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What is a preview world?

Preview worlds are a highly special game world category used by CipSoft as proving ground for new game features. They differ from regular worlds in several important aspects:
  • In order to create a character on a preview world, you must already have at least one other character on your account.
  • It is not possible to transfer characters from or onto preview game worlds. Only characters that have been actually been created on a preview world can play there.
  • Preview worlds will sometimes enter so-called preview phases, during which new game features are temporarily introduced for evaluation. Although such features will be tested carefully in advance, there is always a chance that they turn out to influence gameplay in an unforeseen and undesirable way. Because of this, CipSoft expressly reserves the right to reset these game worlds to former states during preview phases!
Apart from these differences, preview worlds are like any other regular game world, so players can and should play normally in all other aspects. Preview worlds are recommended for players who are curious about future developments, or who wish to contribute to the ongoing development and improvement of the game.

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