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How do I assign text, spells or items to action buttons?

Assign text/spells:

Right-click on an action button, and select "Edit Action". There you have the following options:
  • Say Text: If you enter text and select "Automatically Send", the entered text will appear right away. Otherwise, your text will only appear in the entry line and you need to click "Enter" to actually send the text.
  • Cast Spell: Here you can select from all available spells. If you select a spell which needs additional information, e.g. if you want to heal or find a certain character or to decide whether you want to levitate up or down, you can add the name or "up" or "down" under "Parameter".
Although you can assign all spells to an action button, you can only use those that you have already learnt. Spells that you have not learnt yet, will be displayed as crossed out with red.

Assign items:

Apart from spells and text, you can pull every item on one of the action buttons. For some itmes, you have the option "Edit Action" available after you have pulled the item on an action button. The menu that opens up depends on the item, e.g. if you have a rune or a potion assigned to an action button, you can now select whether you would like to 1. use it on yourself, 2. use it on your current attack target or 3. to choose the target with crosshair; if you have assigned part of your equipment, you can choose to 1. use the object or to 2. equip the object.

Note, to use certain action buttons really quickly, you can additionally assign them to a hotkey.

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