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Fansite Agreement
  1. It has to be stated on your site that Tibia is made by CipSoft and that all content from the official Tibia website or which has been provided by CipSoft, for example any graphics that you may use, is copyrighted by CipSoft. The references to our company and Tibia should be presented as links on your site.

  2. Your fansite needs a section with contact details, for example the name of the site's creator and a contact address.

  3. We need a reliable contact person who should be one of the responsible administrators of the fansite. We need this person's name, his Tibia character and an email address at which we can contact him. This person has to be able to communicate in English at an acceptable level. The contact person needs to check his emails regularly, and also needs to check the internal fansite board regularly.

  4. Of course it is alright to have advertisements and sponsors for your site, but you have to make sure that they are suitable for our customers, many of whom are minors. Please make sure that you have control of the content of the ads you publish at your fansite.

  5. All means of monetising your fansite must be made clear to visitors. This includes the following scenarios, but it is not limited to these examples: You should not be using the fansite programme to generate revenue by embedded crypto mining, nor use your fansite visitors as a type of viewbot for any streams without their knowledge. The monetisation of your fansite must be transparent.

  6. The content of the fansite has to be about Tibia only. We set high standards, therefore your fansite needs to be updated regularly. Please make sure that the information given on your website is correct and fair. The texts on your site should also be accurate concerning their grammar and spelling. We also expect you to have a professional and appealing design. If your fansite should become a promoted fansite, your content always needs to be up-to-date.

  7. We appreciate it if you publish own generated content as well, and not only a copy and/or translations of our news. It has to be clear though for all your visitors which articles are fansite-made, and which are not. Plagiarism from other fansites cannot be tolerated. If you want to use pictures, tables etc. from another site, please only do so if you have the permission of its owner. Please use your own thoughts on your site. Basically you can publish anything that comes to your ears as a rumour. When you are in doubt, if what you are about to publish is correct, you may always check back with the fansite coordinator. If you do not receive a confirmation, you can still decide to publish the information, but you should mark it accordingly (e.g. "This information has not been confirmed by CipSoft"). You will be held responsible for your publications. If your fansite should become a promoted fansite, presenting own generated content on a regular basis is mandatory.

  8. Giving general information about quests is fine. Complete quest solutions need to be marked with a disclaimer that warns players that quests are spoiled in the following sections. Fansites can post detailed information on all monsters and items that exist in the game. However, we will not support you in finding any information on monsters or items since those are things the community should find out themselves.

  9. You have to be able to moderate your site. You also need to enforce reasonable behavioural standards on your site. Spamming, offensive statements or posting hack links in your forums must be avoided by all means. If you have moderators or helpers for your fansite, choose them wisely and support them in their work. We will hold the contact person responsible for everything that happens on the site, so you should be able to trust your team.

  10. Your site may not contain downloads for any kind of cheat tools, illegal software, links that lead to such sites, or advertisements for them. If you offer any downloads on your site at all, you are expected to attach a disclaimer in which your customers are informed that these tools are not created by CipSoft. Moreover, make your best effort that the offered downloads contain no viruses, backdoors etc. In general we advise you not to offer downloads at all since you can never be sure about the security of tools you receive from other persons.

  11. You have to make sure that the Tibia Rules are followed on your site. For instance, there should not be any trading of accounts via your forum or any trading of characters/items for real life money etc. in any threads. Also, screenshots containing any cheat tool advertisements need to be avoided and removed immediately as soon as you learn about them.

  12. We ask you to inform us about your site traffic on a monthly basis, statistics need to be sent to [email protected] until the 3rd of each month.

  13. In return, we offer the benefits that are listed in our fansite programme.

  14. The co-operation may be mutually terminated at any time and without giving reasons, which will result in a withdrawal of all benefits.

  15. Approved fansites that do not stick to the points mentioned above will either receive a warning, or, in serious or repeated cases, be removed from the programme.

  16. These guidelines may be changed at any time. All changes will be announced.

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