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Leaf Golems

Leaf Golems are a compilation of twigs, leaves and bark that are inhabited by lesser spirits of nature. Sometimes the spirits create the golems on their own, to act as a vehicle or tool to interact with the physical world. More often, though, Leaf Golems are spirits that have been bound into such constructs by some druidic power. Mighty druids often employ the help of leaf golems spontaneously. They are created on the fly and are often discarded when a task has been performed. Such discarded golems frequently disassemble on their own and the spirit is set free, but sometimes they decide to roam the world on their own. Leaf Golems are intelligent, but their thinking is based on the spiritual world and completely alien to the denizens of the physical world. Therefore it is impossible to communicate with them in any form. As spirits they seem to care little for the integrity of a physical body, and they often seek to destroy living beings, presumably to set their seemingly entrapped spirit free. Even though they may mean no real harm, their attacks are threatening and lethal nonetheless.
The leaf golem is a random and undecided fighter, oblivious to what might be most effective in a given situation. On the other hand, it knows little fear and does not truly understand how to stay out of harm's way.
Sometimes, druids who feel their life force waning and their end drawing near choose to transfer their spirits into a prepared Leaf Golem. These golems are considerably more powerful, but it is said that the inhabiting druid will eventually lose his grasp on the physical world and become a nature spirit on his own.

Leaf Golems have 90 hitpoints. They are strong against earth damage. On the other hand, they are weak against fire and ice damage. These creatures can neither be summoned nor convinced.

Leaf Golems yield 45 experience points. They carry dowsers, fir cones, gold coins and sometimes other items with them.