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9 Forum

With tens of thousands of registered players, Tibia has a huge active community. Of course, there is a lot to talk about when so many people meet, so we have created a special forum where players can communicate with each other even if they are not logged into the game. The Tibia forum is a part of our official website which has been designed as a huge, interactive meeting place where players can ask questions, leave messages for each other, trade, or generally exchange opinions on many different topics.

9.1 How to Use the Forum

The Tibia forum effectively works like a collection of interactive blackboards on which players can post messages. For this reason individual sections of the forum are usually referred to as boards. Each board subdivides into many individual subsections called threads. Threads owe their name to the fact that they are exchanges of posts in which individual messages succeed each other as if they were tied up on a piece of string.
Individual threads may be marked on a board's thread list. For instance, "New" indicates that a thread has only recently been started, while "Hot" shows that a thread has been popular with the readers - more than 16 people have posted on this thread. Finally, a no entry sign indicates that a thread has been closed.
While any visitor is free to read on the forum, only Tibia players that are logged in are actually allowed to write posts. For this reason anybody who would like to post on a board must log in first. Click on the "Play Now!" button or on the link labelled "Log in" on top of the forum page, then enter your email address and password. If you have logged in on the account page, you don't need log in again to use the forum. Furthermore, please note that you can only write posts with characters that have at least level 2 if you have an account which had a payment or an Extra Service paid by yourself at least once, or with characters that have at least level 21 if you never had a payment made by yourself on your account.

a) Board Rights
Forum visitors are given so-called board rights that settle what they are allowed to do on the forum. The number of rights visitors have depend on their status. To check your personal board rights open any board or thread and look at the list of rights at the bottom of the page. The rights listed here will show you what you are allowed to do on the active board. If you are not logged in, you will find the only right you have is to view threads. If you are logged in as a regular Tibia player, however, you will have the right to post new threads, to reply to posts, to edit your own posts, and possibly some more. In the extra line below the list of board rights the post options on the active board are listed. Here you can see whether or not the use of replace code, smileys, images and web links is enabled on the selected board.

b) How to Write Posts
Provided you have the right to do so you can start a new thread anytime. To do so click on the button "New Topic" at the bottom or the top of a board page. If you would like to answer an existing thread, open the corresponding thread and click on "Post Reply" at the bottom or the top of the page. Whenever you write a post a form will open in which you can edit your new text. Post forms divide into the following sections:
  • Tibia Character
    Specify the character you would like to write the post with in this field.
  • Thread/Post Subject
    If you would like to add a headline to your post, you can do so here. It is obligatory to fill in this field if you start a new thread, but you are not required to enter text here if you just reply to an existing post.
  • Thread/Post Icon
    It is also possible to mark your post with an icon if you want to. Simply click on the field next to the icon you would like to add to your post. This icon will be visible both on the board on which the thread is published and in the post itself. If you choose an icon and you change your mind afterwards, you can deselect the icon by selecting "No Icon".
  • Message
    This is where you can enter the text of your post. Posts may consist of up to 4096 characters. If you would like to use one or more smileys in your post, you can do so by using the code that is detailed at the left hand side of the reply field.
  • Options
    By using these options you can modify several typographical features of your post. You can choose to activate or deactivate the automatic parsing of URLs, the use of smileys and the display of signatures.
    • Automatically Parse URLs
      If this option is enabled, internet addresses are automatically detected and enclosed with the [url] replace code. This will mark them as internet links in your post. However, please note that for security reasons no real links will be created on public boards.
    • Disable Smileys in This Post
      If you check this option, smiley code such as :) will remain unprocessed, i.e. it will not be translated into graphical emoticons. The default setting is enabled.
    • Show Signature
      If this option is disabled, your signature will not be displayed in your post. For further information on how to edit signatures please see the manual section on accounts.
c) Replace Code
Text of posts can include so-called replace code that will change the layout of the text. Replace code works similar to common HTML you may already be familiar with. Replace codes are short commands that are written in brackets. To use a replace code simply put it in front of the text you would like to change. Remember that another replace code is needed to mark the end of text. This end code is similar to the original code and just includes an additional forward slash. Example: You would like to highlight a word by underlining it. To do so you must put the corresponding replace code [u] in front of it. Also, the corresponding end code [/u] must be placed at the end of the word to indicate the end of the highlighted text. Make sure no blank spaces are overlooked between the word and the replace codes. In the following you will find a list of all replace codes that are available on the Tibia forum. Note that certain replace codes may be disabled on certain boards. The list of board rights will show which replace codes are available for the board or thread you are currently viewing.
  • Web Links: [url][/url] or [url=""]CipSoft Website[/url]
    Links to internet sites can be made by using the replace code [url]. Keep in mind that if the option "Automatically Parse URLs" is enabled, this replace code will be placed automatically around internet addresses.
  • Tibia Links: [tibia=]Screenshots[/tibia]
    Links to and its sub-sites can be enabled as clickable links on all public boards using the replace code [tibia]. Note that this will work only for sub-sites that actually exist. Make sure to always write "http://" resp. "https://"in front of the link. If you would like to link to the Tibia main page, please add a slash at the end of the link [tibia=]Tibia main page[/tibia].
  • Thread Links: [thread=XXX]thread title[/thread]
    If you wish to link to a thread on the forum of, you may alternatively use the replace code [thread=XXX]. Please insert the number of the thread for the XXX. This alternative offers you the possibility to finally also link to a forum thread on public boards.
  • Post Links: [post=XXX]post title[/post]
    You can also link to a specific post in a thread using the replace code [post=XXX] where XXX is the number of the corresponding post. The post number is displayed in the bottom right corner of the respective post.
  • News Links: [news=XXX]news title[/news]
    To link to a specific news, use the replace code [news=XXX] where XXX is the number of the corresponding news. To find out its number, search the news, news ticker or featured article you want to link in the news archive. Look at the link that is displayed in your browser now and look up the number that is displayed behind "id=".
    Example: You will see a link like the following:
    You need the number behind "newsarchive&id=". In this example the number you are looking for is 288.
  • Email Links: [email][email protected][/email]
    If you would like to create a link to an email address, you can do so by using this replace code. Note that this feature is disabled on all public boards.
  • Bold Text: [b]bold text[/b]
    Text can be highlighted by using this replace code.
  • Italic Text: [i]italic text[/i]
    This replace code will cause text to be displayed in italics.
  • Underlined Text: [u]underlined text[/u]
    Text marked by this replace code will be underlined.
  • Unordered Lists: [list] [*]item [*]item [/list]
    By using this replace code you can create lists. Every item of the list must be marked individually with an asterisk put in brackets [*].
  • Ordered Lists: [list=1] [*]item [*]item [/list=1]
    This is a variation of the [list] replace code. When used it will generate an ordered list, i.e. individual items will be listed with numbers. It is also possible to have ordered lists with letters by replacing the number "1" with an "a", i.e. to use [list=a] instead of [list=1].
  • Code Text: [code]text[/code]
    Text marked with this replace code will be displayed in a special font.
  • Character Information: [player]character name[/player]
    It is possible to create links to the information page of characters by using this replace code.
  • Guild Information: [guild]guild name[/guild]
    It is possible to create links to the information page of a guild by using this replace code.
  • Images: [img]image link[/img]
    This replace code may be used to show images in your post. Note that this feature is disabled on all public boards as well as on all guild boards.
d) Forum Rules of Conduct
The Tibia forum is a public space open to a large number of people, so it is important that all players behave in a friendly and respectful manner. To make sure all players behave adequately the rules of conduct specified in the Tibia Rules also apply to the Tibia forum. Consequently, any statement that may be considered as being generally offensive is illegal. Similarly, posts with annoying frequency, advertising content that does not relate to Tibia, off-topic board use or incitement to break the Tibia Rules are considered rule violations and will result in the usual penalties. Please see the manual section on rule enforcement for details on punishments.
Note that players whose accounts have been banished are no longer allowed to start new threads or to reply to others. A red hint will be included in the list of forum rights which will remind banished players that they are currently not allowed to write posts.

9.2 The Boards

The forum section divides into a large number of individual boards on which players can discuss many different topics. Whether you would like to buy or sell items, need help from other players, or just exchange opinions with players from different worlds - you will find there is a place for every topic in the Tibia forum! In the following you will find a list of all individual boards. Please make sure you always pick the right board to post on.
  • World Boards
    These boards are general meeting places for Tibia players of individual worlds. Note that it is possible to post on a world board even if you do not have a character on that world.
  • Trade Boards
    This is a set of boards that are designed to make trading in the game even more convenient. To avoid confusion individual trade boards have been created for every game world.
  • Community Boards
    The following boards have been included to provide our players with opportunities to exchange opinions on matters that are not directly related to the game. You can arrange meetings in real life, chat about things that are not related to the game or even publish your very own fantasy story here!
    • Gameplay
      You need help with a quest or search information about achievements? This is the board to use. Here you can discuss all Tibia game-related topics with players from all game worlds.
    • Role Playing
      Tibia is fantasy game after all, and quite a number of our players are die-hard fans of the genre who dream about writing their own stories about dragons and sword-wielding heroes. If you have been creative, why not sharing it with the Tibia community? All hobby authors among our community are welcome to publish their stories here.
    • Real Life
      Of course it is nice to talk about different things from time to time. If you would like to post your opinion on any topic that is not related to Tibia, this is the board to turn to.
    • Convention
      Wouldn't it be nice to meet some of those people you have met in Tibia so often in real life for a change? If you are trying to arrange a meeting with other players, you are free to announce it here.
    • Proposals
      There is always room for improvement. If you have an idea on how to make Tibia even better, why don't you share it with us? Simply post it here and discuss it with other players. Do not get discouraged if CipSoft does not reply! Although proposals are generally not commented on we regularly check out this board and note down all promising ideas.
    • Auditorium
      Make your voice heard and state your opinion on this board. Our community managers start regularly threads here in which they ask players for feedback on interesting or hot Tibia topics. Furthermore, you can comment on news, articles, or the current poll on this board.
    • Events
      This board is all about events. You can announce events here or look for an interesting event in which you would like to participate. What is more, players that love to organise events can exchange useful hints and ideas with other players on how to organise an event best.
  • Council
    This board is reserved for the discussion of new game features between CipSoft and selected players.
  • Support Boards
    These boards cover a range of problems that may come up. If you have problems or question, the support boards are where you should turn to. Please make sure, however, to post on the board which suits your request best.
    • Payment Support
      This board is reserved for all questions concerning payment issues, i.e. questions concerning orders, payments etc.
    • Technical Support
      Do you have a technical problem with Tibia? If you have tried everything else already, the technical support board is the place to turn to.
    • Help
      If you have a game-related question, you can ask other players for help on this board.
  • Guild Boards
    If one or more of your characters is a member of a guild, you will be able to post on one or more private guild boards, provided the respective guild leader has created a guild board. Note that threads on guild boards will be closed if nobody has made a post in the last 30 days. Guild boards which have no active threads will be deleted shortly after. It is not possible to restore threads of a deleted guild board. However, the guild leader can always create a new guild board.
  • CM Post Archive
    Here you can search for all posts made by a community manager on the public forum boards.
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