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5.5 Quests

5.5.1 What Are Quests?
Characters are more than mere mortals - they are the brave heroes who protect the land from the incursions of the evil hordes! Because of their special position fate has reserved many dangerous adventures for them in which they can win both fame and riches. These adventures are called quests. From simple errands to treasure hunts that will take you to the end of the world, quests can vary immensely in scope and complexity. However, all missions typically have some things in common. First, all characters can embark upon them, provided they meet the necessary requirements such as the required minimum level. Secondly, the majority of quests can only be done once per character, and the corresponding treasures can also be found only once per character. Finally, you need not worry about time while doing a quest. You can log out normally anytime and resume your quest whenever you like.

5.5.2 How to Get Quests
Of course, quests are popular with players because of the treasures that can be found, and also because of the extra fun they add to the game. However, before you set out on a quest you must have actually received it. Take the time to talk to all NPCs you meet during your travels - you will find that quite a number of them have some quest for you. Just greet them politely and ask them for a quest or a mission. However, it is also possible that you stumble on a quest by accident. Keep your eyes open for anything that seems special when exploring the land. Make a mental note whenever you encounter a door you cannot open, especially if you receive a message that you are not worthy to enter - this indicates that your character's level is not high enough to enter here. Simply come back when your character has reached the level that is necessary to open it. On the other hand, if you find a locked door, you should try any key you find along the way - with a bit of luck you will eventually find the right key.

5.5.3 Quest Log
To keep track of the quests you have started or already completed, every character has a quest log. To open it, click on the button that can be found close to the inventory. Once you have started a quest, its name appears in the quest log. Select the quest and click on "Show" to see details of your current task. If the quest is part of a quest line, you will find the names of the individual missions here. Select one of them to get more information on the task. If you have already completed a quest, you can read a short summary of its last task there. Also if an NPC has given you an important hint at the end of a quest, you can review this clue by checking the details of the completed quest.
Tick the box "Show in quest tracker" to follow this quest in the quest tracker window.
Note: Quests that only consist in finding a certain treasure once are not listed in the quest log. Quests to obtain outfits and addons are only shown while these quests are being solved.

5.5.4 A Word on Quest Spoiling
When you are stuck in a quest it will always be tempting to turn to a veteran player or a fansite for help. However, we recommend not to do so as we feel that players who simply consider quests an easy way to get interesting equipment are actually depriving themselves of an important dimension of the game, and after all, having fun is what playing Tibia is about! Quests have been included in the game to add flavour and excitement. Therefore we recommend you try solving quests on your own - after all, think how proud you will feel if you have solved a quest all on your own!

5.5.5 World Quests
While most quests are designed for single characters or small groups of characters, world quests require the participation of many players on a game world. World quests are either world events which are seasonal events which start for all game worlds at the same time, or world tasks - pre-defined missions that can be fulfilled by players of a game world but are not bound to a specific date.
Unlike regular quests, most world quests repeat themselves in certain intervals and can therefore be done several times by a character. Further, particularly world events usually only take place once a year and if your character is not logged on while a world quest is running, you cannot participate. So time actually does matter when it comes to world quests.
To find out about upcoming and available world quests or to check which game world won the latest world event, you can check out our library section on world quests.
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