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Dwarf Miners

Most dwarfs have a special connection to their profession and are very proud of it. Most professions hold several secrets which they share only among their own members. Dwarf Miners, however, are particularly protective about their secrets. This attitude often borders on obsession and in certain cases even crosses this border. To make matters worse, most Dwarf Miners are very attached to their mines, their tools, their ore, and their stones. Taking this into account, it becomes obvious that it needs only little to provoke the wrath of a Dwarf Miner.
Even though, most Dwarf Miners are happy to dig through earth and stone in some mine beneath the Big Old One, some of them seek their luck elsewhere. Many of those "emigrants", however, were forced to leave their home and their beloved mines. Most of them displayed an aggressive behaviour that was unacceptable even for dwarven standards. For this reason, they were sent away by their fellow miners to search for ore in other mines. Now they are living in some kind of exile away from the dwarven society. Other dwarfs that can be found in places far away from the Big Old One are renegades. Not aggressiveness but greed made them leave the dwarven society. Some of them actually stole mining secrets to use them to gain a fortune in other areas away from Kazordoon and a society who considered them as criminals due to their evil deeds.
Not driven by aggressiveness but by greed and their efforts to protect their wealth by all means, they tend to attack everyone they encounter in their mines. The result, however, is the same: a mad pick axe swinging dwarf that is trying to hack the intruder into pieces. Everything that Dwarf Miners might lack in skill, they make up with their exceptional constitution and an enormous strength, often accompanied by their anger and fury.

Dwarf Miners have 120 hitpoints. They are strong against earth damage. On the other hand, they are weak against death and fire damage. It takes 420 mana to summon or convince these creatures.

Dwarf Miners yield 60 experience points. They carry axes, gold coins, leather legs, picks and sometimes other items with them.