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Given the highly aggressive and predatory nature of the diremaw, it's a marvel how the hidden masters in the depths keep them under control. Even amongst themselves there is a constant aggression and re-establishing of the pecking order. When left alone the diremaws constantly challenge each other to fights, though weaker devourers submit to the threats of the stronger ones and fights are averted. This aggressiveness extends to other minion races of those below and they usually leave the diremaws on their own. In battle the direwmaws are forced to work alongside each other and allies. Even then they can't supress the occasional hissing and threatening of others that come to close or steal their kill. Still they relish in combat and seem to enjoy it. The stronger diremaws are often seen in the front of assaults where they excel in spreading fear and mayhem amongst the ranks of the enemy. Their focus on aggression levels often an opening for a counterattack but the diremaw seems nit to care. Especially they seem to feel no pain at all and even try to fight when cut into pieces. Their constant fighting has honed their reflexes and trained them into fighters that are matched only by a few. The dwarfs tend to face them heavily armoured to be better protected from the loss of fingers and other body parts. Given their seemingly constant state of agitation it's amazing to learn, that they never seem to tire at all. A diremaw can fight for hours if not days and show no sign of tiring. Often small herds of them are employed to constantly scout the are around a base. Then they circle that base tirelessly at their highest speed without ever taking a break. Their whole behaviour is somewhat comparable to rabid animals and some assume that the devourer might have been drugged into this state of frenzy. The rare sightings of roaming devourers that have no connection to the armies of below suggest though, that the high level of aggressiveness is just part of their nature.

Diremaws have 3600 hitpoints. They are strong against earth damage. On the other hand, they are weak against ice damage. These creatures can neither be summoned nor convinced. In addition, they are able to sense invisible creatures.

Diremaws yield 2500 experience points. They carry blue crystal shards, diremaw brainpans, diremaw legs, ham, poisonous slime and sometimes other items with them.