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Lizard Zaoguns

For centuries, the Lizard Zaoguns were the elite of the lizard armies. They were hand-picked from the best of the best the nobility had to offer. Rigorous training honed their skills. Ancient and secret teachings in the arts of fighting and tactics prepared them well for their positions as officers and generals in the vast armies of old. With the arrival of the dragons and with them also the Draken, the star of the Lizard Zaoguns began to fade. Gradually, Draken took over the positions the Lizard Zaoguns once held. The proud Lizard Zaoguns were reduced to mere subordinates.
Often nothing more than messengers for the Draken, the Lizard Zaoguns became embittered and their traditions started to change. The teachings about tactics became less and less important. The focus of their fighting training switched from an artful form containing ancient traditions and rituals to a much more aggressive and self-endangering style. The modern Lizard Zaoguns are elite warriors with little regard for their own safety. Their whole life is centred around triumph and spectacular victories. With acts of almost foolish bravery, they want to proof their value in a society that cares little about them. They seek the recognition of the dragon kings and the emperor with all means at their disposal. Though they are loyal to the dragons, they feel envy and anger towards the Draken who they see as usurpers of their rightful position.

Lizard Zaoguns have 2955 hitpoints. They are immune to earth damage. Moreover, they are strong against death, energy, fire, ice and physical damage. These creatures can neither be summoned nor convinced. In addition, they are able to sense invisible creatures.

Lizard Zaoguns yield 1700 experience points. They carry gold coins, lizard leather, lizard scales, platinum coins, zaogun shoulderplates and sometimes other items with them.