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5.6 Achievements

5.6.1 What Are Achievements?
Achievements are extra goals that you can accomplish while playing Tibia. Unlike quests, achievements do not yield experience points or items, but honour and glory. Achievements are a great way to compare yourself with other characters without having to fight them and to show others how successful you have played the game so far.
A list of all regular achievements that can be earned ingame is shown in the Library section as well as in the Character section of the Cyclopedia ingame. However, there are also secret achievements which players need to discover themselves. There is no information about these achievements on our website. Keep your eyes and ears open! Maybe you can catch a hint in the game or on the forum. Whenever you reach an achievement, a message will pop and tell you about it.

5.6.2 Achievement Grades and Points
Depending on their difficulty, achievements are divided in different grades. Achievements can be gained for something rather simple like hugging a bear, or some daring adventure like mastering the annihilator. The harder an achievement is to reach, the more points characters receive for completing it. The 300 players of each game world with the most achievement points are listed in the Highscores. Alternatively, you can see your character's achievements points when looking at it in the Characters section.

Achievements yield a certain number of points depending on their grade of difficulty:

Grade 1: 1-3 points
Grade 2: 4-6 points
Grade 3: 7-9 points
Grade 4: 10 points

5.6.3 How to Display Achievements?
How much worth is the coolest achievement if nobody knows about it? Show off your 5 most impressive achievements on your character page. All achievements can be found in the Characters section on your account. Click on "Edit" behind a character. On the bottom of the page you find all regular achievements listed as well as all secret achievements that you have already discovered with a character of this account. Achievements that you have not accomplished yet with a character of your account are greyed out. You can select up to 5 earned achievements you would like to display on your character page. To do so, simply tick the box beside the achievements you want to show. Note that you can also select achievements you have accomplished with other characters of this account. Furthermore, you can select different achievements individually for each character to display.

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