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The Omnivora is a strange offshoot of the Carniphila plant. This strain had an especially short life cycle, which allowed it to react rapidly to changes due to the fast production of new generations. It is assumed that some of those Carniphilas adapted to a more mountainous terrain, and settled in deep and dark valleys. Finding less soil and relying more on their carnivorous nature, they slowly compensated the lack of minerals through an enhanced digestion system which allowed them to consume bones and stones that the ordinary Carniphila would leave over. Less dependent on sunlight, the ancestors of the Omnivora found their way into the eternal darkness of subterranean areas. This they found to be a new habitat they were ideally suited for. The Omnivora quickly spread via tunnels and underground streams which carried their seeds. Only the fierce predators of the underground, who found the Omnivora a delicacy, stopped the population from exploding. Over time, the Omnivora adapted itself again and became highly toxic and inedible, but also less fertile. This led to a more stable population, but also to the Omnivora becoming the predator instead of the prey. The plants had developed highly acidic fluids to support their digestion of minerals, and newer generations employed these acids as weapons. Additionally, the plant used a surplus of certain minerals to build thorns around its blossom which acted as teeth. This led to a new cannibalistic behaviour, though. While Carniphila seedlings usually grow in immobile patches, the Omnivora, though featuring a similar reproduction pattern, as a seedling soon begins to attack other nearby seedlings; and this is repeated as soon as its growth allows it to reach the next seedling. Such infights usually continue until only one Omnivora seedling is left.
Being a plant, it does not too well in too cold or too dry habitats, but apart from that the Omnivora's adaptable nature makes it possible to encounter it almost everywhere. Rather than looking for some additional sunlight like its Carniphila cousin, the Omnivora shuns direct sunlight, and usually settles in underground areas. Since they are particularly fond of the minerals provided by creatures turned into stone, Omnivoras seek out the proximity of creatures like Medusae if possible. The Medusae in turn seem to accept the Omnivora as some kind of decoration or pets in their lairs, unless they feel that the Omnivora is a pest destroying their 'artwork'.
Some people warn that the development of the Omnivora species is not over yet, and that we might see an even more dangerous and aggressive breed in a few generations.

Omnivoras have 1200 hitpoints. They are immune to earth damage. Moreover, they are strong against death, energy and ice damage. On the other hand, they are weak against fire damage. These creatures can neither be summoned nor convinced. In addition, they are able to sense invisible creatures.

Omnivoras yield 750 experience points. They carry fish, gold coins, ham, white mushrooms and sometimes other items with them.