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Jul 09 2014 -
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nce again, we met in one of the dark and hidden rooms in the sewers of Carlin to discuss some mysteries of Tibia. We tried to uncover some of the secrets which have bothered us for too long. After hours of reading history books and heated debates we finally found some possible explanations for at least a few mysteries in and around Tibia. Of course, we do not want to withhold our results from you. Here we go. Enjoy (but do not take everything literally):

I'm Still Standing!

Since the beginning of time, or at least, as far as we remember, one of the probably most asked questions in Tibia is "Why can Tibians not sit on chairs or sit down at all?" Generations have pondered over and discussed this question for aeons already, and today, we want to present you two possible explanations:

1. Tibian material is just too fragile.
Maybe, the material chairs are made of cannot carry the weight of Tibians. Not that they are overweight or something like that. Though, very often warriors do not take off their armor and weapons. Of course, the weight is just too much for a small wooden or stone chair, for example. Same goes for all the smart and clever mages. All those mighty spells they carry about with themselves must weigh a lot, and not to mention all the runes and potions they have in their backpacks.
Since there are not only wooden chairs though, it seems obvious that the equipment, plus the knowledge, plus the weight of Tibians are just too heavy for any known material when it comes to the sitting topic. That does not sound logical? Well, if you travel around Tibia, you will find so many places where destroyed chairs are covering the floor that it seems self-evident to us that Tibian chairs are not made to withstand much weight. No time to travel around? Then just ask Frodo. He will confirm our theory. Of course, quibblers will say: And why is it possible then to sleep in a bed and even more important, how is it possible to stand on any chair in Tibia? Obviously, Tibian laws of nature are more complex than you would guess. As we found out in strength-sapping experiments, sitting bodies are much heavier than standing or sleeping ones. Sounds strange, but it is a fact as long as the opposite remains to be proven.

Anyway, if the first explanation does not satisfy you, there is another theory that addresses the sitting problem as well:

2. We cannot remember!
According to some historians, there was a time when Tibians used to sit down. They used to sit on everything. On chairs, on tables, on rocks, on animals, on beds, even on water, and so on. The list is very long, almost endless. Historians believe that due to the amount of wars Tibians fought in the past, the time to take a break from battle and to sit down grew shorter over the years. Thereby, they eventually forgot how it works. Almost every second of their life, they had spent with training tactics, learning spells or fighting against their enemies. It is no wonder that Tibians lost the knowledge and ability to sit down. Sitting is way more complex than swimming, for example. One wrong move while sitting and you will most likely fall from the chair and hurt yourself. Anyway, at least there seems to be hope. Some years ago, Tibians rediscovered the ability to ride certain animals and vehicles. So maybe, it is just a question of time until we will know again how to sit and the whole sitting affair will find a satisfying end. Honestly, who wants to stand forever?

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Another question that is asked quite often is why there are no noses in our faces?
Many might not have noticed it yet, but yes, we Tibians do not have noses. Again, we want to present you two different possible explanations for this mystery.

1. Evolution!
As the majority knows, smell can be extremely unpleasant. Sometimes it can be so suffocating that you fear for your life and limb. For example, the city dump of Venore is in the middle of this beautiful town. All the rubbish, the remains of fishes, rotten meat, mouldy cheese, old and worn leather boots and all the other trash create a smell human noses can barely suffer without any damage. Not to mention all the nasty creatures which are not only a challenge for our fighting skills but sometimes also for our olfactory nerves. Same goes for some people who just do not use their toothbrush on a daily base. Both, monsters and men, can cause fainting spells which may lead to death. To sum it up, the odour nuisance in Tibia is so enormous that nature itself found a solution: In the course of time, evolution removed noses from our faces.

2. I've got your nose!
Another less academic explanation involves a game for kids. Do you know the "I've got your nose" game? Some historians are convinced that this harmless child's play is the reason why Tibians have no noses anymore. According to those scholars, parents tended to do the "I've got your nose" too excessively. Babies and infants just were extremely annoyed by the fact that mothers and fathers always tried to steal their noses. It was only a question of time until the genetic code took appropriate actions against this kind of abuse. Thus, it happened that a new generation of Tibians was born without noses. Other proponents of the "I've got your nose" theory agree that children got really annoyed by this game, but they disagree on the idea that this is the reason why Tibians lack noses. Actually, they are profoundly convinced that the parental behaviour and the treatment of babies are the reasons why there has not been a single baby for many years now, except demon infants. Well, as we know, both theories are mainly speculations, and we cannot be sure whether any of them is right. At least, we have something that makes it easier for us to understand why there are no noses in our faces.

Working Class Hero

Have you ever noticed that there is no closing time in Tibia? It does not matter if you want to drink a beer or a glass of wine at Frodo's in the morning hours, or if you want to buy a new indoor plant from Edvard in Edron after midnight. You will always meet the same helpful person who only wants to serve you. Carpet pilots and ship captains are transporting their passengers at day and night without a break. Guards are protecting the cities constantly. Vocation leaders, skill and spell trainers are offering their knowledge all the time. Almost every NPC in Tibia is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This begs the question: How is this possible? Don't they need to sleep? Are there no families waiting for them? Don't they have any hobbies? How can anyone stand in his store for so long and not drop dead with exhaustion?

Twins, triplets, quadruplets?
One idea is that all NPCs have an unknown number of siblings. Of course, they have to look identically. Therefore, it is most likely, if this theory is true, that all NPCs are twins, triplets, quads, etc. That would explain that you can meet them at all times of the day. There is also some evidence which reinforces this theory. Sometimes, if you visit an NPC, he might talk a bit differently than last time you met him. For example, instead of the usual "Be greeted!" he might say "Be greetted!" The scientists call that phenomenon "typo" and some of them see it as proof of the sibling theory.
Of course, not everyone is convinced that this is the reason. Some are sure that NPCs are just so greedy for money that they do not sleep to not miss any chance to earn more gold. In this case, it is just a question of time until this money-hungry behaviour will wear them out.
Others say that all NPCs are actors who do a hell of a job by fooling the whole population with their disguise and their acting skills. Now you might ask, why would they do this, and that is a really good question. Though, if you ever met an actor you know that they are special, just like artists and musicians. You do not have to understand them but be assured, impossible is nothing when it comes to art.
Another group of scholars have the theory that all NPCs are nothing but slaves and that an unknown evil enslaved them thousand years ago to serve a master plan. Unfortunately, these scholars either cannot or do not want to give us any details about this plan.

Tibians, what do you think? Do any of the presented theories sound reasonable for you, or is it all nonsense? Do you have your own ideas how things work in Tibia? If so, please share your thoughts with us.

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