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Feb 05 2016  - invites you to their Valentine's contest which ... invites you to their Valentine's contest which will take place Friday, February 12. Do you have an idea for the perfect date? Check out all the information on to find out what is asked in order to participate and have fun!
Feb 04 2016  - 
Aurera had to be reset to the state of February 04, 10:00 CET ...
Aurera had to be reset to the state of February 04, 10:00 CET due to a technical problem. The game world will be back online around 15:00 CET. We would like to offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.
Feb 04 2016  - has joined the supported fansites today. If you ... has joined the supported fansites today. If you like Rookgaard and would like to learn more about the quests there, or check the statistics, head on over there and check it out!
Feb 03 2016  - has published a new article. In the mood for a ... has published a new article. In the mood for a nice read? Head on over there and have a look at the article "A Strong Woman of Carlin"!
Feb 02 2016  - 
February is carnival time! Pay NPC Stan in Venore a visit. He ...
February is carnival time! Pay NPC Stan in Venore a visit. He sells fancy costumes, colourful party hats and trumpets during this month. Dress up and have fun!
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A Visit to Svargrond
We invite you to a journey to Svargrond, a flourishing city on the island Hrodmir, in Tibia's icy North. Reach for the Svargrond City Guide, recommended by Amaro de Quester, brave adventurer. (Tibia City Guide writers do not accept payments in exchange for positive coverage of any sort.)
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Jan 18 2016 -
Compensation for Zanera and Thera
t the beginning of January, the game worlds Zanera (on January 04, 2016) and Thera (on January 08, 2016) had to be reset to the state of the day before due to technical difficulties.
Once again, we would like to offer our apologies for these problems and the lost ingame progress of all characters on Zanera and Thera who had played during that time.

To make up for the lost time, there will be a double XP/skill weekend on Zanera and Thera, starting this Friday, January 22, at server save (10:00 CET). Double XP/skill time will end with the server save on Monday, January 25.

We hope that this will help affected players to recover some of their losses.

Thank you for bearing with us!
Your Community Managers

Jan 14 2016 -
Official Tibia Trailer
n our recent featured article TIBia TABloids - Anniversary Edition, we presented a world premiere: The official Tibia trailer! With sound!!

If you have not watched it yet or just want to watch it again, here it is:

Your Community Managers

Jan 12 2016 -
Content Fixes and Changes
ith today's server save, we implemented the following content fixes and changes:
  • A problem with player deaths in arena fights incorrectly counting as unjustified assisted kills was fixed.
  • We addressed an issue with the "Revolt of the Goblins" quest. The mission A Holy Weapon should now be repeatable.
  • We further addressed an issue with the "Blood Brothers" quest: Using a blessed wooden stake on the corpses of Boreth and his brothers should now give you the needed quest items.
  • A broken lever in the "Realm of Dream" quest was fixed.
  • Trading via the context menu should now also be possible in the depot on Krailos. Also, players should no longer be able to fight with each other in this depot.
  • A repeatable use of the painted gourd rattle in "The Great Hunger" quest should now be prevented.
  • Also, a couple of further map errors were fixed as well.
See you in Tibia!
Your Community Managers

Jan 11 2016 -
t is time again to help the good witches of the green claw swamp to brew a powerful mixture to prevent the invasion of the evil bane bringers. Are you up for the task?

The world event Bewitched will start tomorrow, January 12, after server save. Help the witches with the ingredients for their magical brewage, and protect their cauldron from the forces of destruction.
Gather enough ingredients and keep the cauldron boiling until January 16, server save, in order to succeed. A special book which you can find in the green claw swamp will provide you with further information on the event and your task.

In case of success, your entire game world will be rewarded with an experience bonus of 20%, and a slightly reduced death penalty for 10 days. In addition, by contributing to the event you can earn favour points which you can trade for potions with Minzy.

Fill the cauldron!
Your Community Managers

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