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Need Help?

Check our FAQ to find solutions for the most common problems in Tibia!

Use the Lost Account Interface if you cannot log into your account!

Consult the security hints to learn how to protect your account from hacking!

Read the manual! You find tons of information about Tibiaís game play, about Tibia accounts, the client interface and much more!

You donít understand why you have been punished for a rule violation? You want to know if a certain behaviour is legal in Tibia? Review the Tibia Rules!

Finally, you can also ask other players on the support forum for assistance!

Contact Customer Support

If you did not find a solution to your problem in the documentation above or on the forum, get in touch with our customer support team!

If you submit a ticket, please describe your problem as detailed as possible. Please write to us in English and tell us the name of a character on your account that is affected by the problem you are writing about.

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