • Gold Converter: Use it up to 500 times to change either a stack of 100 gold pieces into 1 platinum coin, or a stack of 100 platinum coins into 1 crystal coin.
  • Gold Pouch: Use it to carry as many gold, platinum or crystal coins as your capacity allows.
  • Permanent Prey Slot: Purchase it to have a further prey slot permanently available for your character.
  • Bonus Reroll: Use it to get a new bonus with a higher value (but no more than 50%) for your selected prey monster.
  • Instant Reward Access: Use it at any place in Tibia to pick up your daily reward without the trouble to travel to a daily reward shrine.
7.3.11 XP Boosts
Looking for a way to improve your character more quickly? Get a boost. XP boosts increase your experience points your character gains from hunting for a certain time limit. Similar to stamina, the duration of the XP boost will only be reduced while you are hunting. In case your stamina amounts to less than 14 hours, the boost will be paused.
Every boost can be purchased up to 5 times by a character between two server saves. However, the price for the daily boosts increases with every purchase. As long as your character has an active boost, no further boost can be purchased.
In case another bonus is active, such as a double XP weekend or a voucher, the boost will be added to the other bonus: e.g. double XP weekend = 100% bonus + 50% XP boost = 150% XP bonus.
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