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Infernal Demons

The infernal demons are fresh shock troops that arrived in Zarganash only recently. Mostly oblivious to the hostile environment and haughty with the self-image of superiority, these demons fear nothing and no one and see themselves as the new rulers of the realm by right, born out of might. Little do they know yet, about the transforming horrors that await them and will erode even their arrogance. For now they delight the torture and mayhem that they can wreak in the plane, seemingly mostly unsupervised by their superiors. More often than not those superiors used the assignment to Zarganash as a method to get rid of troublemakers and malcontents of all kinds. Of course this leads to high levels of internal power struggles and its quite common that small cabals are formed to acquire some temporary power, only to be on each other's throats as soon they notice the slightest weakness of their so-called allies. While evil and treacherous in their core anyway, the madness that gets an ever growing hold on them makes them dangerous even to their own kind. While they retain their conscience they more and more become victims of sudden urges, ideas that are not entirely their own but the whispers of the realm itself. Once a demon has stayed for some time in Zarganash he is no longer welcome amongst their outside brethren and not allowed to leave. As the demonic hierarchy uses assignments to Zarganash as a means to dispose unwanted minions in a subtle and sinister way, sooner or later the consequences of an assignment to Zarganash become obvious. The more the infernal demons become aware of their abandonment, the more they indulge in orgy's of destruction and rage, often aimed at new arrivals in the realm. Whatever the original purpose of their mission might have been, it has long become meaningless to them and most of them are actively sabotaging the efforts of their former masters out of sheer spite - at least this is what they perceive as their motivation.

Over time most infernal demons become permanently bound to Zarganash and transform into brachiodemons.

Infernal Demons have 32000 hitpoints. They cannot be paralysed. Moreover, they are strong against death, fire and physical damage. On the other hand, they are weak against holy and ice damage. These creatures can neither be summoned nor convinced. In addition, they are able to sense invisible creatures.

Infernal Demons yield 17430 experience points. They carry crystal coins, gold ingots, ultimate health potions and sometimes other items with them.