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Jul 26 2016  - 
The June edition of the TibiaMagazine was published! Head on ...
The June edition of the TibiaMagazine was published! Head on over to to have a look at it, it is available in English and Spanish.
Jul 22 2016  - 
Do you have skills in video editing? has ...
Do you have skills in video editing? has launched their July contest and asks you to create a promotional video for the fansite. Check out all information on!
Jul 21 2016  - 
The announced technical maintenance work on American game ...
The announced technical maintenance work on American game worlds has been completed and they are up and running again. Thank you for your patience!
Jul 21 2016  - 
We had to reset the game world Pacera to the state of July 21, ...
We had to reset the game world Pacera to the state of July 21, 10:00 CEST, due to a technical problem. We would like to offer our sincere apologies.
Jul 21 2016  - and are both sponsoring an ... and are both sponsoring an interesting contest, which asks you to show your talents as a bard. Song lyrics and melodies come to you easily? Head on over to either fansite to find out how to show your musical talents!
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A Visit at Grandma's House
After a long time of being in the service of the King, Rememberandt pays his grandmother a visit. Together they look at pictures from the past... Read on to enjoy the journey and have a look at awesome pictures.
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Jul 15 2016 -
New Outfit
new outfit has been added to the Store today!

Are you a true arena champion? Show people what you are made of and dress like one! Check out the latest fashion for all daring arena fighters.

Once bought, your character can wear this outfit anytime. The outfit is purely cosmetic and does not bestow any benefits.

Get dressed!
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Jul 06 2016 -
Double XP and Double Skill Weekend
ooking for an opportunity to level up and to improve your skills? A double XP and double skill weekend is ahead!

Between the server saves of July 8 and July 11, all monsters will yield twice the usual amount of experience points, and your skill training, including magic level, will advance twice as fast. The skill progress when training offline will also be doubled.

Fill up your resources and get ready for some intense hunting sessions!

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Jul 05 2016 -
Tibia 11: Start of Open Beta Test
fter three closed Betas, Tibia 11 is ready for the Open Beta test!
Tibians, we invite all of you to try out the new client version and help us tweak it before its official release!

You can download the Beta client here.

We have summarised important information on Tibia 11 and the Beta in a special FAQ. It may be a lot of information to take in but it can help to answer commonly asked questions so please make sure to read it thoroughly!

Please note that using client version 11 to play during the Beta is not like playing on a test server. You will log in and play on the regular game worlds with the Beta version of Tibia 11. Any damage your character takes or any item your character loses counts towards your regular gameplay.

If you would like to give us feedack on Tibia 11, please use the designated board to do so.

During the previous Beta test runs, we already gathered valuable information that helped us to fix issues and led to some adjustments. You can find a list of the most noticeable changes here. Just to name two examples:
  • During Closed Beta test 2, we tried out a different font rendering to produce a clearer and more legible typeface. Unfortunately, this led to various text rendering issues and glitches so we switched back to the font of Closed Beta test 1 despite the feedback about its blurriness. Since we were able to fix theses issues in the meantime, Tibia 11 now uses the improved font rendering again.
  • Due to feedback we received about low frame rates, we have added an option to disable V-sync via the graphics options in the options menu. Disabling V-sync allows your FPS to exceed your monitor's refresh rate. Please note, however, that this may lead to screen tearing.
We would like to thank all Tibians who helped us with feedback and bug reports so far!

Happy testing!
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