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What is a subscription?

Please note that subscriptions are currently disabled. We are planning to introduce subscriptions at some point again.

A subscription is an agreement in which you allow us to charge your credit card automatically on a regular basis in order to provide you with Premium Time for your Tibia account. Premium Time ordered this way are activated automatically, as the main purpose of subscriptions is to ensure that a Tibia account never loses its premium status while the subscription lasts. Note that you can only set up subscriptions for accounts you own.
Depending on the Premium Time period you have chosen, we will charge your credit card for the selected Premium Time automatically and in due time whenever your Premium Time runs out. You will receive an email notification about the continuation of your subscription every time a new payment is due. The notification will be sent before the payment is charged.
You can cancel your current subscription on your account page at all times. Note that cancelling a subscription does not affect payments that have already been charged.

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