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The email account my Tibia account is assigned to has been hacked. What can I do?

If you have lost access to the account email address, try to assign your account to a different email address. Provided that your account is registered, you can easily reassign it to the email address of your choice by using the recovery key. If you have lost your recovery key, you can request a new recovery key via your account page (Get Extra Service) or the Lost Account Interface. Note, however, that a fee will be charged if a new recovery key is requested.
If you have not registered your account, do so at once and use the recovery key to assign the account to a different email address. Alternatively, you can select the option "Change email address" on your account page to initiate a change of the assigned email address. Note, however, that this process will take 30 days to be completed.
If your Tibia account is not registered and you have lost access to both the Tibia account and the assigned email account, try contacting your email provider and ask for help to get access to the assigned email address. Once you have your email address back use the Lost Account Interface to get access to your Tibia account. Remember to register your account as soon as you have access to it. We also recommend you make yourself familiar with the security guidelines of your email provider to avoid further problems.

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