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I cannot connect to the game servers. What is the problem?

To play Tibia you need a fully functional direct TCP/IP-connection to the game servers. If you encounter problems while connecting to the game servers, please check your network preferences or ask your system administrator for advice. Please note that some internet providers restrict the functionality of internet accesses, i.e. they allow only certain programs (usually browsers) to pass through, while others such as the client are denied access to the internet. It is also possible that a connection to the game servers is prevented by a proxy or by a firewall that protects your computer. Please make sure that connections to port 7171 of the game servers are allowed.

If you receive the error message "Server is not online", the game server is offline due to maintenance or a technical problem. Please wait until the game server is restarted.

If your launcher does not start completely or displays an error that it cannot connect to Tibia, please make sure that Tibia.exe has access to https port 443 at the address The connection may be blocked by security software on your computer or on your router. If you are playing in a large network, please ask your administrator for help.

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