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Oct 25 2016 - 

As compensation for Unitera's reset last week, a double XP/skill weekend will take place on the game world between the server saves of Oct 28 and Oct 31.


As compensation for Unitera's reset last week, a double XP/skill weekend will take place on the game world between the server saves of Oct 28 and Oct 31.

Oct 25 2016 - 

The signup for the Halloween Event on has started. Ready for some fun? Check out all details on!


The signup for the Halloween Event on has started. Ready for some fun? Check out all details on!

Oct 24 2016 - 
Tomorrow, October 25, all game worlds as well as the website will be offline from 10:00 until 14:00 CEST approximately due to technical maintenance work.
Tomorrow, October 25, all game worlds as well as the website will be offline from 10:00 until 14:00 CEST approximately due to technical maintenance work.
Oct 24 2016 - 
Happy anniversary,! Today, PortalTibia turns 14! Best wishes from all of us, have a happy celebration!
Happy anniversary,! Today, PortalTibia turns 14! Best wishes from all of us, have a happy celebration!
Oct 20 2016 - 
Interested in a convention in Venezuela? Head on over to and fill in the Census para la convención en Araure: La lanza perdida del Centauro!
Interested in a convention in Venezuela? Head on over to and fill in the Census para la convención en Araure: La lanza perdida del Centauro!
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Interested in statistics? Curious what Tokelau has to do with Tibia? Always wondered if you are the only one wearing a mastermind shield? Read on to learn about Tibians, their armour, their weapons, the creatures they kill and much more.
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Oct 25 2016 -

The Temple's Secrets

lon decided to confront the priests. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

The priests did not seem to be surprised by his appearance and answered friendly: "We are arranging everything. Day by day, dark forces are getting stronger! But do not despair, the gods have decided to help us. We, who have been chosen to introduce the Tibian heroes into the long forgotten secrets of the Astral Shapers, are preparing the Halls of Hope!"

"Astral Shapers? What are Astral Shapers?" Alon had never heard of them before.
"Once, they were an ancient civilisation praised with an incredible knowledge that had reached its cultural climax during the ages of the God Wars. After their high civilisation got destroyed, the Astral Shapers lost their former power and glory.

Those who survived, withdrew to secret hideouts and turned their backs on our world. Only little remained from their once glorious places and until recently it seemed like the Astral Shapers died with their knowledge long ago. Fortunately, our newest insights showed that at least some of their ancient sites are still intact.
As soon as the Halls of Hope are rebuilt, we will be able to introduce you to the great accomplishments of their culture. Only if the temple regains its ancient glory, you will be able to learn the highest art of imbuing."

"What is imbuing?" Alon asked while he wrinkled his forehead.
"The ultimate power of the Astral Shapers was the ability to forge magical bindings onto items. Once completed, these halls will give you access to their ancient hideouts. But be careful, over the centuries those in hiding slowly degenerated and their descendants are as far away from their ancestor's civilised behaviour as you can only imagine. If you are worthy enough though, you will be able to bind powerful imbuements to your equipment."

This being said, only one single question was preying on Alon's mind: "Tell me, how many of their ancient sites do still exist?"

Where stones are melting and dragons breed, the FIRE imbuements you must seek.
When snow and blizzards impede the sight, for ICE imbuements you must fight.
If trees are dying and flowers perish, the EARTH imbuements will be cherished.
Where cold and heat are streaming free, the desired source is ENERGY.
When only time tells what you gain, HOLY is among those to obtain.
If pain and suffer fills the air, the DEATH imbuements will be there.

Oct 25 2016 -

Tibia 11 Fixes

ime to further improve the Tibia 11 client. With today's client update we have fixed the following issues:

  • Opening a smaller container inside of a bigger one does no longer reduce the size of the container window.
  • Based on your entry in the first key column, your personal hotkeys are now sorted in an ascending order.
  • You can now display your personal hotkey entries on top of your hotkey list. Activate "Switch Order" to do so.
  • Latency is now displayed in milliseconds next to the number of FPS in the FPS/Lag Indicator.
  • From now on, hotkeys for Attack Previous Target and Attack Next Target also work while the battle window is closed.
  • FPS drops, caused by opening the skills window, are now reduced.
  • Modifier keys (e.g. CTRL, ALT, SHIFT) can no longer be set as independent hotkeys.
  • An issue causing already killed monsters to be displayed in the battle window should now be fixed.

Kind Regards,
Your Community Managers

Oct 19 2016 -
The New Guys in Town
t was early in the evening and Alon was on his way to meet some friends at the local pub. "Have you heard? Two new faces showed up in town," Alon asked as he joined them at Frodo's tavern. Nemuk frowned: "Of course I have, there is no way you can miss them, their clothes and the guy's beard are quite striking. Looking like priests or something." "I've heard they are part of some really strange cult, better stay away from them," an obviously drunken knight from the next table barked loudly.
"Easy easy, we don't know nothing so far. Let's not jump to conclusions here," Alon tried to quieten the suspicions. "Has anyone of you even talked to them already?" The whole table lowered their heads and after a short time of awkward silence they devoted the rest of the night to other subjects.

It was one of those days when the beer tasted particularly good to Alon and as he finally called it a night, the streets on his way home were eerily empty. He was strolling along the city walls when two figures caught his eye. Equipped with shovels and pickaxes they hushed through the north gate of the town.
"Well, I'll be damned if those two aren't the new guys we have been talking about earlier on... But what are they doing outside the walls at this time of the day?" he wondered.
Driven by his curious but careful nature he stuck to their heels keeping a safe distance and sought shelter behind a nearby tree as soon as they stopped on a huge clearing not far away from the city. The area looked like a recently started excavation site as he could recognise some ancient looking stonewalls.

They were talking to each other and he tried to eavesdrop on the conversation but he was too far away. He could only overhear the word "Hope". While they began to dig he got more courageous and sneaked around the site. "They really do look like priests," he ascertained but got pulled out of his thoughts as all of a sudden a song raised through the silence of the night: "Earth, fire, holy, ice, we'll find the ruins next to Thais! Energy and death will help us too, to fight the evil coming through!"

Oct 12 2016 -
Double XP and Double Skill Weekend
bountiful harvest is ahead, Tibians!
Autumn shows its golden side with the upcoming double XP/skill weekend. Stock up on resources and sharpen your weapons to mow down as many beasts as you can!

Between the server saves of October 14 and October 17, all monsters will yield twice the usual amount of experience points, and your skill training, including magic level, will advance twice as fast. The skill progress when training offline will also be doubled.

Bring in the harvest!
Your Community Managers

Oct 12 2016 -
Additional Features for Tibia 11
ellow Tibians, we released another round of features for the Tibia 11 client. We hope you enjoy the following improvements:

  • We restructured and enhanced an option's tab. "Console" got renamed to "Messages" and contains the options to "Show Spells in Game Window" and "Show Spells of Others in Game Window" now. Disabling these options should lead to a better visibility of your health and mana bars in various situations.

  • Furthermore, we made the command to turn your character more customisable. In the general options you can now choose if you want to use Ctrl, Shift or Alt to turn your character. If you want to, you can also have two of the keys or even all three of them enabled at the same time. Please keep in mind that you might have to adjust your hotkeys to avoid an overlapping effect.

  • Last but not least, a minimap issue causing FPS drops while trying to move to unreachable places is now fixed.
Kind Regards,
Your Community Managers

Oct 11 2016 -
New Features for Tibia 11
t is time to add some long awaited features to the Tibia 11 client.
With today's update you will be able to sort your battle window and to choose what you want to get displayed in it. We added five buttons on top of the battle list to activate different filters: "Players", "NPCs", "Monsters", "Non-Skulled Players" and "Party Members". It is up to you which filters you select. You can hide any other players and NPCs for example, if you want to focus on the monsters you are approaching. Check out which combination suits you best to stay on top of things while fighting a war or hunting in busy grounds. If you do not need to make any adjustments to your battle list, you can hide the buttons anytime, which results in more space for other things.
Furthermore, you can sort the order of appearance by your own needs. Per default the battle list appearances are sorted "by Display Time" which was also the case in previous client versions. You can open the different sorting options with the corresponding icon at the top of your battle window as well as with a right click in your battle window itself.

Additionally, we implemented a new hungry icon which helps you to keep track of your satiety. As soon as your food timer has run out, this little icon will show up in the field below your inventory which also displays other special conditions such as burning or poisoning. No more hunting on an empty stomach!

Another new feature is the possibility to attack your previous or next target via hotkey. Check out the hotkey menu to set your favourite keys.

We hope you enjoy the new features and are happy to receive further feedback from you!

Kind Regards,
Your Community Managers

Oct 07 2016 -
New Mounts
ew mounts have been added to the Store today!

Incredible strength and smartness, an irrepressible will to survive, passionately hunting in groups. If these attributes apply to your character, we have the perfect partner in store for you. Check out the mounts section to have a proper look at Ivory Fang, Shadow Claw and Snow Pelt which share the same attributes and stand loyally by their master's side in every situation. It is time to become the leader of the wolf pack!

Once bought, your character can use the mount ingame anytime, no matter if you are a free account or a premium account.

Ride on!
Your Community Managers

Oct 05 2016 -
New Fixes for Tibia 11
ellow Tibians, with today's client update we addressed some performance issues and improved the client's capabilities.
  • Dynamic memory management: If available, the Tibia 11 client automatically uses additional RAM capacity, which should reduce FPS drops and lag in various situations.
  • Moving your character via mouse while standing on furniture is now working as intended and does no longer result in FPS drops.
  • A navigational issue causing FPS drops while trying to move to unreachable places is now fixed.

Kind regards,
Your Community Managers

Oct 04 2016 -
Concerning DDoS Attacks Earlier This Year
etween May and the beginning of July, Tibia was targeted by massive DDoS attacks. Effectively addressing these malicious attacks was treated with high priority and we initiated various countermeasures to mitigate their impact. Additionally, we have been working on improving our infrastructure and the protection of our servers. Based on player feedback, we also optimised the accuracy of the automatic death compensation that triggers if a PvE death is identified as a direct consequence of exceptional connection issues such as a mass kick. After a careful evaluation, we have now decided to refrain from handing out an additional, manual compensation for the connectivity issues earlier this year on top of that.

Previous compensations for DDoS attacks were often discussed controversially among players and criticised as being unfair, insufficient or even too generous at times. Unfortunately, there is no compensation that would be considered fair by everyone since it is not possible to appropriately measure the individual impact DDoS attacks had on a player's gameplay experience and to determine the extent to which someone felt affected. Moreover, some players also pointed out that a compensation can be an incentive: DDoS compensations such as double XP/skill vouchers, for example, may encourage some people to attack us again in order to push us into handing out further compensations.

We will keep on doing our best to compensate players if their game experience was affected negatively due to a mistake or problem on our side. However, there are circumstances beyond our direct control and influence, such as malicious attacks on our services, for example. In these cases, we will from now on concentrate all our efforts and attention on protecting our infrastructure and on mitigating the impact of such assaults rather than focusing on an additional, manual compensation.

We would like to thank you again for your immense support and patience and for bearing with us. Of course, dealing with DDoS is an ongoing process so we will continue to update our measures and do our best to provide you with a smooth, enjoyable game experience.

See you in Tibia!
Your Community Managers

Sep 30 2016 -
Annual Autumn Vintage
ever skip leg day! It is time to train your upper legs and stomp some berries until you are unable to move your taut round thighs anymore. No pain, no gain at the Annual Autumn Vintage, which takes place from October 01-08, and again from October 17-24!

During the event, winterberries can be looted from various monsters. Collect those berries and visit your trusted member of the Combined Magical Winterberry Society to get transported to a secret location, and start your treading until your aching muscles start to refuse their service. If you need further information about the treading process, just ask Gruffy.

Your world will succeed if enough loads of winterberries are processed in time to temporarily refine all health and mana potions of your world. Their effect will be enhanced by 33% for 7 days in case of success.

Let the stomping begin!
Your Community Managers

Sep 27 2016 -
New Features and Fixes for Tibia 11
ime to literally give you, fellow Tibians, a heads-up. Today, the Tibia 11 Client received two new features to improve your gaming experience.

If you want to keep track of your mana and health points you can now choose between two different heads-up displays (HUDs). Besides bars displayed over your head, there is an option to display broad, semi-transparent arcs on both sides of your character instead.

Furthermore, we implemented additional options to customise the character infos displayed on your screen. You can choose which information is displayed in the game window, e.g. your own character's name, health, mana and marks, or the names, health and marks of others.
You can choose your preferred settings in the new option's tab "status" at any time.

Additionally, we implemented new bug fixes:
  • Various containers should no longer scroll unintentionally.
  • A movement issue while walking on specific floor tiles is now fixed.
  • Opening the backpack in the tutorial now works as intended.
  • If Smart-Click is enabled, "Hi" is now sent to local chat after clicking on an NPC.
  • Setting a second hotkey for spells or potions no longer results in two separated hotkey entries.
Kind Regards,
Your Community Managers

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