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1 Introduction

1.1 What Is Tibia?

Tibia is a free-to-play hardcore-fantasy-MMORPG in a timeless retro look. It is one of the oldest and most successful online role-playing games in Europe.

Acting as knights, paladins, sorcerers or druids, players are faced with the challenge of dangerous dungeons and interacting with other players on a social level. In case a brave character does not survive an adventure, one suffers a significant loss in Tibia.
Besides this harsh death penalty and the unique freedom players enjoy in Tibia it is the infinite character progression in particular that creates a deeply immersive gaming experience.

1.2 Why Play Tibia?

  • Tibia is Free!
    Unlike most other online games, Tibia is absolutely free! No hidden costs, no limited trial phase - once you have created an account, you can go on playing forever if you like, and all you will ever need to pay for is your internet provider. Of course, players can choose to use Tibia Coins or Premium Time to make their accounts Premium, which will unlock a number of Premium features that make Tibia even more fun. However, buying Premium Time is strictly voluntary, and you will find that free account players are always just as welcome to Tibia as Premium players.
  • Fast and Easy Access!
    Getting Tibia is easy! All you need is a computer, a connection to the internet and an email address! With a size of no more than 30 MB for Windows and 30 MB for Linux or Mac users, downloading the client program you need to connect to the game servers of Tibia takes a matter of minutes, even if your connection is slow. What's more, the system requirements are low, so you won't need the latest equipment to play. All in all it will take you no more than 5 minutes to get into the game. Give it a try today! You will be surprised how quickly you will find your own character exploring the exciting world of Tibia!
  • Huge Game World
    The land of Tibia is a huge realm filled with adventure and unknown dangers. Scores of dungeons and mysterious places are waiting to be explored, and legions of deadly creatures are lurking in the wilderness. You will meet with many challenges and take up tricky quests, but your efforts will be rewarded well, for there are hundreds of unique items you can find along the way. And there is more to come! The world of Tibia is continually expanding, so don't be surprised if you run into something completely new just when you thought you had seen it all!
  • Character Customisation
    Make your heroes true individuals! Characters can be customised in many different ways: choose one of 4 exciting character vocations, each with its individual strengths and weaknesses. Select one of several different skins to individualise your characters' looks. Make your characters learn dozens of unique spells, equip them with the finest weapons and armor, train their skills ... the possibilities to develop and to improve characters are endless! Who will you be?
  • Massive International Community
    No MMORPG can do without a good community. With more than 500,000 active players, Tibia is one of the largest games of its kind! No matter when you are online, you will always find yourself amidst hundreds of characters that are played by real people such as yourself, characters with whom you can trade, team up or even fight. Our groundbreaking chat feature will allow you to talk comfortably to many different people at a time. Make friends with people from all over the world with Tibia!
And these features are but a few. In fact, Tibia has much more to offer! For further details please see the game feature page.

1.3 The Aim of the Game

Many single-player games have a final, overriding aim. Once you have reached that aim all you can do is start again or play another game. However, Tibia is different. There are many aspects that will appeal to different kinds of people, and you can choose to play Tibia just the way you like. You enjoy meeting people? There are thousands of players online at any time, and you can make new friends every day. You prefer adventure and exploration? In the world of Tibia there are countless places and items to discover. Or is it building up your character that really keeps you going? From collecting equipment to training skills, Tibia characters can be improved in a multitude of different ways. But whatever your personal preferences are, you will find there is one general characteristic to Tibia: it is simply impossible to take it to a limit. You will find there are always new people to meet, new places to explore and new heights to which you can take your character! No matter how long you have played you will always find the fascination remains!

1.4 What Do You Need to Play Tibia?

In order to run Tibia you only need three things: a computer, a working internet connection and an email address to register your account to. However, please note that your system needs to meet certain hardware requirements for the game to work as intended:
  • Operating System: Windows 10 64 bit or newer systems
  • Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015
  • Graphics: 128MB; if DirectX 9c or OpenGL 2.1 are not supported, only software renderer mode is available (no light effects)
  • Hardware:
    • Processor: 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent with SSE2 instruction set support
    • 350 MB free space on your hard disk
  • Internet connection (28.8k or better)
Linux and Mac:
It is also possible to run Tibia on Linux and Mac systems. However, the Linux as well as the Mac version of the Tibia client are unsupported. We will not provide any platform specific bug fixes for these Tibia clients. Furthermore, both clients are only available in a 64-bit version.

1.5 Two Things to Keep in Mind When Playing Tibia

Since this may be your first experience with a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, we feel it is necessary to direct your attention to some topics every player should be aware of.
  • Rules
    Where there are people there must also be rules. With thousands of players online at any point of time, MMORPGs such as Tibia need special codes of conduct that determine what is allowed and what isn't. In Tibia these rules are fittingly called the Tibia Rules. CipSoft expects all players to know and to follow the rules at all times. Players who violate our rules may be punished in a number of ways.
  • Security
    Improving characters and collecting rare items are important aspects of the game. Unfortunately, successful playing will not only attract admiration but also envy, and some people may actually try to steal from you. Always keep in mind that your character represents a real value, so keep a wary eye on it. Thankfully, you can easily protect your account from hacking if you observe some simple guidelines. Make sure to read our security hints carefully!
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