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Cobra Viziers

When Scarlett Etzel turned towards the shadows, her loyal followers turned away from her. Her change in tactics and the more covert approach has led to the hiring of shady characters to reinforce the order. Any Cobra Vizier is a dangerous foe but in combination with other viziers, they become an unstoppable force of magic. They act as the real guard of the order and defend Scarlett and the other Cobras with an intricate web of spells. Their dark magic is arcane and twisted, to oppose them is to challenge mighty, long lost arts. Born in the shadows and nurtured by death.

Cobra Viziers have 8500 hitpoints. They are immune to earth damage and cannot be paralysed. Moreover, they are strong against physical damage. On the other hand, they are weak against holy damage. These creatures can neither be summoned nor convinced. In addition, they are able to sense invisible creatures.

Cobra Viziers yield 7650 experience points. They carry cobra crests, cyan crystal fragments, platinum coins, snakebite rods, terra boots, terra hoods, terra rods and sometimes other items with them.