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Forest Furies

The forest furies are the tragic product of careless experiments with the waters of Ashar'tel. Inspired by the rebellious amazons of Carlin, some young and restless elven maidens founded a sisterhood of their own. The futility of their protest against the rigid elven society and its rules soon drove them to foolhardy dangerous ways of protest that bordered on criminal acts and put them in danger of becoming outcasts. In a desperate attempt to hold her sisterhood together, their leader Emana Greenskull staged the theft of several amphora with the waters of Ashar'tel, branding the sisterhood as outcasts, thus binding her followers to her by denying them the option to peacefully return to society. With little knowledge about the water but convinced it contained power, Emana and her sisters drank from it. At first they truly felt the surge of power they expected. But the water became like a drug to them and slowly changed their very nature, mutating them into something else. Convinced that the voices they heard in their intoxication were revelations from nature itself, the sisters embraced their change and even enforced it. The change however left them mutated not only in body but also in mind, and after the last water was used up, and symptoms of withdrawal began to torture them, the remaining sisters were completely driven into madness. Renaming themselves to forest furies, they see themselves as the chosen of nature, enacting its revenge on the people misusing it - which is, in their twisted thinking, almost everyone but themselves and a few allies. The furies are unpredictable but hateful. They can not be reasoned with, and the best one can hope for is that they are so absorbed in some holy mission that they simply ignore anything else. The most ferocious and strongest of the forest furies bear the honorific 'Elder' and often charge themselves with guarding anything they see as sacred, attacking hapless trespassers. In battle the furies employ not only the physical force of their changed bodies, but also a variety of druidic spells, which are strangely enough often intuitive abilities rather than spells, and are unknown to other users of druidic magic.

Forest Furies have 480 hitpoints. They are strong against death and holy damage. On the other hand, they are weak against fire damage. These creatures can neither be summoned nor convinced.

Forest Furies yield 235 experience points. They carry bolts, gold coins, meat, piercing bolts, venison and sometimes other items with them.