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Frost Giantesses

The Frost Giantesses are even more ill-tempered and aggressive than their male counterparts. In the North, it is a running gag that the Frost Giantesses are supposed to be the real reason why the frost giants are humourless and easily provoked. As a matter of fact, the frost giants are, compared to their female counterparts, rather dull-witted. The Frost Giantesses usually employ weapons more often than the male giants.

Frost Giantesses have 275 hitpoints. They are immune to ice damage. Moreover, they are strong against fire and holy damage. On the other hand, they are weak against death and energy damage. It takes 490 mana to summon or convince these creatures.

Frost Giantesses yield 150 experience points. They carry gold coins, ham, small stones and sometimes other items with them.