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Squid Wardens

The squid warden is a member of a servant race of the god Zathroth that communicates telepathically and has no pronounceable name on their own.
They underwent generations after generations of strict breeding programs of their leaders. This lead to an extreme specialised cast-like system in which the squid warden served as a kind of police force. Favouring secret knowledge as source of power, they follow a complex set of rules and laws that are not commonly known. They are often found patrolling extremely important and holy places dedicated to Zathroth and his principles. Bread as enforcers they have a formidable array of offensive powers, can not be bribed and hardly reasoned with. They seamlessly blend magic and their natural telepathy with frightening efficiency and seem impervious to pain thanks to their willpower. Due to their for outsiders incomprehensible behavior patters that follow their own secret rules, they are not well-liked by other Zathroth worshipers.
The higher ranks in the cult, however, employ them nonetheless and willingly accept a few casualties in the own ranks when someone breaks the unspoken rules of the wardens. Though able to communicate with others than their own race, they almost never lower themselves to argue with or explain themselves to other creatures, which they see only with contempt. Way more than others of their kind, they see other races not following purposeful breeding cycles, as random abominations that should be eradicated. They have an unexplainable weakness for music though and sometimes can be soothed by it. The kind of music the squid warden fancies however, would be considered cacophonic by other beings, so finding the 'right tune' to please them is rather impossible.

Squid Wardens have 16500 hitpoints. They are immune to ice damage and cannot be paralysed. On the other hand, they are weak against fire damage. These creatures can neither be summoned nor convinced. In addition, they are able to sense invisible creatures.

Squid Wardens yield 15300 experience points. They carry frosty hearts, glowing runes, ice cubes, inkwells, platinum coins, small sapphires, ultimate health potions, ultimate mana potions and sometimes other items with them.