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Can I change my account name?

Yes, you can change your account name for a fee .

To do so, log into your account page. In the General Information section, click on the button "Rename Account". On the next page enter your new account name. Please use a secure combination of letters and numbers that cannot be guessed easily. Confirm the account name change. You can now pay for this service by clicking on "Purchase". Note that you can only pay via the Webshop or via a reseller for this service.
As long as the account name change is not paid and with that completed, you can cancel or edit the chosen new account name in the Extra Services section on your account page anytime.

In case you have already paid for an account name change in advance, please go to the Extra Services section on your account page. Click on "view" behind the corresponding entry to see the details. Click on "Edit" to enter your new account name. Once you have confirmed that you really want to rename your account, the account name is changed instantly.

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