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Crazed Winter Vanguards

The dream-born are a reclusive race of creatures that are shrouded in mystery. Only recent events led to a contact that shed some light on these peculiar beings. There seem to be two distinctively different kinds of dream-born, that align themselves with either the winter or the summer. Though there are conflicting reports about that alignment, the current theory is that there are two rivaling courts exists though it's still possible that there is just one court that changes in accordance to the seasons. In the few recorded encounters, the dream-born claimed to live in realms that their god created with his dreams. Given their obvious kinship to the common elves it's of course far more likely that they are just descendants of elves that fled the godwars into some kind of pocket dimension. They usually shun outsiders and rarely leave their own realm at all. What little information could be gathered about them suggests a lifestyle akin that of the other elves, though they seem to lack a cast system and have a feudal oriented society. Due to their isolation they developed odd quirks like the overemphasising of seasons, that hints at a primitive, animistic world-view. It's still recommended to improve any contact and further the knowledge about them for the sake of science. All research of their behalves is hampered by what some kind of disease that drives them mad and violent. The dream-born claim that this is caused by 'nightmares' which may hint that a feverish episode is the precursor of this madness. Although this disease seemingly does not spread to other species, it is still recommended to keep these aggressive lunatics at distance. This behavior gives new credit to the old saying: If bitten by an elf, please see your doctor.
The vanguard of the winter court holds some tragedy. Their weapons and armor obviously hint at the noble past as part of a military order of a civilized race. Yet in their current state of madness, those are the only hints of former nobility and in their crazed eyes there is only a hatred that seems almost animalistic. The unturned dream-born seem reluctant to engage them in combat, probably in the hope they still can be saved. Given their probably infectuous nature, any pity seems ill advised though. Even if they are not mad beyond any help, it's far too dangerous to allow them to spread whatever cursed them to other creatures. The capture of a vanguard would be a feat on its own anyway, given their violent disposition with no regard for their own health or safety. In turn expect no mercy from these creatures that only seem to live for carnage and mayhem.

Crazed Winter Vanguards have 5800 hitpoints. They cannot be paralysed. Moreover, they are strong against death and ice damage. On the other hand, they are weak against earth, energy and fire damage. These creatures can neither be summoned nor convinced. In addition, they are able to sense invisible creatures.

Crazed Winter Vanguards yield 5400 experience points. They carry ice flowers, platinum coins, small enchanted rubies and sometimes other items with them.