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I have forgotten my password and/or account name. What can I do?

If you have forgotten your password and/or account name, use the Lost Account Interface. Specify your problem there and follow the instructions. Please note that a new password and/or the account name will only be sent to the email address to which the account is assigned.
If you have lost access to this email address, try to get it back. If your account is registered, you can easily reassign the account to the email address of your choice by using your recovery key. If you have not registered your account, try contacting your email provider and ask for help. If you have registered your account and you have lost your recovery key, you can request a new recovery key via the Lost Account Interface. Note, however, that a fee of 5 EUR will be charged if a new recovery key is requested.
Once you have access to the assigned email address please use the Lost Account Interface to request a new password and/or your account name. We regret to say that if you cannot get your account back via the Lost Account Interface, our email support will also be unable to help you.

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