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When can I leave Dawnport and can I return there once I have entered the main continent?

You may leave Dawnport as soon as you have reached level 8. To do so, talk to Oressa downstairs. Please note that you must leave Dawnport at latest with level 20.

It is impossible to return to Dawnport unless a character dies often enough so that the level is reduced to 5. If this happens, characters are reset. This means they will reappear on the beginner's island with level 2. They will lose all of their equipment and carried items as well as any levels, skills, spells, quest flags and the money in their bank account. If a character owns a house, it will be lost if this character is still at Dawnport at the next server save. Further, a character will keep all its achievements. Also, all items stored in depots will not be deleted. Characters can get them once they are on the main continent again.

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