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Draken Spellweavers

The more cunning Draken often choose to become Draken Spellweavers. Combining their intellect with their inherent magical talent, probably comparable with that of a dragon, they make great spell casters of formidable power. Sadly, at least for the Draken this often means a rather dull life full of bureaucracy. They are high-ranking members of the hierarchy and with that they are often deeply involved in palace politics and intrigues. It is said their valued intellect binds them to such positions and all these intrigues and deceit are only ways to blow off steam. So when the rare occasion arises that a Draken Spellweaver takes part in a battle, they are often more fierce than their warrior cousins. They combine spells and physical attacks and so pose a threat to even the most experienced fighters. Although highly capable in the realms of magic, they only use a limited array of spells. Most of them are quite direct and have an immense damage output. The majority of Draken Spellweavers see battles as an welcome escape from their duties such as studying and regulating. They enjoy to leave all finesse and intrigues behind and to taste the blood of an enemy.

Draken Spellweavers have 5000 hitpoints. They are immune to earth and fire damage. Moreover, they are strong against death damage. On the other hand, they are weak against energy, holy, ice and physical damage. These creatures can neither be summoned nor convinced. In addition, they are able to sense invisible creatures.

Draken Spellweavers yield 3100 experience points. They carry gold coins, meat, platinum coins, weaver's wandtips and sometimes other items with them.