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Barbarian Bloodwalkers

The Barbarian Bloodwalkers did surely not receive their name for their diplomatic talent. A Bloodwalker first strikes and then he strikes even more. Bloodwalkers are nearly mad and always on the brink of frenzy. The constant abuse of berserker elixirs forced them into a life of mayhem and destruction.
Battle and carnage are the lifeblood of the Barbarian Bloodwalkers. Regarded by their tribesmen as beings touched by divinity, there is little that could restrain them. As a matter of fact, the same shamans that supplied them with berserker elixirs in the first place, now keep them drugged with potions to pacify them and to make them less prone to rampages. In times of war, however, these 'holy warriors' are set on the enemies and most of their tribesmen do their best to avoid any act that might provoke their wrath. The rage that guides the actions of a Bloodwalker leaves no room for fear, pain, surrender or mercy. With no regard for their own lives, the Bloodwalkers storm into battle and their war cries challenge everything, be it mortal, demon or god.

Barbarian Bloodwalkers have 305 hitpoints. They are strong against energy, holy, ice and physical damage. On the other hand, they are weak against death and earth damage. It takes 590 mana to convince these creatures but they cannot be summoned.

Barbarian Bloodwalkers yield 195 experience points. They carry chain armors, chain helmets, gold coins and sometimes other items with them.