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What is the rule violation record?

The rule violation record is a list on the account page that shows all confirmed rule violations made by characters from your account. Depending on the severity of a rule violation and as well as on previous entries in the rule violation record, entries in the rule violation record may lead to punishments such as account banishments and even deletions. You can always assess your account's standing in terms of rule violations by looking at your conduct level. Please note that while the conduct levels eventually decrease if no further rule violations are committed, entries in the rule violation record are never erased, even if they do not count for the conduct level.

Note: It is possible to receive several entries within a short period of time. If you receive several banishments in this manner, the time you are excluded from the game will be added up, i.e. if you receive two banishments for 7 days each, you will be excluded from the game for a total of 14 days. To avoid confusion, the point of time when your account exclusion ends is displayed at the top of the rule violation record box as well as in the "General Information" section on the account page

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