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Auction Details
Cira Raliana
Level: 1590 | Vocation: Royal Paladin | Male | World: Olima
Auction Start:
Sep 26 2021, 10:05 CEST
Auction End:
Oct 17 2021, 22:00 CEST
Winning Bid:
132 Distance Fighting (Loyalty bonus not included)
39 Magic Level (Loyalty bonus not included)
Total Charm Points 17970, Unused Charm Points: 4170
Daily Reward Streak: 1373/7

Hit Points:
Axe Fighting13
74.71 %
Club Fighting13
67.81 %
Distance Fighting132
67.42 %
85.57 %
Fist Fighting17
54.74 %
Magic Level39
70.48 %
82.66 %
Sword Fighting25
67.83 %
Creation Date:
Dec 07 2017, 14:19:52 CET
Achievement Points:
Regular World Transfer:
can be purchased and used immediately
Charm Expansion:
Available Charm Points:
Spent Charm Points:
Daily Reward Streak:
Hunting Task Points:
Permanent Hunting Task Slots:
Permanent Prey Slots:
Prey Wildcards:
Hireling Jobs:
Hireling Outfits:
Exalted Dust:
Item Summary
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» Results: 10
Store Item Summary
» Pages: 1
» Results: 19
5 k
» Pages: 1 2
» Results: 49
Store Mounts
No mounts.
» Pages: 1 2
» Results: 42
Store Outfits
No outfits.
» Pages: 1
» Results: 1
AmountBlessing Name
0 xAdventurer's Blessing
1 xBlood of the Mountain
1 xEmbrace of Tibia
1 xFire of the Suns
1 xHeart of the Mountain
1 xSpark of the Phoenix
1 xSpiritual Shielding
1 xTwist of Fate
1 xWisdom of Solitude
Imbuement Name
Powerful Bash
Powerful Blockade
Powerful Chop
Powerful Cloud Fabric
Powerful Demon Presence
Powerful Dragon Hide
Powerful Electrify
Powerful Epiphany
Powerful Featherweight
Powerful Frost
Powerful Lich Shroud
Powerful Precision
Powerful Quara Scale
Powerful Reap
Powerful Scorch
Powerful Slash
Powerful Snake Skin
Powerful Strike
Powerful Swiftness
Powerful Vampirism
Powerful Venom
Powerful Vibrancy
Powerful Void
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CostsCharm Name
500Adrenaline Burst
1,500Divine Wrath
2,000Low Blow
1,500Vampiric Embrace
1,500Void's Call
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Completed Cyclopedia Map Areas
Area Name
Northern Darama
Southern Darama
(8 more entries)
Completed Quest Lines
Quest Line Name
A Father's Burden
An Uneasy Alliance
Blood Brothers
Children of the Revolution
Dark Trails
Ferumbras' Ascendant
Heart of Destruction
Hero of Rathleton
Hot Cuisine
In Service Of Yalahar
Kissing a Pig
Sea of Light
Shadows of Yalahar
Soul War
The Ancient Tombs
The Ape City
The Desert Dungeon
The Djinn War - Efreet Faction
The Explorer Society
The Gravedigger of Drefia
The Ice Islands
The Inquisition
The Isle Of Evil
The New Frontier
The Outlaw Camp
The Paradox Tower
The Pits of Inferno
The Postman Missions
The Queen of the Banshees
The Shattered Isles
The Thieves Guild
The White Raven Monastery
Twenty Miles Beneath The Sea
Unnatural Selection
What a foolish Quest
Wrath of the Emperor
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The list of character titles was updated on Sep 26 2021, 09:44:07 CEST
Please note that some character titles might require certain preconditions. If they are not met anymore, the character will lose the title.
Character Title
Apex Predator
Beastrider (Grade 1)
Beastrider (Grade 2)
Beastrider (Grade 3)
Beastrider (Grade 4)
Beastrider (Grade 5)
Blood Moon Hunter
Creature of Habit (Grade 1)
Creature of Habit (Grade 2)
Creature of Habit (Grade 3)
Creature of Habit (Grade 4)
Creature of Habit (Grade 5)
Death from Below
Dedicated Entrepreneur
Fey Swatter
Hero of Bounac
Interdimensional Destroyer
Legend of Marksmanship
Ooze Blues
Prince Charming
Reigning Drome Champion
Sea Bane
Snake Charmer
Tibia's Topmodel (Grade 1)
Tibia's Topmodel (Grade 2)
Tibia's Topmodel (Grade 3)
Tibia's Topmodel (Grade 4)
(29 more entries)
Achievement Name
A Study in Scarlett Tibia Secret Achievement
Afraid of no Ghost!
All Hail the King
Allow Cookies?
Allowance Collector Tibia Secret Achievement
Amateur Actor
Ancient Splendor
Animal Activist
Areas of Effect Tibia Secret Achievement
Ashes to Dust Tibia Secret Achievement
Askarak Nemesis Tibia Secret Achievement
Avid Spectral Reader Tibia Secret Achievement
Baby Sitter Tibia Secret Achievement
Back from the Dead
Back into the Abyss
Backpack Tourist Tibia Secret Achievement
Bad Timing Tibia Secret Achievement
Bane of the Hive
Banebringers' Bane Tibia Secret Achievement
Battle Mage
Beach Tamer
Beak Doctor
Beautiful Agony
Becoming a Bigfoot
Bewitcher Tibia Secret Achievement
Bibby's Bloodbath Tibia Secret Achievement
Blood-Red Snapper
Bluebarian Tibia Secret Achievement
Bone Brother
Breaking the Ice
Brutal Politeness
Bunny Slipped Tibia Secret Achievement
Buried the Baron
Cake Conqueror Tibia Secret Achievement
Call Me Sparky
Cartography 101
Cave Completionist
Champion of Chazorai
Champion of Summer Tibia Secret Achievement
Champion of Winter Tibia Secret Achievement
Chequered Teddy
Chest Robber
Chitin Bane
Choking on Her Venom
Clay Fighter Tibia Secret Achievement
Clay to Fame Tibia Secret Achievement
Cocoon of Doom Tibia Secret Achievement
Cold as Ice Tibia Secret Achievement
Combo Master Tibia Secret Achievement
Commitment Phobic Tibia Secret Achievement
Cookie Monster Tibia Secret Achievement
Corruption Contained
Crawling Death
Crystal Clear
Crystal Keeper
Crystals in Love
Culinary Master
Cursed! Tibia Secret Achievement
Daraman's Footsteps
Daring Trespasser Tibia Secret Achievement
Dark Voodoo Priest Tibia Secret Achievement
Death Song
Death from Below Tibia Secret Achievement
Death in the Depths
Deer Hunt Tibia Secret Achievement
Demonic Barkeeper
Depth Dwellers
Desert Fisher
Devovorga's Nemesis Tibia Secret Achievement
Do Not Disturb Tibia Secret Achievement
Do a Barrel Roll!
Doctor! Doctor! Tibia Secret Achievement
Dog Sitter
Down the Drain
Drama in Darama
Dread Lord Tibia Secret Achievement
Dream Catcher
Dream Warden
Dream Warrior
Dream Wright
Dream's Over
Duked It Out
Dungeon Cleaner Tibia Secret Achievement
Dwarven Mines
Efreet Ally
Elementary, My Dear
Elite Hunter
Elven Woods
Ender of the End
Ending the Horror
Enter zze Draken!
Exemplary Citizen
Exquisite Taste Tibia Secret Achievement
Extreme Degustation Tibia Secret Achievement
Eye of the Deep Tibia Secret Achievement
Fairy Teasing Tibia Secret Achievement
Fata Morgana
Final Strike Tibia Secret Achievement
Fire Devil Tibia Secret Achievement
Fire Lighter Tibia Secret Achievement
Fire from the Earth
Firefighter Tibia Secret Achievement
Fireworks in the Sky Tibia Secret Achievement
Follower of Palimuth
Fool at Heart
Forbidden Fruit Tibia Secret Achievement
Fountain of Life Tibia Secret Achievement
Free Items! Tibia Secret Achievement
Fried Shrimp
Friend of Elves
Friend of the Apes
Gear Up
Gem Cutter Tibia Secret Achievement
Ghost Sailor Tibia Secret Achievement
Glooth Engineer
Glooth Punk
Gnome Friend
Gnome Little Helper
Gnomebane's Bane Tibia Secret Achievement
Gnomish Art of War
Go with da Lava Flow Tibia Secret Achievement
Gold Digger Tibia Secret Achievement
Golden Sands
Goldhunter Tibia Secret Achievement
Golem in the Gears
Green Thumb Tibia Secret Achievement
Grinding Again
Gryphon Rider
Guard Killer
Guardian Downfall
Guinea Pig
Happy Farmer Tibia Secret Achievement
Hat Hunter
Heartbreaker Tibia Secret Achievement
Herbicide Tibia Secret Achievement
Here, Fishy Fishy! Tibia Secret Achievement
Hidden Powers
High Inquisitor
High and Dry Tibia Secret Achievement
High-Flyer Tibia Secret Achievement
Hippofoddermus Tibia Secret Achievement
His Days are Counted
Hissing Downfall
Hive Blinder
Hive Fighter
Hive Infiltrator
Hive War Veteran
Hoard of the Dragon Tibia Secret Achievement
Homebrewed Tibia Secret Achievement
Honest Finder
Honorary Barbarian
Honorary Gnome
Honorary Witch Tibia Secret Achievement
Howly Silence
Hunting Permit
Hunting with Style
I Did My Part Tibia Secret Achievement
I Like it Fancy Tibia Secret Achievement
I Need a Hug
Ice Harvester
Ice Sculptor Tibia Secret Achievement
Icy Glare
In Shining Armor
Inquisition's Hand
Interior Decorator Tibia Secret Achievement
Invader of the Deep Tibia Secret Achievement
Jamjam Tibia Secret Achievement
Jewel in the Swamp
Jinx Tibia Secret Achievement
Joke's on You Tibia Secret Achievement
Just Cracked Me Up!
Just in Time
Keeper of the 7 Keys
Keeper of the Flame Tibia Secret Achievement
King Tibianus Fan
King of the Jungle
King of the Ring
Knock on Wood
Lacewing Catcher
Let the Sunshine In Tibia Secret Achievement
Liberty Bay Watch
Library Liberator
Life on the Streets
Lion King
Lion's Den Explorer Tibia Secret Achievement
Little Adventure
Little Ball of Wool
Little Big Adventure Tibia Secret Achievement
Lizard Kingdom
Long Live the Queen
Lord of the Elements
Lost Palace Raider Tibia Secret Achievement
Loyal Lad
Loyal Subject Tibia Secret Achievement
Lucid Dreamer
Lucky Devil Tibia Secret Achievement
Lucky Horseshoe
Luminous Kitty
Luring Silence
Mageslayer Tibia Secret Achievement
Mainstreet Nightmare
Make a Wish Tibia Secret Achievement
Malefitz Tibia Secret Achievement
Marble Madness Tibia Secret Achievement
Marblelous Tibia Secret Achievement
Masquerader Tibia Secret Achievement
Master Debater Tibia Secret Achievement
Master Hunter Tibia Secret Achievement
Master Shapeshifter Tibia Secret Achievement
Master Thief
Master of War
Master of the Nexus
Meat Skewer
Merry Adventures
Millennial Falcon Tibia Secret Achievement
Mind the Dog!
Mind the Step!
Minor Disturbance
Minstrel Tibia Secret Achievement
Mister Sandman Tibia Secret Achievement
Modest Guest Tibia Secret Achievement
Moth Whisperer
Mummy's Dearest
Mutated Presents Tibia Secret Achievement
Natural Born Cowboy Tibia Secret Achievement
Natural Sweetener Tibia Secret Achievement
Navigational Error Tibia Secret Achievement
Nether Pirate Tibia Secret Achievement
Never Surrender
Nevermending Story Tibia Secret Achievement
No Horse Open Sleigh
No More Hiding
Noblesse Obliterated
Nomad Soul Tibia Secret Achievement
Nothing Can Stop Me Tibia Secret Achievement
Nothing but Hot Air
Number of the Beast
Of Wolves and Bears
Ogre Chef
One Foot Vs. Many
One Less
One Thousand and One
Oops Tibia Secret Achievement
Orcsoberfest Welcome Tibia Secret Achievement
Out in the Snowstorm
Out of the Stone Age
Over the Moon
Party Animal Tibia Secret Achievement
Passionate Kisser
Pecking Order
Perfect Fool
Personal Nightmare
Petrologist Tibia Secret Achievement
Piece of Cake
Plant vs. Minos Tibia Secret Achievement
Poet Laureate Tibia Secret Achievement
Polisher Tibia Secret Achievement
Potion Addict Tibia Secret Achievement
Preservationist Tibia Secret Achievement
Prison Break
Prospectre Tibia Secret Achievement
Pwned All Fur Tibia Secret Achievement
Pwned a Lot of Fur Tibia Secret Achievement
Pyromaniac Tibia Secret Achievement
Quick as a Turtle Tibia Secret Achievement
Race to the Pole
Raider in the Dark
Rathleton Citizen
Rathleton Commoner
Rathleton Inhabitant
Rathleton Squire
Realms of Dreams
Recognised Trader
Release the Kraken
Repenter Tibia Secret Achievement
Rhino Rider
Rift Warrior
Robo Chop Tibia Secret Achievement
Rock Me to Sleep Tibia Secret Achievement
Rocket in Pocket Tibia Secret Achievement
Rockstar Tibia Secret Achievement
Rootless Behaviour
Rumble in the Plant Tibia Secret Achievement
Safely Stored Away Tibia Secret Achievement
Santa's Li'l Helper Tibia Secret Achievement
Scales and Tail
Scorched Flames
Scourge of Death Tibia Secret Achievement
Scourge of Scarabs
Sculptor Apprentice Tibia Secret Achievement
Sea Scout
Seasoned Adventurer
Secret Agent
Serious Contender Tibia Secret Achievement
Shaburak Nemesis Tibia Secret Achievement
Shell Seeker Tibia Secret Achievement
Ship's Kobold Tibia Secret Achievement
Si, Ariki!
Silent Pet Tibia Secret Achievement
Skilled Hunter
Skin-Deep Tibia Secret Achievement
Skull and Bones
Slayer of Anmothra Tibia Secret Achievement
Slayer of Chikhaton Tibia Secret Achievement
Slayer of Irahsae Tibia Secret Achievement
Slayer of Phrodomo Tibia Secret Achievement
Slayer of Teneshpar Tibia Secret Achievement
Slim Chance
Slimer Tibia Secret Achievement
Slugging Around
Snake Charmer
Snowbunny Tibia Secret Achievement
Someone's Bored Tibia Secret Achievement
Something Smells
Something's in There Tibia Secret Achievement
Spareribs for Dinner
Spectral Traveller Tibia Secret Achievement
Spectulation Tibia Secret Achievement
Spolium Profundis
Spore Hunter
Steampunked Tibia Secret Achievement
Steppe Elegance
Stepped on a Big Toe
Stomach Ulcer
Stronghold of Edron
Substitute Tinker
Sun and Sea
Superstitious Tibia Secret Achievement
Swamp Beast
Sweet Tooth Tibia Secret Achievement
Swift Death
Talented Dancer
Task Manager Tibia Secret Achievement
Teamplayer Tibia Secret Achievement
Territorial Tibia Secret Achievement
The Cake's the Truth Tibia Secret Achievement
The Call of the Wild
The Day After Tibia Secret Achievement
The Drowned Sea God
The Empire's Glory
The Gates of Hell
The Milkman
The Ogre Steppe
The Picky Pig
The Professor's Nut
The Right Tone
The Serpent's Bride
The Undertaker Tibia Secret Achievement
Tied the Knot Tibia Secret Achievement
Toothfairy Assistant
Top TBI Agent
Torn Treasures Tibia Secret Achievement
Trail of the Ape God Tibia Secret Achievement
Treasure Hunter Tibia Secret Achievement
Trip to the Beach
True Colours Tibia Secret Achievement
True Dedication Tibia Secret Achievement
True Lightbearer Tibia Secret Achievement
Truth Be Told Tibia Secret Achievement
Twisted Dreams
Twisted Mutation
Up the Molehill
Vanity Tibia Secret Achievement
Vive la Resistance
Wail of the Banshee Tibia Secret Achievement
Warlord of Svargrond
Waverider Tibia Secret Achievement
Way of the Shaman
Way to Hell
Wayfarer Tibia Secret Achievement
Well Roared, Lion!
Whistle-Blower Tibia Secret Achievement
Widely Travelled
Wild Warrior
Witches Lil' Helper Tibia Secret Achievement
With a Cherry on Top Tibia Secret Achievement
Worm Whacker Tibia Secret Achievement
Yalahari of Wisdom
Zzztill Zzztanding!
(423 more entries)
Bestiary Progress
4501 xAbyssal Calamary
41,016 xAcid Blob
48 xAcolyte Of Darkness
41,124 xAcolyte Of The Cult
41,567 xAdept Of The Cult
43,809 xAdult Goanna
4541 xAdventurer
4299 xAgrestic Chicken
4596 xAmazon
41,654 xAncient Scarab
48,601 xAnimated Feather
41,002 xAnimated Snowman
44,793 xArachnophobica
41,001 xArctic Faun
42,512 xArmadile
42,377 xAskarak Demon
41,113 xAskarak Lord
41,000 xAskarak Prince
4704 xAssassin
4557 xAzure Frog
4452 xBadger
41,000 xBaleful Bunny
4742 xBandit
4183 xBane Bringer
47 xBane Of Light
41,010 xBanshee
41,353 xBarbarian Bloodwalker
4623 xBarbarian Brutetamer
41,151 xBarbarian Headsplitter
4987 xBarbarian Skullhunter
41,123 xBarkless Devotee
41,000 xBarkless Fanatic
41,048 xBat
4561 xBear
43,337 xBehemoth
41,010 xBellicose Orger
49 xBerrypest
41,054 xBerserker Chicken
44,241 xBetrayed Wraith
422,229 xBiting Book
4260 xBlack Sheep
42,509 xBlack Sphinx Acolyte
42,705 xBlightwalker
43,049 xBlood Beast
4515 xBlood Crab
41,002 xBlood Hand
41,050 xBlood Priest
41,024 xBlue Djinn
4728 xBoar
4252 xBog Frog
41,130 xBog Raider
42,978 xBonebeast
4876 xBonelord
486,639 xBony Sea Devil
41,162 xBoogy
496,111 xBrachiodemon
4153,676 xBrain Squid
41,002 xBraindeath
417,755 xBranchy Crawler
42,686 xBreach Brood
45 xBride Of Night
41,659 xBrimstone Bug
41,100 xBroken Shaper
4606 xBug
4498,098 xBurning Book
43,314 xBurning Gladiator
42,508 xBurster Spectre
464 xButterfly
456 xButterfly
436 xButterfly
47 xCake Golem
4520 xCalamary
464,109 xCapricious Phantom
41,016 xCarniphila
4512 xCarrion Worm
446 xCat
43,658 xCave Devourer
4786 xCave Parrot
4497 xCave Rat
4806 xCentipede
4643 xChakoya Toolshaper
4719 xChakoya Tribewarden
4513 xChakoya Windcaller
42,500 xChasm Spawn
4358 xChicken
43,798 xChoking Fear
41,468 xClay Guardian
42,508 xCliff Strider
440,552 xCloak Of Terror
41,379 xClomp
4731 xCobra
43,516 xCobra Assassin
42,543 xCobra Scout
42,552 xCobra Vizier
4514 xCoral Frog
41,073 xCorym Charlatan
41,150 xCorym Skirmisher
41,003 xCorym Vanguard
422,144 xCourage Leech
41,169 xCow
4654 xCrab
42,744 xCrawler
4524 xCrazed Beggar
47,168 xCrazed Summer Rearguard
46,436 xCrazed Summer Vanguard
43,249 xCrazed Winter Rearguard
43,768 xCrazed Winter Vanguard
4541 xCrimson Frog
41,016 xCrocodile
46 xCrustacea Gigantica
4687 xCrypt Defiler
4998 xCrypt Shambler
42,502 xCrypt Warden
41,074 xCrystal Spider
45 xCrystal Wolf
42,519 xCrystalcrusher
42,829 xCult Believer
41,705 xCult Enforcer
41,000 xCult Scholar
42,513 xCursed Book
42,542 xCursed Prospector
4876 xCyclops
41,057 xCyclops Drone
41,251 xCyclops Smith
4503 xDamaged Crystal Golem
4514 xDamaged Worker Golem
4750 xDark Apprentice
41,691 xDark Faun
4521 xDark Magician
4713 xDark Monk
441,468 xDark Torturer
47,764 xDawnfire Asura
41,485 xDeath Blob
41,001 xDeath Priest
43,418 xDeathling Scout
42,503 xDeathling Spellsinger
41,006 xDeepling Brawler
41,007 xDeepling Elite
43,408 xDeepling Guard
41,003 xDeepling Master Librarian
43,267 xDeepling Scout
46,260 xDeepling Spellsinger
42,503 xDeepling Tyrant
46,035 xDeepling Warrior
42,430 xDeepling Worker
41,179 xDeepsea Blood Crab
48,695 xDeepworm
4346 xDeer
432,716 xDefiler
485,574 xDemon
45,537 xDemon Outcast
41,001 xDemon Parrot
42,481 xDemon Skeleton
425,724 xDestroyer
47,100 xDevourer
41,017 xDiabolic Imp
49 xDiamond Servant
41,063 xDiamond Servant Replica
45 xDire Penguin
419,752 xDiremaw
21,554 xDistorted Phantom
4338 xDog
41,107 xDoom Deer
48 xDoomsday Cultist
41,082 xDragon
41,000 xDragon Hatchling
41,448 xDragon Lord
41,092 xDragon Lord Hatchling
41,000 xDragonling
42,529 xDraken Abomination
42,513 xDraken Elite
48,379 xDraken Spellweaver
48,352 xDraken Warmaster
45 xDraptor
42,743 xDread Intruder
46,334 xDrillworm
4255 xDromedary
21,277 xDruid's Apparition
447 xDryad
410 xDuskbringer
4605 xDwarf
41,002 xDwarf Geomancer
41,566 xDwarf Guard
41,002 xDwarf Henchman
41,935 xDwarf Soldier
41,096 xDworc Fleshhunter
41,210 xDworc Venomsniper
4534 xDworc Voodoomaster
41,580 xEarth Elemental
41,006 xEfreet
41,006 xElder Bonelord
41,006 xElder Forest Fury
41,184 xElder Mummy
43,196 xElder Wyrm
4507 xElephant
4569 xElf
4739 xElf Arcanist
45 xElf Overseer
4744 xElf Scout
4819 xEmerald Damselfly
4132,721 xEnergetic Book
4100,118 xEnerguardian Of Tales
41,254 xEnergy Elemental
41,545 xEnfeebled Silencer
41,135 xEnlightened Of The Cult
41,010 xEnraged Crystal Golem
41,007 xEnslaved Dwarf
42,024 xEternal Guardian
42,548 xEvil Prospector
41,410 xEvil Sheep
41,000 xEvil Sheep Lord
41,023 xExecowtioner
43,148 xFalcon Knight
42,537 xFalcon Paladin
41,021 xFaun
43,111 xFeral Sphinx
4500 xFeverish Citizen
41,516 xFeversleep
4500 xFilth Toad
4673 xFire Devil
41,226 xFire Elemental
4524 xFirestarter
4817 xFish
4336 xFlamingo
422,492 xFlimsy Lost Soul
42,501 xFloating Savant
45,986 xFlying Book
41,030 xForest Fury
4297 xFox
415,554 xFrazzlemaw
43,148 xFreakish Lost Soul
41,652 xFrost Dragon
41,015 xFrost Dragon Hatchling
41,031 xFrost Flower Asura
4569 xFrost Giant
4509 xFrost Giantess
4254 xFrost Troll
41,000 xFurious Fire Elemental
4575 xFurious Troll
44,771 xFury
4500 xGang Member
4786 xGargoyle
4503 xGazer
42,522 xGazer Spectre
42,503 xGhastly Dragon
41,072 xGhost
4501 xGhost Wolf
41,303 xGhoul
41,007 xGhoulish Hyaena
43,351 xGiant Spider
4578 xGladiator
4593 xGloom Wolf
416,168 xGlooth Anemone
41,542 xGlooth Bandit
41,615 xGlooth Blob
41,511 xGlooth Brigand
47,960 xGlooth Golem
4612 xGnarlhound
4287 xGoblin
4716 xGoblin Assassin
46 xGoblin Leader
4630 xGoblin Scavenger
46 xGolden Servant
41,069 xGolden Servant Replica
41,004 xGoldhanded Cultist
41,000 xGoldhanded Cultist Bride
4633 xGozzler
41,077 xGrave Guard
4749 xGrave Robber
41,002 xGravedigger
41,001 xGreen Djinn
4250 xGreen Frog
434,500 xGrim Reaper
4418,722 xGrimeleech
413 xGrynch Clan Goblin
41,002 xGryphon
4107,899 xGuardian Of Tales
48,879 xGuzzlemaw
42,552 xHand Of Cursed Fate
42,522 xHaunted Dragon
41,985 xHaunted Treeling
42,503 xHellfire Fighter
4192,981 xHellflayer
411,236 xHellhound
437,151 xHellspawn
413 xHerald Of Gloom
41,689 xHero
41,003 xHibernal Moth
42,501 xHideous Fungus
42,243 xHigh Voltage Elemental
42,506 xHive Overseer
4581 xHonour Guard
4250 xHorse
4343 xHorse
4273 xHorse
41,006 xHot Dog
44,307 xHumongous Fungus
4538 xHunter
425 xHusky
4634 xHyaena
42,475 xHydra
41,003 xIce Dragon
41,044 xIce Golem
41,001 xIce Witch
410,770 xIcecold Book
42,522 xInfected Weeper
427,608 xInfernal Demon
41,004 xInfernal Frog
418,012 xInfernal Phantom
42,593 xInfernalist
437,058 xInk Blob
42,622 xInsane Siren
4532 xInsect Swarm
4500 xInsectoid Scout
42,311 xInsectoid Worker
42,391 xInstable Breach Brood
41,748 xInstable Sparkion
418 xIron Servant
41,109 xIron Servant Replica
42,541 xIronblight
4255 xIsland Troll
42,085 xJellyfish
452,146 xJuggernaut
41,026 xKiller Caiman
4517 xKiller Rabbit
21,611 xKnight's Apparition
4110,523 xKnowledge Elemental
42,332 xKollos
4622 xKongra
41,216 xLacewing Moth
4547 xLadybug
42,538 xLamassu
41,374 xLancer Beetle
4815 xLarva
42,525 xLava Golem
42,510 xLava Lurker
41,209 xLeaf Golem
41,101 xLich
4587 xLion
4609 xLittle Corym Charlatan
41,449 xLizard Chosen
41,092 xLizard Dragon Priest
43,211 xLizard High Guard
41,092 xLizard Legionnaire
41,001 xLizard Magistratus
42,502 xLizard Noble
4976 xLizard Sentinel
41,018 xLizard Snakecharmer
4920 xLizard Templar
41,989 xLizard Zaogun
41,002 xLoricate Orger
41,776 xLost Basher
44,254 xLost Berserker
41,000 xLost Exile
41,018 xLost Husher
42,736 xLost Soul
41,138 xLost Thrower
41,530 xLumbering Carnivor
4581 xMad Scientist
42,557 xMagma Crawler
4558 xMammoth
41,548 xManta Ray
42,616 xManticore
32,456 xMany Faces
41,358 xMarid
41,205 xMarsh Stalker
41,496 xMassive Earth Elemental
41,023 xMassive Energy Elemental
41,999 xMassive Fire Elemental
41,046 xMassive Water Elemental
49,699 xMean Lost Soul
42,582 xMedusa
42,614 xMenacing Carnivor
4581 xMercury Blob
4510 xMerlkin
41,184 xMetal Gargoyle
47,024 xMidnight Asura
45 xMidnight Panther
414 xMidnight Spawn
48 xMidnight Warrior
41,286 xMinotaur
42,503 xMinotaur Amazon
4641 xMinotaur Archer
41,560 xMinotaur Cult Follower
41,117 xMinotaur Cult Prophet
41,058 xMinotaur Cult Zealot
41,090 xMinotaur Guard
41,000 xMinotaur Hunter
41,005 xMinotaur Invader
4524 xMinotaur Mage
41,418 xMisguided Bully
41,260 xMisguided Thief
4109 xModified Gnarlhound
4501 xMole
4571 xMonk
41,008 xMooh'tah Warrior
41,105 xMoohtant
45,156 xMould Phantom
41,529 xMummy
4193 xMushroom Sniffer
41,225 xMutated Bat
41,555 xMutated Human
41,218 xMutated Rat
41,267 xMutated Tiger
41,115 xNecromancer
464 xNightfiend
42,628 xNightmare
41,937 xNightmare Scion
46 xNightslayer
41,206 xNightstalker
41,032 xNoble Lion
4500 xNomad
4503 xNomad
4879 xNomad
4103 xNorthern Pike
4809 xNovice Of The Cult
41,112 xNymph
41,128 xOgre Brute
43,293 xOgre Rowdy
42,933 xOgre Ruffian
42,557 xOgre Sage
41,009 xOgre Savage
41,022 xOgre Shaman
41,219 xOmnivora
4547 xOrc
41,797 xOrc Berserker
41,019 xOrc Cult Fanatic
41,717 xOrc Cult Inquisitor
41,338 xOrc Cult Minion
41,071 xOrc Cult Priest
41,106 xOrc Cultist
41,109 xOrc Leader
41,002 xOrc Marauder
4707 xOrc Rider
4819 xOrc Shaman
4692 xOrc Spearman
41,000 xOrc Warlord
41,016 xOrc Warrior
4501 xOrchid Frog
41,162 xOrclops Doomhauler
41,000 xOrclops Ravager
42,651 xOrewalker
42,554 xOrger
21,224 xPaladin's Apparition
4501 xPanda
4273 xParrot
4260 xPenguin
41,144 xPercht
42,500 xPhantasm
4297 xPig
433 xPigeon
288 xPirat Bombardier
2113 xPirat Cutthroat
287 xPirat Mate
2109 xPirat Scoundrel
41,021 xPirate Buccaneer
41,034 xPirate Corsair
41,106 xPirate Cutthroat
4530 xPirate Ghost
41,344 xPirate Marauder
4663 xPirate Skeleton
41,155 xPixie
4249,029 xPlaguesmith
4510 xPoacher
4931 xPoison Spider
4533 xPolar Bear
41,013 xPooka
41,012 xPriestess
43,442 xPriestess Of The Wild Sun
41,305 xPutrid Mummy
41,001 xQuara Constrictor
41,073 xQuara Constrictor Scout
41,084 xQuara Hydromancer
41,371 xQuara Hydromancer Scout
41,086 xQuara Mantassin
4584 xQuara Mantassin Scout
41,017 xQuara Pincher
41,166 xQuara Pincher Scout
41,374 xQuara Predator
41,142 xQuara Predator Scout
4295 xRabbit
4507,464 xRage Squid
420 xRaging Fire
41,086 xRat
41,000 xRavenous Lava Lurker
43,087 xReality Reaver
4504 xRedeemed Soul
41,824 xRenegade Knight
41,002 xRenegade Quara Constrictor
41,005 xRenegade Quara Hydromancer
41,001 xRenegade Quara Mantassin
41,008 xRenegade Quara Pincher
41,005 xRenegade Quara Predator
43,685 xRetching Horror
42,506 xRipper Spectre
41,306 xRoaring Lion
41,000 xRoast Pork
4520 xRorc
41,898 xRot Elemental
413,444 xRotten Golem
41,004 xRotworm
41,946 xRustheap Golem
41,141 xSacred Spider
4609 xSalamander
4352 xSandcrawler
41,564 xSandstone Scorpion
4651 xScarab
41,014 xSchiach
41,259 xScorpion
42,603 xSea Serpent
44,187 xSeacrest Serpent
4407 xSeagull
42,784 xSerpent Spawn
41,763 xShaburak Demon
41,033 xShaburak Lord
41,000 xShaburak Prince
45 xShadow Hound
41,038 xShadow Pupil
41,004 xShaper Matriarch
41,589 xShark
4266 xSheep
43,517 xShock Head
4703 xSibang
42,501 xSight Of Surrender
415,160 xSilencer
4252 xSilver Rabbit
4924 xSkeleton
43,999 xSkeleton Elite Warrior
4516 xSkeleton Warrior
4268 xSkunk
41,173 xSlime
4542 xSlug
4964 xSmuggler
4796 xSnake
42,638 xSon Of Verminor
21,910 xSorcerer's Apparition
42,521 xSoul-broken Harbinger
41,642 xSouleater
43,076 xSparkion
413,850 xSpectre
44,732 xSphinx
4332 xSpider
42,876 xSpidris
41,537 xSpidris Elite
42,524 xSpiky Carnivor
4569 xSpit Nettle
43,970 xSpitter
412,110 xSquid Warden
4500 xSquidgy Slime
4276 xSquirrel
41,609 xStabilizing Dread Intruder
41,587 xStabilizing Reality Reaver
41,027 xStalker
41,103 xStampor
4502 xStarving Wolf
42,505 xStone Devourer
41,189 xStone Golem
41,006 xStone Rhino
41,001 xStonerefiner
4628 xSwamp Troll
4593 xSwampling
41,011 xSwan Maiden
41,639 xSwarmer
4515 xTainted Soul
41,296 xTarantula
4501 xTarnished Spirit
4607 xTerramite
4535 xTerror Bird
42,503 xTerrorsleep
43,071 xThanatursus
4646 xThornback Tortoise
45 xThornfire Wolf
4513 xTiger
41,620 xToad
41,300 xTomb Servant
41,549 xTortoise
4528 xTroll
4508 xTroll Champion
45 xTroll Guard
41,000 xTroll Legionnaire
427,664 xTrue Dawnfire Asura
44,461 xTrue Frost Flower Asura
429,895 xTrue Midnight Asura
46,330 xTunnel Tyrant
4115,030 xTurbulent Elemental
41,573 xTwisted Pooka
41,049 xTwisted Shaper
45 xUndead Cavebear
42,508 xUndead Dragon
42,513 xUndead Elite Gladiator
41,630 xUndead Gladiator
411 xUndead Jester
4528 xUndead Mine Worker
4502 xUndead Prospector
43,469 xUsurper Archer
46,071 xUsurper Knight
42,501 xUsurper Warlock
4508 xValkyrie
42,556 xVampire
41,831 xVampire Bride
41,070 xVampire Pig
41,648 xVampire Viscount
4142,695 xVexclaw
45,000 xVibrant Phantom
419 xVicious Manbat
43,886 xVicious Squire
41,185 xVile Grandmaster
42,500 xVulcongra
41,529 xWailing Widow
41,001 xWalker
42,378 xWar Golem
4741 xWar Wolf
41,006 xWarlock
4551 xWasp
44,895 xWaspoid
423 xWater Buffalo
41,596 xWater Elemental
42,600 xWeakened Frazzlemaw
42,540 xWeeper
41,271 xWerebadger
41,023 xWerebear
41,112 xWereboar
41,004 xWerefox
42,225 xWerehyaena
41,000 xWerehyaena Shaman
46,336 xWerelion
47,004 xWerelioness
41,030 xWerewolf
4412 xWhite Deer
42,704 xWhite Lion
4502 xWhite Shade
42,007 xWiggler
412 xWild Horse
4677 xWild Warrior
41,417 xWilting Leaf Golem
4344 xWinter Wolf
4275 xWisp
4646 xWitch
4427 xWolf
42,902 xWorker Golem
41,003 xWorm Priestess
44,218 xWyrm
41,645 xWyvern
46 xYeti
41,000 xYielothax
43,732 xYoung Goanna
41,489 xYoung Sea Serpent
41,601 xZombie
(638 more entries)