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Insect Swarms

Insect Swarms come in many sizes and forms. Two swarms can consist of entirely different insects. The most common swarms are harmless. Some of the more aggressive insects though already pose a threat by their sheer number. Such swarms can be encountered almost everywhere, however, usually they are attracted by places of decay. The term Insect Swarm describes a common threat. While not strictly evil, Insect Swarms are often aggressive and dangerous. One of the greatest dangers of an Insect Swarm is that it can be encountered almost everywhere and often unexpectedly. Sometimes, rather harmless insects form swarms out of coincidence and disperse after a while. However, if someone provokes the forming of such swarm, he better prepares for the worst. Attracted to blood and decay, Insect Swarms are often drawn to weakened creatures that might even fall under their attacks.

Insect Swarms have 50 hitpoints. They are immune to earth damage. On the other hand, they are weak against fire damage. These creatures can neither be summoned nor convinced.

Insect Swarms yield 40 experience points. They carry nothing with them.