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Drillworms are aggressive beasts from the depths of the earth. It is assumed that they are a distant relative of the common rotworm, but no medical examination could prove this. In fact, studies have revealed that the Drillworm is, in fact, quite different from the rotworm regarding its movement, behaviour as well as its organs. It possesses two powerful legs which, in some circumstances, may also serve as arms. The Drillworm's set of teeth is only a secondary tool compared to the highly corrosive acid in its mouth, which serves as both saliva and digestion fluid. While the teeth usually are used to crush or get hold of something, the acid is used for quickly dissolving earth and stone, transforming it to a mud-like mass that can be gobbled up by the Drillworm, thus allowing it to pass through. The body of a Drillworm is quite resilient, despite its colourless, almost translucent skin through which its massive muscles can be seen. Although blind by normal standards, its eye-like organs are highly effective heat sensors, and its antennae, which are usually feeling the stone surfaces, can sense even the most slightest of vibrations. These organs grant the creature extremely sharp senses, giving it an edge in any subterranean environment. What is more, the Drillworm can retract the spikes on its tail and extend them so forcefully as to make a most effective anchor of it. Using this natural anchor, and forcefully twisting its body, the Drillworm sprays the stone in front of it with it corrosive saliva. Releasing the pent-up force of its twisted body in order to rotate forward at high speed, the beast puts itself into an actual drilling motion, enabling it to pass through the most massive barriers at frightening speed. Because of an obvious lack of predators and challenge in its natural habitat, the Drillworm is quite bold and, while not aggressive as such, still sees everything as food. Alarmingly, to the single-minded beast the movement and heat patterns of other living beings apparently indicate a favourite type of food, causing the Drillworm to attack. Only recently, Drillworms have emerged from the depths of the earth and are now to be found in layers that are already inhabited by the known underground-dwelling races. If the migration of the Drillworms continues, they might soon replace the known rotworm populations, as the rotworms pose no threat to the Drillworms and occupy quite a similar niche. Probable reasons for this migration are the rise of the heat and lava levels that can be witnessed all over the world, and which the gnomes refer to as 'global warming'. In light of these facts, not only an increase of Drillworm sightings is to be expected, but also the appearance of other subterranean creatures; and if the drillwom is to be any indicator of their threat level, this is dire news indeed.

Drillworms have 1500 hitpoints. They are immune to earth damage and cannot be paralysed. Moreover, they are strong against death, energy, holy and ice damage. On the other hand, they are weak against fire damage. These creatures can neither be summoned nor convinced. In addition, they are able to sense invisible creatures.

Drillworms yield 858 experience points. They carry blue crystal splinters, brown crystal splinters, coal, gold coins, green crystal splinters, lumps of earth and sometimes other items with them.