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Jun 01 2017 -

How Thais Received its Name...

n May 5, 2017, we have told you about new information that had come up, hinting at the possibility that Thais might not have been named after a direct descendant of Banor who was named Thais, but after sea snails with the same name. Since we found this very confusing, we community managers had turned to you for help. In over 300 posts, you have tried to explain the almost unexplainable and have told us very entertaining stories!

From all these possible explanations, we community managers had selected our top 15, on which you could then vote, in order to select the final three winners.

We would like to present to you now the top three explanations how and why Thais is actually called Thais!

Congratulations to the winner, Panthaleon! 15.80 % of all poll participants chose this story to be the best:

WHERE ARE THESE THINGS COMING FROM?! – despaired one of the soldiers.

‘Tis no matter! The Portal of Souls just opened and our numbers are few! Hold until more heroes arrive in our aid – urged Kaltwurst, the overseer of what was quickly becoming the biggest known human settlement.

B-but Sir, if the orcs keep pushing us west, we’ll reach the bay. And s-s-sorry Sir, but the reports are that our boats have been devoured by these small sea snails the early humans called “Thaises” – said the soldier, fearing for his late report.

Thaises, eh? Are they aggressive towards humans? – asked Kaltwurst.

Apparently not, Sir. All they eat is wood and… and… I’m afraid they can also eat through metal – said the soldier, hesitantly.


The orcs, clearly confused but armed to the teeth, followed the naked humans into the water for the easy prey they were.

The orc army then saw its doom by the viscous squeeze of a million Thaises.

This place is not humans’, it’s theirs. Thaises’ town. Thais. – mumbled Kaltwurst, relieved.

Congratulations to the second place winner, Yoorick! 11.88 % chose this to be the best entry:

Slimy Help

After another repair in the settlement,
Banor knew the time has come to make a testament,
No more orcs shall plunder our town,
"I Banor… will crush them down!"

So he kneeled and yelled to the sky:
"Please, Tibian Gods, grant me this final blessing before I die!"
A bright beam of light struck from the cloud,
Bursting into the river instead of the ground.

He ran towards the water,
Expecting to find a legendary weapon of slaughter.
There was no weapon on the spot,
However, he noticed something under the wreck of a yacht.

A huge snail was wounded, nearly dead.
Banor took it to the nearest shed.
He gave him food and still was sad,
"It won’t stop orcs, they are too mad".

The snail heard the misery of his savior,
And started to send signals repaying the favour,
Millions of snails started to surround this future city,
Banor didn’t understand how the snail was so witty.

Orcs were unable to walk on the snails’ slime
It was too slippery for them to climb.
Banor was pleased and since the snail was so nice,
He named the settlement: Thais.

Also congratulations to the third place winner, Arkimago! 11.34 % chose his story to be the best:

A matching city

King Tibianus has finally told the nation that a long time ago, in the beginning of his adventures, in a land west of there, a mysterious Oracle told him: "You must follow your destiny by the predatory sea snails."

A long time has passed and the prophecy of the Oracle has not left the King's mind. One day, the King fell asleep in the beachfront.
In his dreams, he could only hear the words "Thaissss, thaissss" - like the sound of a sea wave that breaks by the beach sand.
Instinctively, he approached a recently killed predactory sea snail, held it to his ear, and he heard that ocean sound again.

The prophecy finally came back to his mind clearly: "Like the sea snails' tentacles that sense everything, there must be towers to anticipate enemy attacks; like the sun that gives life to the sea snails, there must be sun light to give us hope; like the shell that protects it, there must be strong walls to safeguard the nation".

That was the way Thais was born: First, by the onomatopoeia that a sea snail makes. Second, by all the characteristics they have.



Thank you for your ideas and your stories, Tibians. Thank you to all participants for trying to solve this mystery for us. We community managers can now sleep again at night, without having to wrack our brains how all this goes together. It all makes sense now!

... on a side note, we would also like to fill you in on how Thais really received its name, though this story is admittedly far less exciting and entertaining than one would think:

Back then, in the beginning of the Tibian universe, a God named Durin was searching the internet for a suitable name for this city that had been created in this online world, and he stumbled upon a picture of a shell called Thais. He enjoyed the picture quite a bit and considered it to be a good name for the city, and that was it. The decision was made, and Thais has been called Thais ever since.

Not that spectacular is it? The above stories are much more creative. Thinking about it, though, Durin's decision does not contradict your theories. As a God, he could have influenced history in exactly the same way you described, just to get his will to name the first city in Tibia Thais. ;)

Congratulations to all winners of this contest!

  • To the top 15 of whom each received a deepling backpack filled with a CM Token, 100 shells, 1 starfish and one coral brooch.
  • To the top 3, who received non-transferrable Tibia Coins. The author of the story with the most votes received 750 Tibia Coins, the second place author 500 Tibia Coins, and 250 Tibia Coins were given to the third place.
  • To the 5 lucky poll participants, who received an arcane insignia.

We hope you all enjoyed this little contest as much as we did.

Thanks for your help, Tibians!
Your Community Managers

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