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Looking for some details about Tibia? Searching for information in your language? Interested in some funny stories and helpful articles of your fellow Tibia players? Curious about the latest developments of your favourite online game Tibia? The fansites listed here might be just the right place to visit.

Please note that the supported and promoted fansites are not run by us, but by third parties. Consequently, we assume no liability for their content, even though we keep an eye on them. Please keep this in mind while visiting. Also, we strongly advise you not to download any files or programs.

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Promoted Fansites

Our promoted fansites are constantly up-to-date and offer own generated
content on a regular basis.
FansiteContactContentSocial MediaLanguagesSpecialsItem
  • Podcasts. Also on Spotify.
  • Entertainment through contests and events. Slayer Tafin
  • Focus: Tibian couples.
  • Opinion section, looking for discussions.
GuildStats.euSir Dzidek
  • Stats for chars, guilds, worlds and bosses.
  • Calculators.
  • Activity system with rewards.
NabBotGalarzaa Fidera
  • Verified Bot for Discord Servers.
  • Online lists.
  • Level and death tracker.
  • Active Tibia Forum.
  • Huge archive of news and texts.
Tibia LiveNohus
  • Tibia app for Android.
Tibia.Fandom.comHunter of Dragoes
  • Awesome mapper and outfitter.
  • Extensive English wiki. ~ 18,000 pages.
TibiaBosses.comMad Def
  • Boss Hunt contests.
  • Bosspedia.
  • Rares Price Check and Death Tracker.
TibiaEvents.comUmbra mckeening
  • Many events and contests.
  • Active Forum and discussion groups.
TibiaGoals.comLady Mass
  • Daily goals on Instagram.
  • Riddles.
  • Focus on player motivation.
TibiaHome.comSuzy Kill Decor
  • Everything on House decoration.
  • Tutorials and frequent contests.
  • Big Spanish Tibia wiki.
  • More than 6,000 wiki pages. Uniks
  • Active Facebook group.
  • Tutorials and articles.
  • Forum
TibiaMaps.ioMathias Bynens
  • Over 95 % of TibiaMap explored.
  • GitHub participant.
TibiaQA.comEllotris Guardian
  • Ask and answer questions.
  • Contribution system to earn fansite item.
  • Extensive Tibia wiki in Portuguese.
  • Over 12,000 pages.
TibioPedia.plMastro Daro
  • Active forum.
  • Boss' Statistics.
  • Guides, screenshots, Update archive.

Supported Fansites

Our supported fansites are constantly up-to-date and offer own generated
content on a regular basis.
FansiteContactContentSocial MediaLanguagesSpecialsItem
  • Spanish podcasts.
  • Char Bazaar info.
  • Statistics.
  • Comics, Quotes and other fun stuff. Mcgonagall
  • Many calculators.
  • Tibia news on video.
TibiArt.netEd Lu
  • Awesome Tibia art and memes.
  • Role play stories.
  • Periodicos.
  • API for Tibia data in JSON.
  • Discord server.
  • GitHub participant.
  • Track Achievements and Bestiary.
  • Annotate quest progress.
  • Hub for Tibian artists.
  • Collection of fanart.
  • Upload, browse, like and share pictures.
  • Tools for Twitch and others.
  • Daily creature history.
  • Info on Tibia in a magazine style.
  • Info on mysteries and Tibia's history.
TibiaMonsters.comWiktor Antica
  • App for Android.
  • Killed monsters.
  • Probability of monsters.
  • Bestiary and Weapon Reference.
  • Big tool collection.
TibiaRia.comElfo Fantasma
  • Portuguese and English memes + contest.
  • Youtube series.
  • Item Monitor & Librarian.
  • Active forum.
  • Own research for articles.
TibiaSecrets Zare
  • Tibia videos.
  • Streamer support.
  • Video guides.
  • Lottery system.
  • VIP Lists.
  • Players-, guilds- and worlds stats.
  • Overview on Tibia wars.
  • Many guides
  • A party finder.
  • An activity system.
VivaTiba.comSayuri Nowan
  • Bestiary Information.
  • Hunting Tips.

If you like to join our growing fansites community, the following documents might be helpful: