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How can I find out if I have a hardware accelerated graphics driver installed?

If you cannot start Tibia, it is very likely that you do not have a proper accelerated graphics driver installed. In order to verify this, you should issue the command
  "egrep -i 'driver|dri|glx' /etc/X11/*.conf"
in your console.

An example output of this could be:

Load "glx"
Load "dri"
Driver "kbd"
Driver "mouse"
Driver "nvidia"
BoardName "VESA driver (generic)"

Most likely you have no hardware acceleration enabled if the line driver "nv" instead of driver "nvidia" for NVIDIA cards, or the line driver "ati" instead of driver "fglrx" for ATI cards is displayed. Also the line Load "glx" or Load "dri" should be present if you have a hardware accelerated driver installed.
Further, an up-to-date Nouveau driver could work.

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