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My account has been suspended. What do I have to do now?

Your account has been suspended by CipSoft. As long as the account suspension remains, you can neither log into the game nor post on the forum.

Account suspensions are usually caused by payment chargebacks. To get the account suspension lifted, please make a new payment which equals the payment which has been charged back. For example, if the payment for an account name change has been charged back, you must buy a new account name change to replace the charged back payment. If the payment for a package of 500 Tibia Coins has been charged back, you have to buy a package of 500 Tibia Coins again even if you have used only 50 Tibia Coins. Of course, you can still use the remaining 450 Tibia Coins.

If you do not understand why your account was suspended or if you have any other questions concerning your account suspension, please log into your account and open a support ticket. Please do not forget to include the name of one of your characters in your email.

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