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Rule 1b) Invalid Name Format
Names that contain parts of sentences (except for guild names), badly formatted words or nonsensical combinations of letters.


Names that contain parts of sentences:
With the exception of guild names, names that are sentences ("Go home", "Johnrox") are not allowed as names. The same is true for names that are incomplete sentences ("Knight likes to", "Dances with wolves"), names that contain possessive pronouns ("My lovely Fanny", "Your mother") as well as for names that contain exclamations or greetings ("Oh my god", "Hi Dude").

Names that contain badly formatted words:
Our name creating system already enforces certain rules for names to avoid badly formatted names. For instance, names must start with a capital letter, special characters and numbers are illegal etc. Names that can be created even though they are illegal due to bad formatting include names that lack spaces ("Miketheknight", "Wingsofbeauty") or have weirdly placed spaces ("Mik ethekni ght", "Wi Ngsofb eauty").

Names that contain nonsensical combinations of letters:
You are welcome to come up with a fantasy name. However, it should not only consist of a random string of letters ("Jasdhsjhf", "Aauoiee", "Huahueahua"). Likewise, names which only contain a string of letters which is not pronounceable due to missing vowels ("Knightplk", "Mr Robinson") are illegal. Names that use the same string of letters more than twice ("John John John", "Master Bababa", "Hahaha") and names that obviously contain too many typing mistakes ("Drruuiidd", "Kinght off Svvargrund") are prohibited, too.

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