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Nov 28 2014  - 
Currently, there is an issue with the mission 6 of The Ape ...
Currently, there is an issue with the mission 6 of The Ape City quest that prevents players from completing the mission. This will be addressed with the next client patch, most likely the winter update. Please excuse any inconvenience.
Nov 25 2014  - has published an interview with Seyva, one of ... has published an interview with Seyva, one of our testers. Want to know a bit more about her and her job at CipSoft? Head on over to and enjoy the interview!
Nov 24 2014  - 
Public test for premium players: All players who had premium ...
Public test for premium players: All players who had premium status on November 12, 2014, at 10:00 CET, are now able to join the winter update test. Please check for further information.
Nov 24 2014  - 
With tomorrow's server save, the game worlds Chrona and Eldera ...
With tomorrow's server save, the game worlds Chrona and Eldera will be opened for free account players as well.
Nov 24 2014  - 
Do you already have plans for Dec 3? is ...
Do you already have plans for Dec 3? is hosting a promoted fansite party on Antica, and everybody is invited to celebrate! Interested in participating in a lottery and fun games? Check out for more details!
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Walkthrough: CipSoft Dungeon
Ever wondered what it looks like where Tibia is made? Come join us on our tour through the CipSoft dungeon and have a look at the place where CipSoft employees spend a large part of their time, day in and out.
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Nov 19 2014 -
Ranger Outfit Available
ttention, paladins! A new outfit suitable for Tibia's best archers has been added to the Outfits section in the payment system.

The ranger outfit is the perfect garment to complete the wardrobe of those who can shoot a longbow with deadly accuracy.

Once bought and assigned to one of your characters, you can wear the outfit ingame anytime, no matter if you are a free account or a premium account. This outfit is purely cosmetic and does not bestow any benefits.

As you might have noticed already, a couple of outfit combinations have been marked with sale. These outfits will be removed from the Outfits section on November 26, 2014, at 12:00 CET. Afterwards, only the full versions of these outfits will be available.

Dress up!
Your Community Managers

Nov 19 2014 -
Content Fixes
ith today's server save, we implemented a few content fixes. For example:

  • Thornfire: We addressed an issue that caused the world change to be stuck in a state without any burning fires.
  • The Ape City: You can now obtain a witches' cap mushroom once every 24 hours. Please note, though, that each mushroom will only last for 24 hours.
  • We fixed a few minor issues on Dawnport as well as a couple of map bugs, typos and several graphical glitches.

  • Please note that a new client version is available. The patch will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 10.63 from our download section.

    Your Community Managers

    Nov 17 2014 -
    Guild Features
    he central guild administration of all guilds of Tibia announces:

    To whom it may concern:

    The central guild administration of Tibia, in close collaboration with the federal departement of social coexistence, worked on new features to make guilds more interesting and more attractive:

    Guild Chat Channel:
    • The guild chat channel will open automatically upon login for all guild members.
    • Guild leaders and vice leaders will be allowed to invite nonmembers to the guild chat channel.
    • Guild leaders and vice leaders will have their own font colour to show their status within the guild.
    • Guild leaders and vice leaders will have the option to create and edit guild messages that will be shown to every member when he logs into the game.
    Guild Events
    • The new section Guild Events will be added to the guild pages.
    • Guild leaders and vice leaders will have the option to create and edit public and guild exclusive events there.
    • Guild leaders and vice leaders will have the option to allow or deny applications to their guilds.
    • Players will be able to apply to a guild via the guild page.
    • Guild leaders and vice leaders will be able to accept or reject applications.
    Automatic Rank Progression
    • Guild leaders will be able to define triggers for an automatic rank progression within the guild.
    Guild Boards
    • Guild leaders and vice leaders will be able to close threads on the private guild board.
    • Guild leaders and vice leaders will get the option to make threads sticky.
    Warning about Disbandment
    • Guild leaders and vice leaders will be warned via letters ingame and via email about an upcoming disbandment of their guild.
    New Elections of the Guild Leader
    • If a guild becomes leaderless, vice leaders will have the option to elect a new leader.
    More Information on the Official Guild Page
    • Information like vocation, level and online status of guild members will be added to the guild overview page.
    Guild Bank Account
    • Every guild will get their own bank account.
    • It will be possible for all members to deposit money into this guild account.
    • Only guild leaders and vice leaders will be able to withdraw money from the guild account or to transfer it to other bank accounts.
    • A guild bank log will be added to the guild page. It will show the bank activity of all guild members for the last 30 days. It will be visible for all guild members.
    Guild Activity Log
    • A guild activity log will be added to the guild page. It will list member activities, like joining date, rank changes, invitations etc. for the last 30 days.
    Please note that everything is still subject to change. Also, more details about how all these new features will work exactly, will be available once this year's winter update has been released.

    The central guild administration of all guilds of Tibia

    Nov 13 2014 -
    Wanted for High Treason Against the City of Rathleton
    nnouncement by the Magistrate of Rathleton:


    -For High Treason Against the City of Rathleton-
    The Magistrate of Rathleton is looking for Jaccus Maxxen for high treason against the city of Rathleton.

    A reward is being offered in exchange for information leading to the arrest and conviction, or the death of the wanted person.
    Additional information:

    Some time ago, the famous inventor Jaccus Maxxen returned from a long journey. He had left Oramond as a shy and introverted scientist but came back as changed man with a strange fever flickering in his eyes. Also, he uttered weird things about the futility of mankind. However, he never wasted any words about what had happened during his travels or where he had been at all.

    At the conclave of scientists, his madness culminated in such a feverish and insulting hate speech that he had to be removed from the meeting. After that he was hiding from everyone in his laboratory. When a task force was sent to bring Maxxen to the officials to be questioned about his suspicious behaviour, the city guards were attacked by an army of walkers and Maxxen escaped and could not be found again afterwards.

    Lately, though, eyewitnesses reported that they have seen him deep under the city. All recent attempts to imprison him have failed until now. He entrenched himself in a perfidious and extremely dangerous kind of maze.

    Personal data:
    Name: Jaccus Maxxen
    Resident: deep under Rathleton
    Personal status: unmarried
    Race: former human, now unknown
    Wanted for: high treason and murder

    Combat data:
    Resistances: unknown
    Damage Type: unknown
    Weapons: unknown

    Classified as:
    brutal, merciless, and extremely dangerous

    Many reckless adventurers already tried their luck but only a few returned. What they reported so far is bothering the Magistrate. Therefore, by government decree, only citizens who are battle wise and have already proven their courage and the ability to keep a level head even in extreme situations, are allowed to use the slime slide in the Glooth Factory. Furthermore, the Magistrate advises even the most experienced fighters to team up with others to increase the chances against this menace.

    Jaccus Maxxen is classified as extremely dangerous. Most likely, the way to his hideout will be guarded by malicious traps and deadly creatures. Most probably, if not certainly, Maxxen will be protected by some bodyguards as well.The Magistrate recommends all volunteers to act cautiously when it comes to a direct face-off.

    The Magistrate of Rathleton

    Nov 10 2014 -
    Smoke Under Water
    -Quests are for Heroes-
    Subject: Reader's Letter


    In your last special issue you told us about Brandon, a passionate fisherman. For a long time, the whole population of Rathleton, including Brandon's wife Roswitha, believed that he fell victim to the churning sea. A short while ago, though, he has been sighted at the northwestern shore of Oramond. You also said that you will tell us more about him in your next special issue and that is, why we are writing you this letter.

    As fans and admirers of THE CHALLENGER, my brother and I decided to start some research on our own.
    We left Rathleton to the North, passing the Olde Coaching Inn, the Old Coach House, and the Ramora Spring Shrine. We fought our way through devourers, glooth blobs, rot elementals, blood beasts, and all kind of quara scouts. Surprisingly, we found Brandon faster than we thought.
    As you reported, he is to the northwest and he is surrounded by bold cliffs. He is stranded on a very, very small island between those cliffs and we had to swim to reach him. Something really bad must have happened to him. He does not look like a human anymore but more like a living dead...

    He did not talk too much. Maybe a consequence of whatever has happened to him. Anyway, he asked us for help. He lost his wedding ring down in the ocean and wants it back. Unfortunately, he is too afraid to search on his own.
    "You want to go down? Go ahead. I certainly wouldn't"!, he said.
    Out of curiosity, we told him that we would gladly help him to get his ring back:
    "Thank you. I ask much, I know. You will meet horrible creatures that never saw the light of day, and they will come at you. But I hope you will make it back alive. ..."
    That sounded like the right thing for us. A new area to explore, new enemies to fight, a true challenge all in all. We swam to a maelstrom nearby which brought us to the bottom of the ocean.

    What we found there, was just stunning. It was not the first time that we travelled underwater but I swear, I have never seen such a huge and impressive realm. Unfortunately, we were not prepared for such an excursion. The area is too large, and we did not have enough provisions or combat supplies with us. Also, in honesty and sincerity, the "horrible creatures", as Brandon called them, almost scared us to death. We only saw them from afar, but what we saw made us run…
    My brother, who is a talented artist, drew a sketch which is attached to this letter, so you can get an idea of these monsters. We both are sure that a lot of secrets are hidden down there. We also heard some noises that sounded like an erupting volcano. Yes, an underwater volcano! Well, as said, our hearts dived, literally, and our only thought was to escape quickly. I guess it is not necessary to tell that we also failed to bring back Brandon's wedding ring...

    We are deeply ashamed that we are such cowards and fled but not everyone is born to be a hero. We both hope to read more about this place in your next special issue.

    the (not so brave) twins

    Nov 10 2014 -
    The Lightbearer
    he thin line between darkness and light is under attack. Evil forces are trying to burst the veil which seperates the worlds. Unlimited blackness threatens to fall upon us. Tibians, light up the sky and show the powers of darkness that the men and women of Tibia do not fear the eternal night!

    From server save November 11 until server save November 15, 10 fire basins need to be kept burning to dispel the threatening gloom. Team up with other brave warriors and organise the fiery defence. But watch out: if a single light goes out, your world has failed!

    If you are interested in helping, you may want to visit Lucius in Yalahar once the event has started. Also, some of our supported and promoted fansites provide detailed guides with useful information about this event so pay them a visit. It is also a good idea to check your world board to see if other players have already started with preparations for the Lightbearer.

    Light up the darkness!
    Your Community Managers

    Nov 05 2014 -
    The Challenger III
    pecial IssueThais, Venore, Carlin: 99 gps / Svargrond, Port Hope, Darashia: 120 gps / Liberty Bay: 129 gps


    - Quests are for Heroes -
    Dear readers, subscribers, and fans of THE CHALLENGER,

    After a long and extensive break, we are finally back to entertain our loyal readers with stories, facts and rumours about Tibia and its inhabitants. Malicious gossip had it that THE CHALLENGER is broke and may have to declare bankruptcy. Obviously, that is not true. Actually, the editors and the whole team spent the last months with a lot of investigation about the recently discovered city of Rathleton and the research of many other things.
    Furthermore, we worked on something new and we are proud to present you our brand-new section Job Offers. In this section, we will give you a short overview on what kind of jobs are currently offered and which qualifications are needed.
    What are you waiting for? Satisfy your curiosity and read this special issue of THE CHALLENGER!

    Your Challengers
    Attention, Attention:

    Brandon alive!

    The long missed and presumed dead Brandon (editor's note: Brandon, an inhabitant of Rathleton, is the founder of the local bed and breakfast; according to his wife he used to be a passionate fisherman as well) has been sighted at the northwestern shore of Oramond. Any information concerning his whereabouts should be immediately reported to his wife Roswhita.

    THE CHALLENGER has already sent one of its best journalists to go into that matter. Don't miss the next special issue with an extra article where we will present the results of our investigations.

    Job Offers in and around Rathleton

    Eyes Eyes Baby: The blind scientist Georgia Rainbird is looking for men and women who are willing to help her with some glooth affairs. Qualifications: Courage, technical understanding, healthy eyes.

    Has No Gloo(th): The former laboratory assistant Elbert is missing his property. Bandits have stolen some of his glooth-filled supply capsules. People who are interested in this job should visit Elbert and ask for further instructions. Qualifications: Combat experience, fearlessness, sense of direction.

    Wants To Fly High: The scientist Zeronex is doing some research regarding the use of heavy glooth gases in order to develop a flying machine and is looking for some assistants. Personal applications are requested. Qualifications: Faith in technology, patience.

    Careworm: Wesley, the maintainer of the gloothworm farm worries about his creatures and the farm. All applicants are welcome. Qualifications: None.

    The Lion's Rock

    For some time past, we have received many reports about a new and unknown species of lions. Of course, we tried to follow up every rumour and other traces but unfortunately, our efforts came to nothing. We could not find any proof about the existence of such a creature, no matter how hard we searched. However, last week one of our Daraman correspondents found a promising hint:

    North of Darashia, he discovered a rock formation. The nomades call it the Lion's Rock. They also warn strangers that only the worthy will be able to lift the secret of this place and to survive the threats which are waiting inside the rock. "Nothing but death awaits you, if you try to break the peace of these majestic creatures without the right to enter their realm. Though, if you can convince them that you have a heart of a lion yourself, they might even bow to you.", so said one of their tribal leaders. That just sounds like the right thing for all of us, doesn't it? A real challenge!

    Reader's Letter: What's going on on Nargor?


    a few days ago, I travelled to Nargor in order to help the rebels on Meriana and to kill as many pirates as possible. I have done that quite often in the past already, but that day it was different. For the first time, I met a pirate there who talked to me instead of trying to slit my throat. Her name was One-Eyed Joe, not necessary to explain her name I guess, and if I may add, she looked very pretty for a pirate. Anyway, she told me a weird story about a place called crystal gardens and an old evil that has to be destroyed. I am not sure if she spoke the truth, but in my opinion it sounded like a good story for you. I hope you will send out a team and soon tell us more about these crystal gardens.

    A pirate's death


    Oct 30 2014 -
    Happy Halloween With Double XP Weekend
    hile the year is slowly coming to an end, and nights are getting longer and colder, the dark forces are preparing to send one of their cruelest and most malevolent spirits to frighten all Tibians.

    From server save October 31 till server save November 3, the Mutated Pumpkin will appear west of Darashia to spread terror all over the land.

    Every adventurer who took an active part in the fight against the Mutated Pumpkin will be rewarded according to his participation during the fight. After the Mutated Pumpkin has been killed, you can enter the portal and skin its corpse with an obsidian knife in order to receive a second reward. Please note that you can only enter the teleport if you have participated in the fight against the Mutated Pumpkin and if you either opened the loot bag in the dead body or your loot bag in the reward chest at the Adventurer's Guild.

    Another way to prove your courage is to laugh in the face of evil! Therefore, the famous Halloween Hare will show up again. On October 31, you can find the Halloween Hare on mainland, on Rookgaard, and on Dawnport. Get yourself transformed into an evil creature and laugh away your fear!

    In order to celebrate your bravery we will activate double experience on all game worlds between the server saves of October 31 and November 3. All monsters will yield twice the usual amount of experience points. Please note that your skill training will not be affected this time.

    We wish you all a spooky Halloween!
    Your Community Managers

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