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I died by a kick. Why did I not receive a compensation?

Characters are only compensated if our system identifies a mass kick as the cause of a character's death. If the connection issue is identified before a character's death, the character will not lose anything at all, not even items. If the connection issue is identified after the character's death, the character gets skills, experience and blessings back at the next login into the game.

Not every kick, however, is a mass kick. If your character dies due to a connection problem which occurs on the way from your computer to our servers, the death will not be compensated. Further, PvP deaths are never compensated.

The Internet is structured similar to streets. This means the connection starting at your computer has to pass many different cables and nodes until it reaches our servers. Anywhere on this way problems can occur which affect your gaming experience. A mass kick only happens if the connection problem occurs on one of our servers. In this case, all players being online on this server are affected. This means if only a good dozen of players are affected, it is virtually impossible that the connection issue is at our servers.

The further away a connection issue occurs from our servers, the less players will feel the effects of it. If your own connection fails, you will be the only one that experiences lag or a kick. If your internet service provider's local network is having issues, all players living in your area will be affected. In case, a bigger node in your country fails, all players that have to pass this node will suffer from connection issues.

Further, such issues usually only last a few seconds. For this reason, other applications you might use, such as streaming sites, will most likely not be affected because they use buffers. What is more, your connection to Tibia is not necessarily the same connection like the one used for other internet applications and websites. For this reason, connections to other websites cannot provide any information about the place where the issue is occurring. For more information on connection issues, please also check our Technical FAQ.

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