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What is a prey and how do I activate one?

It's hunting season! Activate a prey to gain a bonus when hunting a certain monster! Note that your character must have left Rookgaard or Dawnport to be able to activate a prey.
To activate a prey, open up the prey dialog by clicking on the prey window. In the prey slot you will see 9 monsters from which you can select your prey monster. If you do not like any of the displayed monsters, you can roll for a new list. You get one free list reroll every 20 hours. If you do not have a free list reroll, you can purchase one for gold coins. The price for a list reroll depends on the level of your character.
The bonus for your prey will be selected randomly from one of the following: damage boost, damage reduction, bonus XP, or improved loot. The bonus value may range from 5% to 50%. If you do not like the bonus, you can roll for another one. If the value of your current bonus is smaller than 50%, the value of the newly rolled bonus will be higher than your current one. Bonus rerolls can be purchased in the Store for Tibia Coins.
A prey lasts for 2 hours hunting time. Therefore, your prey time will only decrease while hunting. After this time, you can activate a new prey using a list reroll. Whenever you have rolled for a new list or a new bonus, the hunting time will be reset to 2 hours.
Further, you can activate up to 3 preys simultaneously. The first prey slot can be used by every player. The second slot can be used for free by all Premium players. Free players can unlock this second prey slot permanently by purchasing it in the Store. Finally, everybody can unlock a third prey slot permanently by purchasing it in the Store.

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