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Character Information
Name:Lord Nudd
Title:None (3 titles unlocked)
Vocation:Elite Knight
Achievement Points:223
Guild Membership:Elite High Shadow Council of the Dark Shadows of Serenity
Last Login:Dec 13 2020, 17:02:17 CET
Comment:- 'Gwynn, son of Nudd', 'Leader of the Wild Hunt'. 'Lord of the Underworld', 'Lord of the Dead', 'Ruler of the Faerie Realm' who was reputed to have been beaten by 'Collen' at 'Glastonbury Tor'.
In Norman Grail legend, the name 'Goon Desert', belongs to the brother of the 'Fisher King' and it is thought that it is a development of the Welsh 'Gwyn, Son of Nudd, King of the Demons of the Otherworld'.

Account Status:Premium Account

Account Achievements
Tibia AchievementNothing Can Stop MeTibia Secret Achievement
Tibia AchievementPassionate Kisser
Tibia AchievementTalented Dancer
Tibia AchievementWith a Cherry on TopTibia Secret Achievement

Account Information
Loyalty Title:Savant of Tibia
Created:Jan 06 2002, 01:14:07 CET

1. Ebul NuddPremia
2. Holder for NuddPremia
3. Holder NuddPremia
4. Little NuddPremia
5. Lord Nudd (Main Character)Premia
6. Master NuddPremia
7. Nudd The StudPremia
8. Royal NuddPremia
9. Silent NuddPremia
10. Sir NuddPremia
11. Xtra nuddPremia

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