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The so-called hunger demons are often conjured to spread famine in certain areas. Even though they are little, it is known that they can devour whole cows in just a few heartbeats. Their appetite seems endless and their mouths are as elastic as their teeth and claws are sharp. Whoever has seen one of these little monsters devouring something four times bigger than themselves will no longer make fun of their small stature. Even if they are categorised as weaker demons, they do not seem to care much about hierarchy. All they are interested in is eating. When being in our world, they swallow everything that is in some way edible, or can at least be crushed with their teeth. They usually start with grain and livestock or occasionally some peasant who did not get away fast enough. Then they proceed with all other kinds of animals, insects and finally plants. Finally, they stuff themselves with dead wood and other materials. Considering their incredible greed, they rarely appear in bigger packs. If anything, they form small groups.
These demons are also quite knowledgeable in the arcane arts, even though they hardly use spells on their own. They are often summoned by aspiring wizards to learn from the Gozzlers. Since the little demons are not overly pleased to be forced into our world, they have to be bribed to share their knowledge. For huge amounts of food, the demons reveal little pieces of their knowledge. Many knowledge seekers have been close to the verge of ruin due to the appetite of their demonic teachers.

Gozzlers have 240 hitpoints. They are strong against death and holy damage. On the other hand, they are weak against physical damage. It takes 800 mana to summon these creatures but they cannot be convinced. In addition, they are able to sense invisible creatures.

Gozzlers yield 180 experience points. They carry gold coins, plate shields and sometimes other items with them.