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For a long time, tales about such creatures have been discarded as unbelievable stories of people who went mad or had feverish dreams. The Elephant has two enormous, if not absurdly long, teeth that could hint at a vampiric nature. The tentacle that it owns instead of a nose probably functions like a leech. However, the life-draining abilities of the Elephant must still be confirmed yet. Even without those rumoured powers, these beasts are aggressive against any intruders and their sheer size and strength is enough to crush any humanoid with ease. There are reports that the creature is becoming even more dangerous if it is enraged. The large teeth are valuable to craftsmen and alchemists but they are hard to obtain since those creatures' strength makes it very difficult to kill them. Also those teeth break easily in combat and become that way useless.

Elephants have 320 hitpoints. They are strong against ice and physical damage. On the other hand, they are weak against energy damage. It takes 500 mana to summon or convince these creatures.

Elephants yield 160 experience points. They carry ham, meat and sometimes other items with them.