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Barbarian Skullhunters

A young raider begins his career of warfare in the rank of a Barbarian Skullhunter. The raiders believe that skulls are the holder of an enemy's essence. It's the goal of each young raider to gather as many skulls as possible. Under the guidance of their shaman queen, it has become of little importance if this skull belongs to an animal or to a human opponent. In holy ceremonies the young barbarians are allowed to add their most worthy trophies to the holy skull collection of their tribe. It is the ultimate goal of all initiates to achieve a higher status by gaining more and more worthy offerings. For this reason, the youngsters are eager to go on a hunt or into a battle likewise. The Barbarian Skullhunters of varied ranks are the most numerous force among the barbarians. They can be found in hunting parties almost everywhere on the Ice Islands. Also, they build the majority of raiders who defend the barbarian camps. Fearlessly, they challenge even opponents much better equipped than themselves and they wield their primitive weapons with a frightening and fierce skill.

Barbarian Skullhunters have 135 hitpoints. They cannot be paralysed. Moreover, they are strong against energy, holy, ice and physical damage. On the other hand, they are weak against death and earth damage. It takes 450 mana to convince these creatures but they cannot be summoned.

Barbarian Skullhunters yield 85 experience points. They carry brass helmets, gold coins, knives, torches and sometimes other items with them.