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Aug 24 2016  - has joined the supported fansites today. It is a ... has joined the supported fansites today. It is a cute site, with a strong focus on video tutorials in English. Apart from their guides, they also offer a couple of useful tools and further information that can be helpful when playing Tibia.
Aug 22 2016  - 
The server save on all game worlds will take a bit longer than ...
The server save on all game worlds will take a bit longer than usual tomorrow, August 23, due to technical maintenance work.
Aug 19 2016  - 
Song lyrics and melodies come to you easily? There are a few ...
Song lyrics and melodies come to you easily? There are a few days left to participate in an event, sponsored by and! If you want to show off your skills as a bard, head on over to either fansite for more information!
Aug 16 2016  - 
Only a few days left to participate in the "Lights, Camera, ...
Only a few days left to participate in the "Lights, Camera, Action!" contest of! Do you have an idea for a promotional video for the fansite? Head on over to and check out all information there!
Aug 16 2016  - has published the next edition of their magazine ... has published the next edition of their magazine "The Rookstayer". It is available in Polish. Check out to find out what is happening on Rookgaard!
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Step by Step, little Burchan
The new community manager Burchan has written down his impressions while playing a new character in Tibia. Let us accompany Burchan on his journey.
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Aug 23 2016 -
Upcoming New Store Products
hree brand-new products are going to be added to the Store next week, Tibians! We would like to give you an overview of the products that can be bought for Tibia Coins soon: XP Boost, the Gold Pouch and the Gold Converter.
Please read the following information thoroughly to make sure you are fully informed:

XP Boost
  • Increases experience points for killing monsters by 50%.
  • Only applies to the character which bought the XP Boost in the Store.
  • Automatically set to active after purchase and lasts for 1 hour of hunting time: Similar to stamina, the duration of the XP Boost will only be reduced while you are hunting. If stamina falls under 14 hours, the XP Boost will be paused as long as stamina remains below 14 hours.
  • As long as an XP Boost has not been used up completely, no further XP Boost can be purchased in the Store.
  • Between two server saves, every character can purchase up to 5 XP Boosts at most.
  • The price for an XP Boost increases with every purchase between two server saves: 1st XP Boost = 30 Tibia Coins, 2nd XP Boost = 45 Tibia Coins, 3rd XP Boost = 90 Tibia Coins, 4th XP Boost = 180 Tibia Coins, 5th XP Boost = 360 Tibia Coins.
  • Adds up with other XP modifiers such as double XP weekends, for example.
  • Via the skill window, all players will be able to check their current XP gain rate and see which bonuses or maluses apply. The remaining duration of a bought XP Boost and the stamina bonus of premium players ("happy hours") will also be displayed there.
Please note: For the first one or two weeks, XP Boosts will only be buyable on the preview game worlds Aurora and Aurera so that we can make sure that they technically work as intended.

Gold Pouch
  • A special container in which you can store as much money as your capacity allows.
  • Only gold coins, platinum coins and crystal coins can be put into it.
  • Can only be stored in the depot box or the first place of the Store inbox of the character who bought the pouch in the Store. A Gold Pouch cannot be given to other characters.
  • Each character can only buy one Gold Pouch. You cannot lose a Gold Pouch in case of death.
  • Price: 900 Tibia Coins.
Gold Converter
  • Allows you to change either a stack of 100 gold pieces into 1 platinum coin, or a stack of 100 platinum coins into 1 crystal coin.
  • Can be used 500 times. Once used up, it will break and vanish into thin air.
  • Can only be stored in the depot box or the Store inbox of the character who bought the converter in the Store. A Gold Converter cannot be given to other characters.
  • You cannot lose a Gold Converter in case of death.
  • Price: 1 Gold Converter (500 Charges) = 5 Tibia Coins.
We understand that especially buyable XP Boosts are a controversial topic. If you have questions or concerns about the new products, please also check the FAQ we have prepared for you in the Auditorium.

See you in Tibia!
Your Community Managers

Aug 18 2016 -
Dev Note About Imbuing
ibians, we would like to give you the opportunity to give us feedback about something that is currently on our drawing board!

With this year's winter update, we plan to introduce imbuing, a new feature that allows players to add certain temporary effects - imbuements - to pieces of equipment if specific requirements are met.

Now we have a few questions that mainly deal with imbuements and imbuable items and we would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions on this matter.
Therefore, we have posted a new dev note in the Auditorium that includes further info on imbuing and a set of questions for you!

Interested in finding out more and helping us with your feedback? Check out the dev note and post your answers in the designated thread until August 26, 10:00 CEST.

We are looking forward to your feedback!
Your Community Managers

Aug 04 2016 -
Maximum for Item Stacks
ue to technical reasons, we had to set a maximum to the number of items that can be put on top of each other. With today's server save, the following change has been implemented on Aurera, Aurora, and Xylana:

If there is a pile of 1,000 items somewhere on the map in Tibia and you try to put another item on it, you will not be able to do so. You will receive a message that there is not enough room.

If further items should be pushed onto such a stack within a character's house through a mechanism such as a house door, for example, the item or items at the bottom will be sent to the inbox of the house owner. If such an automatic item pushing should happen in the open landscape, the bottom items will be deleted instead. This way, stacks larger than 1,000 items should no longer be possible in Tibia.

Updated on Aug 09: The maximum for item stacks has now been released on all game worlds.

See you in Tibia!
Your Community Managers

Jul 27 2016 -
Tibia 11 Open Beta Still Running
he Open Beta test of Tibia 11 is still running, Tibians!

This is your chance to try out the new client version before its official release. By doing so, you help us to better evaluate the performance and reliability of Tibia 11.

Want to give it a go? You can download the Beta client here.

Important information on Tibia 11 and the Beta can be found in a special FAQ. It may be a lot of information to take in but it can help to answer commonly asked questions so please make sure to read it thoroughly!

Please note that you will log in and play on the regular game worlds with the Beta version of Tibia 11. Any damage your character takes or any item your character loses counts towards your regular gameplay.

If you would like to give us feedback on Tibia 11, please use the designated board to do so.

We are grateful for your help!
Your Community Managers

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